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A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart.


I Vote Cinderpelt, This character just highlights everything that comes from a true medicine cat, She never wanted to become one though she had no choice, Cinderpelt is the perfect example of kindness and flexibility in my opinion. She chose to defend Sorreltail while she was kitting even though Cinderpelt knew she was going to die, Her death was tragic to me but when I heard that she was being reincarnated as Cinderheart, The flood of relief hit me, I am just in love with this character

Why is Firestar at first, he doesn't even come close to Cinderpelt! She broke her leg, ruining her chance to be a warrior, but she kept at it. She's not a mary sue, because her broken leg did affect her, but she went around her disability. She became stronger, no prophecy needed. Firestar's not a bad cat, but he definitely doesn't compare to Cinderpelt. Kudos to Yellowfang, also, for apprenticing such an amazing cat so well!

Cinderpelt was always eager and excited to learn ever since she was a kit. She had a great personality that was bound to make you fell good. It was really sad when she was injured on the thunder path and unable to become a warrior, but she became a medicine cat and kept her spirits high and held on to her easy-to-like personality. She is definitely my favorite Warriors character!

Cinderpelt was so sad when she died, She had a very miserable life too, She got a huge injury for falling for a trap, She failed to save a cat who was giving kits and felt really bad, She lost a cat who was like a mom to her (Yellowfang) AND she was killed by badgers (Only read the first series and I have heard of her death so yeah)

Cinderpelt is amazing, she learned to be wise so easily while still having fun with her life. She was also a great mentor to Leafpool by not making her stay or go. Cinderpelt was my favorite cat and she died in a noble way, by protecting a queen and her kits from a badger. She is amazing all together and I love her

She is put through so much obstacles in her path, she gets hit by a monster, she is forced to become a medicine cat, she gets killed by a badger, she is given a second chance, she becomes Cinderheart, becomes a warrior, falls in love with Lionblaze, and fights against the Dark Forrest cats.

Cinderpelt was so brave. She lived all her life so unselfishly, becoming a medicine cat to serve her Clan, when all she ever wanted was to be a warrior and to be Firestar's mate. She loved Firestar all her life and she gave up everything, to serve her Clan. She was brave and kind and she is the BEST warrior

Cinderpelt is an amazing character. She injured her leg, but still she kept going. After she broke her leg, she was less energetic, and more graceful. She was great friends with Firestar, and I cried when she was killed by badgers. Cinderpelt is my favorite.

I love Cinderpelt so much, she always wanted to be a warrior, but obviously that didn't happen, but that didn't stop her! She still served her clan with everything she had, and was last to the very end. The past when Cinderpelt parts from Cinderheart's body always makes me tear up, they're both letting go, and can continue their lives. I hope we'll get to see Starclan Cinderpelt!

I love Cinderpelt she has to be in my Top 5 she is always upbeat and confident even when things don't go her way. She took the news that she would never be a warrior very calm and wise and didn't whine like some cats *cough cough Dovewing cough cough*

Cinderpelt is the most amazing cat ever! She was Sweet, dedicated, friendly, loyal and occasionally stubborn! :)
The thing I love most about her is that to me, she is the most loyal medicine cat ever because even after she fell in love with Fireheart, she managed to control her feelings and that was something that even Leafpool couldn't do (but I still love Leafpool! ) I cried when she was killed though, because she never got to tell Firestar about how she felt for him.

I think Cinderpelt is one of the best cats. She isn't the best med cat because all of the med cats are super awesome, but I like her a lot. Even though she wanted to be a warrior and couldn't, she didn't let that stop her from serving her clan!

Nobody has had Cinderpelt! Guys Cinderpelt died saving Sorreltail from badgers. She was also an amazing fighter and proved many cats wrong whenever she fought. She had a love for Firestar but didn't tell him because she was a medecine cat. She had a leg disability because she walked into the trap Tigerclaw put for Bluestar. She is an amazing cat people. And if she was already on the list I am putting another entry in for her because I do not care. Cinderpelt died so young and she will always be one of my favorite cats.

She had a SAD life. She wanted to become an warrior and be mates with lionheart but an stupid monster hit her and gets an crippled leg! Because that she couldn't be with lionheart and couldn't be a warrior. Then she had to be an medicine cat because she couldn't do anything else. Then a badger attack happens. Then a badger goes into the nursery and tried to attack Soreltail and her kits. That's when Cinderpelt sacrificed her life to save Soreltail and her kits. Soreltail better thank Cinderpelt for saving her. The good thing is that she gets a second chance. This lifetime was really happy! She got to be with lionheart and got to be a warrior! It was beautiful.

Cinderpelt is talkative, helpful, the best, great, amazing, sweet, dedicated, friendly, loyal, stubborn, awesome, cool, nice, caring, energetic, foolish, wise, hard-working, and good! She rocks!

Shes so awesome its thanks to tigerstar she died if her leg was still alright she would be a warrior and would not have died in the badger attack SHE IS THE BEST

Cinderpelt should have retired to the elders den if only Tiger Claw hadn't set the trap she wouldn't have broken her leg she should have lived longer than being killed by a badger cinderpelt was the best! May her story live on and may she find good hunting I don't like her recarnation as cinderheart

I like cinderpelt I feel bad for her she couldn't be a warrior cause of her leg she became a medicine cat but couldn't be mates with firestar and sandstorm takes her place

RIP never should of died so sad saved shadow clan from sickness and sorreltail from badger attack had a second chance I cried when she died

Even though Cinderpelt couldn't become a warrior, she was still very happy for her brother, Brackenfur, when he earns his warrior name.

She is so nice to everyone. Well med cats are meant to be.
She is firestar friend. So caring.

She is my favorite medicine cat, I loved her crazy personality when she was little, and her wisdom and sass as an adult.

I love how even though she could not live her dream of becoming a warrior, she still held her head high through tough times.

She's so happy and joyful even though she's crippled. She is brave, energetic, and absolutely amazing. VOTE CINDERPELT!

Cinderpelt should have been with firestar and she was one of the best medicine cats she should have lived longer