Best Warrant Songs

Warrant is a very underrated band but their songs are really really amazing!

The Top Ten

1 Cherry Pie

I disagree. Warrant is terrible, and this song is very bad. It takes no genius to understand the meaning, and the meaning is the best part of the lyrics. - Lucretia

So does that mean that the song Baby and Stupid Hoe can be good songs? They don't have good lyrics and meaning - Lucretia

Nah, I disagree. It's overrated in my opinion. Heaven and Sometimes She Cries are much better. - MontyPython

2 Heaven

To sappy and poppy... It is not a sex song but it still is awful, this band has awful music. - Lucretia

Cherry Pie is very catchy, bit nothing beats Heaven

What's Cherry Pie doing at number one?

Closer to it every day.

3 Uncle Tom's Cabin
4 Sometimes She Cries
5 I Saw Red
6 Down Boys
7 32 Pennies
8 Undertow
9 The Bitter Pill
10 Bed of Roses

The Contenders

11 Stronger Now
12 Blind Faith
13 Mr. Rainmaker
14 Let It Rain
15 D.R.F.S.R.
16 Sad Teresa
17 You're the Only Hell Your Mama Ever Raised
18 Love In Stereo

awful song - Lucretia

19 In the Sticks
20 Big Talk
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1. Cherry Pie
2. I Saw Red
3. Heaven
1. Down Boys
2. Undertow
3. The Bitter Pill



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