Ivypool for the win...

Oliveleaf Ivypool is the bravest cat in the Warrior Cats history. She is my second favorite character, under Hollyleaf.

Ivypool was not in the Power of Three even though her sister was, just like Hollyleaf. Everyone loved Ivypool's sister, Dovewing, but not her. Ivypool felt left out, and I don't blame her. She still wanted to help the Clans in the last battle, so she volunteered to be a spy.

Ivypool was so brave when she spied in the last battle. She was in the most dangerous place possible: the Dark Forest. In the Dark Forest, all the cats do is kill, kill, and kill. Literally. If they ever found out that Ivypool was a spy, they would kill her. But Ivypool knew she had to do it for the good of the Clans. They needed to know what the Dark Forest cats were planning, so she agreed to help. She trained in the Dark Forest and pretended to be loyal.

The Dark Forest cats wanted to see if she was really loyal, so they asked her to kill Antpelt. Ivypool knew it wasn't right for her to kill a cat, and it was also dangerous, because she could have died, but she fought him anyway. When she was about to kill him, she thought it over again, but killed him still, so that she could find out what the Dark Forest cats were planning. She found a bit of information and shared it with the Clans. Later on, the Dark Forest cats were starting to doubt her loyalty. Brave as she was, Ivypool continued to do her job.

On the day of the battle against the Clans, Ivypool wasn't sure what she was going to do. If she fought for the Clans, she would be on big trouble in the Dark Forest. Ivypool fought against the Dark Forest and convinced other Clan cats to do the same.

Then, Hawkfrost, a Dark Forest cat, heard her and gathered a band of cats to kill her. Ivypool fought with all she could, but she knew she was going to die. All of a sudden, Hollyleaf came and fought off the Dark Forest cats, and Hawkfrost killed Hollyleaf. Ivypool was saved, but Hollyleaf died instead, and there wasn't anything Ivypool could do to save her.

Ivypool is a great cat and was brave, even when she her chances of living were low.