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61 The Pacific
62 Red Cliff (2008)
63 Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

An excellent war film about the Bosnian War. Think of it almost as Serbia's version of 'Full Metal Jacket'.

A truly remarkable film about the horrors of civil war.

64 Flyboys
65 Sniper

Any real sniper laughs at this movie

66 Threads
67 Jarhead

Dumb and not realistic

68 Pan's Labyrinth
69 Defiance
70 Zulu

Fantastic film. Great performances from Michael Caine and Stanley Baker. Nigel Green as Colour Sergeant Bourne were superb

71 Overlord
72 Gallipoli
73 Dunkirk

SPR is better, but this needs to be MUCH higher than 79th

The best.

74 Flags of Our Fathers
75 Rigas sargi
76 Zero Dark Thirty
77 Diplomatie
78 Die Hard

Great movie but how is this a war movie?

79 Fury

This a Badass movie. Top 20 easy

Better than Saving Private Ryan - farckashkun

The last part had to be the top 5 war action scenes it is a little more short than most war movies but still they fit a lot in that short time only one word to say about this movie. awesome! " - 🏹"

80 Letters From Iwo Jima
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