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21 Skyclan's Destiny

Leafstar's cream-and-brown tabby pelt shines golden in the bright, beautiful sunlight. Her paws are agily set on the hard, golden-toned, thinly layered rocks. A stream crashes against rocks, barely visible, at the very edge of the cover.

22 Bluestar's Prophecy V 2 Comments
23 Warriors: The New Prophecy Twilight (U.S.)

This cover is the worst. Like, what the heck?

V 1 Comment
24 Firestar's Quest

Awesome and features the best character EVER. Firestar is awesome!

Counting stars relates to this

25 Into the Wild

The New Cover to the original was the best!

26 Sign of the Moon

The waterfall in the mountain looks SO AWESOME!

27 Dawn of the Clans: The First Battle

The cool night tones are gorgeous, and the cats are painted just as I'd imagined them. Everything about this cover is perfect.

28 Tallstar's Revenge

The cover under the dustjacket gives a great representation of tallstar leaving windclan's territory.

29 A Dangerous Path (New Cover)

I love this, Bluestar is looking at a bunch of swirly blue and white stuff. It's eye catchunglly beautiful! - Silvermoon77

30 Crookedstar's Promise
31 The Blazing Star

Star Flower lifts her chin, defiant, green eyes sharp as ever. The area glows with greenish light, and the undergrowth is quite moss. A sharp-petaled Blazing Star flower is beside her, some petals carried by a breeze.

32 The Sun Trail (New Cover)

Gray Wing stares up at the beautiful "Sun Trail" perched on rocky mountains with a green shrub waving in the breeze beside him. The sky is shining with a beautiful dawn light.

33 Fire and Ice (New Cover)

Our old fiend, Tigerstar glares at us with glowing amber eyes, as magnificent as ever. His expression scents that he's got something up his furry sleeves. Sparks fly all around him, blazing, and seeming to ignite the beautiful pale, icy blue light. His fur is textured perfectly in every way, and seeing it sends shivers down your spine. Tigerstar, just the way we know him.

34 Sign of the Moon (New Cover)

Stoneteller, proud and still, stands in the cave. The icy, aquish light from the waterfall shines on his pelt, and on the spikes (I can't spell it) on the top of the cave. His fur is a simple brown tabby, but his blue eyes sparkle with emotion. Is that rage? Anger? Fear?

35 The First Battle (New Cover)

Tall Shadow's green eyes, (or is that Tall Shadow, I'm not sure) pierce you as you look at her, and you feel like respecting her as you see it. Her fur shines with moonlight and stars sparkle behind her. The leaves of a plant frame the sides of her face as she gazes at you. It chills you to the bone.

36 Thunder Rising (New Cover)

Thunder gazes behind him as flames crackle and ignite the forest. It makes the scene look like the forest is made of flames. His amber eyes are full of what looks like fear, but determination. A side of his body is in shadows, but other than that, Thunder himself looks like blazing flames, both determined as ever.

37 A Dangerous Path

The forest is a blue, misty hue. Trees are silhouetted behind a certain she-cat. Her gray fur shines an icy blue in the light. Her eyes shine with purpose as she fiercely looks back. One of our favorite, noble leaders, Bluster, just how we see her in our heads.

38 The Fourth Apprentice (New Cover)
39 The Forgotten Warrior (New Cover)

This cover is really beautiful and the colours go so well together. I love how the character on the front is Hollyleaf because this is the book when she returns.

40 Moonrise

I'm in love with the colors of this book, and how they all match perfectly. I love the warm faded purple with the soft blues, honestly it's my aesthetic.

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