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41 Tiger Moth

Yes its only a training plane buttt... it looks very cool and is Thunderbird 6. Has the Lancaster been a thunderbird? Has the Vulcan? Has the Lightning? nope - lyonst05

42 Harrier II

It can hover making it one of the most manoeuvrable planes ever. - ozzydog12

43 A-10 Thunderbolt II

Without a doubt the greatest feared by many countries in Afghanistan they call it the "Death Machine" and they say "When you see it, don't bother running away or else you'll die tired." This plane is also "The most survivable plane ever built" It's beautiful and tanks are more scared of this weapon of destruction than anything else. This thing did phenomenal in the first gulf war. Go on Google and search "23 tanks destroyed in one day" and guess which plane did that, oh the A-10 Thunderbolt II and it was just one of them not multiple cause everyone knows it would take multiple F 22 Raptors to destroy that much. If this plane was designed for shooting other jets it would be the number one on this list. This jet is the best additional 30 mm cannon too so yeah NUMBER 1!

It's basically a tank in the sky. almost impossible to shoot down. has a nose cannon that fires a 30mm depleted uranium armor piercing round that can cut through a tank with one shot. it fires the gun at 35 rounds per second not minute second.

Best plane ever with its pilot bathtub protection great engines and its ability for slow low flying to protect troops and take out tanks. Whom ever designed this aircraft should be given the highest praise. I love this plane!

The real tank killer, still has not been replaced nor will be for a very long time. Best air to ground airplane ever.

44 Avro Vulcan

British nuclear bomber used as a deterrant against the USSR in the cold war. - ozzydog12

A beautiful soaring bird. The noise those engines make is amazing.

I made an AIRFIX model of it. I love it it rocks lol

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