Brambleclaw is my favorite character in Warriors. Imagine, being shunned because you look like your evil father. Imagine, trusting your love and be betrayed of a secret you've known for so long. Killing on of your only kin for a cat who you don't know if they trust you at all. He's broken the stereotype that the son/daughter of a evil character is immediately evil also. He's just amazing for me, and I totally love him to pieces.

Brambleclaw/star is in my opinion the BEST warrior EVER. He is REALLY loyal even though his father is tigerstar and brother is hawkfrost and it was very hard for him but he STILL didn't go on the bad side and didn't break down even if the 2 EVILEST WARRIORS EVER were against him. He wasnt trusted at first but he proved himself and became very popular. And he is loyal to his leader. Sunset is like my fave book. And he is a AWESOME fighter and ALWAYS follows the warrior code and Squirrelflight chose HIM over ashfur which count for something. They should have kits. BRAMBLESTAR FOREVER

Great, great characters until Bramblestar's Storm was released! In that series, all he does is try to be like Forester to be too 'nice' to everyone. When wind clan cats growl at him to get off the border, he just says sorry and they leave immediately! This is not the cat that was portrayed in the four series by Erin Hunter. Bramblestar's Storm had too many problems with it, and was my least favorite of the special edition series. (Only read forester's quest) so there might be worse ones. I really enjoyed Forester's Quest so read that one and honestly you really don't have to read Bramblestar's Storm if you don't want to.

Bramble Claw is so Strong. Best Fighter of the Forest for sure. He stayed true to Thunder clan, unlike TawnyPelt. He also chose to kill HawkFrost in stead of Fire Star. I Love that he Earned the trust of the clan, even though TigerStar was his dad. I still hate that Ashfur was in on the whole thing with trying to kill FireStar. I just LOVE BRAMBLE CLAW. My favorite cat by far. Vote for him.

Brambleclaw is my favorite character. Why? Because he is loyal, brave, but flawed, like trusting his half-brother and taking Squirrelflight's betrayal so hard. He has to deal with his father's treachery, and in the beginning not having his own mentor/deputy trust him. He's a good deputy, father, friend, and now, leader.

I love Brambleclaw! I love lots of the cats, but ever since The New Prophecy, he really spoke to me. His father was a murderer and traitor, as well as his half brother, but even though he walked dreams with them, he turned his back on them for Firestar. Really loyal. Killing his brother must have been hard, but he did it because he had to. I think he is amazing for that

I love Brambleclaw he is the most AWESOME cat EVER! He braved the most terrifying things, and he was so loyal to his clan - he killed his own brother - to save his clan leader. And I felt sorry for Brambleclaw when Ashfur took away his love, that was so sad! And I hate how he gets disrespected because his father was Tigerstar...

Brambleclaw always struggled with the truth that his father wasn't able to be trusted and was a threat everywhere. Most cats watched him, scared he'd turn out like his father. Yet, he managed to make it all the way to being a deputy, forgiving Squirrelflight, becoming leader, and declaring Squirrelflight his deputy. #Brambleclaw=Life

I think people forget how much Brambleclaw has done for the clans. Henever betrayed them despite their resentment towards him because of who his father is and is now one of the most well respected cats in all of the clans. He led the cats to find Midnight and then again in the Great Journey. Brambleclaw has proved his loyalty to the clans time and time again and will surely make a great leader.

Brambleclaw is haunted by the actions of his father. Even if Tigerstar was evil, Brambleclaw is diffrent and is a skilled warrior of Thunderclan. He is thoughtful and can easily be trusted. That explains why Bluestar choose him to go on the challenging journey. Without Brambleclaw, Thunderclan would never be the same. Cat's look down at him a lot like he is an enemy but Brambleclaw has a lot of heart and is very loyal to Thunderclan!

Brambleclaw should be at the top of this list because he is awesome and is loyal. Brambleclaw is brave and one of the best warriors in the series. He is a good leader and shows leadership. He would risk anything for his clan and be there for them when they're in trouble or hurt. Bravery is what every warrior should have like Brambleclaw.

Brambleclaw is one of my favorite characters in the whole series! He has to prove his loyalty even more after his sister Tawnypelt left. Being Tigerstar's son and all he was a VERY noble cat. I'm glad squirrelflight picked brambleclaw over ashfur. He is so much better!

Brambleclaw stood up for his leader, even though if he killed his leader, he would be leader. And he had to kill Hawkfrost, his half brother. Brambleclaw rocks and rolls! I would like to be his mate and he is hott!

People at my school say brambleclaw should not be respected I totally disagree with that Brambleclaw is the best cat ever he ended hawkfrost's life and that was his brother that's just hard to folks BRABLECLAW IS THE BEST CAT EVER

Brambleclaw always lived his life with his evil father, Tigerstar.
But when he helped Fireheart, he knew his true heart.
I love him!
He is so loyal!
Curse Hawkfrost and Tigerstar!

Brambleclaw is my favorite cat because he so brave and Courageous. I don't like how Brambleclaw is tiger claws son. I love in the new prophecy because of how the cats met a badger named midnight. I have the whole series of warriors and I LOVE you ERIN!

I don't think brambleclaw's character was written very well to be honest. His thoughts are pretty much the exact same from firestar and the only plot he had was having an evil family. The plot got a bit to stretched out when it was meant to be a small part of the first series.

Brambleclaw is SO the best cat character in all of Warriors! I do not get why he isn't first! He was so loyal that he killed his own brother Hawkfrost. It's hard to believe that Tigerstar is his father!

I like Brambleclaw because his father is evil and everyone doubts home but he overrides that rumour and becomes clan leader. Brambleclaw gets annoyed with squirrel flight but then her realises how nice she is.

Brambleclaw is the best. If I could be any cat it would be him. He is very brave and is loyal to his clan even more than to his brother when he killed him and saved firestar's life. He is the BOMB!

He was amazing before he became leader. He was such a cute apprentice, and I'm glad he didn't join ShadowClan with his sister. But I didn't like how he acted to Squirrelflight after he found out about the kits. She had to do it and she is way better than Jessy. Also Bramblestar was a bad leader. All he ever does was copy Firestar. And when he doesn't he was a jerk. - Pebblepaw

I love him so much because I love how he has to prove himself because of his father, he even went as far to kill Hawkfrost, to save Firestar. He loved my favorite character, Squirrelflight so much. I love him

He is always willing to help, he is a great hunter, leader, and fighter and I hope he becomes a kind and powerful leader unlike his father Tigerstar.

He has had to prove himself unfairly for moons and never gave up! He was tricked and fooled by his own father and brother. He chose loyalty over power. - Moondust

He is good because he killed his brother over his leader and he was the leader on the journey. He proved himself to be loyal when no one trusted him. I LOVE BRAMBLECLAW!