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Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is part of the Power of Three, and has a sister, Ivypool.


I don't get how people find Dovewing a mary-sue, she's a very good character with flaws. There was even proof that she was going to be part of The Three since there was a mention of Dove's Wing. And the only reason why she's "better" at hunting than Ivypaw at the time, a flaw, is because she depended on more on her power which caused Dovewing to feel like she's deaf when she lost her power.

Too perfect of a character. No flaws whatsoever. And even if she does make a mistake it is because she is being "selfless", but I just call it featherbrained. Her power really isn't even that cool. They replaced Hollyleaf, a very interesting character who could have gone a long way in the Warriors series, with this Mary-Sue. Ivypool is her superior, no doubt, at least in my opinion. Ivypool is risking her life every night and then there's Dovewing prancing around the forest in pointless love traingles with Bumblestripe and stupid Tigerheart. God, this character kills me.

Too bad I had stolen the only shovel out from the mines. First of all, Ivypool risks her life because she HAD to do it. Not because she just decided to do it for praise (See Night Whispers.) Dovewing did save cats. I'm pretty sure Ivypool could have refused it, but the Dark Forest won't let her go - Stay to Suffer or Die were her options. People don't think about Dovewing these days, dear goodness. - Sunadayh

Dovewing was not only prancing in the forest. She saved her clan multiple times. Ivypool was training in the Dark Forest in the first place being she was being shot-sighted and jealous of her sister. Dovewing didn't ask for her powers. She even struggles at first knowing he's special. And during all this Hollyleaf is hiding in the tunnels with Fallen Leaves. - RisingMoon

Everyone thinks dovewing is annoying for some reason! I think Hollyleaf should've been one of the 3 instead of her but still she's a great cat! - tigerstar908

Dove wing is so beautiful. She is also really awesome even after she list her powers.

I love dovewing! She tried so hard for her clan and she DID NOT betray her clan and is mates with bumblestripe! Yay! :3

NO. She is such a spoiled mary sue! She fell in love, betrayed, then betrayed again, then temporarily destroyed shadowclan because she stole the tom they were depending on. All she ever did was sit around and inform others of problems, but never did ANYTHING about them.

I am really confused. Swiftpaw is a hidden hero and this FLEABAG is over here getting this amount of votes?! - Nica_Pierce

She is sweet and completely selfless. Great character!

Best warrior cats? She doesn't even deserve to be on this list! She wont except a gift from Starclan, Is a complete Mary-sue and Is so cranky and winy! Go Ivypool and Hollyleaf!

I love Dovewing! She is the best cat ever. She is my #1 favorite. She makes me smile, I wish that I can join ThunderClan. She is in love with Bumblestripe! ! They are so talented and made an AMAZING couple!

THE. BEST. WARRIOR. CAT. EVER. I have not seen another cat that is so awesome, although some of my other favorites are Mistyfoot and Sandstorm.

Dovewing is the best warrior of ThunderClan. She might have felt useless after she lost her powers but I believe she is as awesome as she was before

Dovextiger forever dovewing rocks even after she loses her powers!

Hater alert. I know so many of you love Ivypool and hate Dovewing. But I love her, and when she first found out about her powers, her sister began to hate her, but Dovewing stayed loyal to her sister, she didn’t hate her. When Ivypool came back from the Dark Forest one night (Or was she an apprentice? ) she had scratches all over her and Dovewing (Dovepaw? ) got a thorn or something to back her up. And all she did was ignore Dovewing, by thanks. Many of you say Ivypool went to the Dark Forest to spy, and that's oh so brave, but she did it of pure jealousy. She wanted to be better than her sister, she wanted to beat her sister and be the best warrior. Dovewing will always have a place in my top tens

I HATE DOVEWING! She has to be the WORST character in the warriors universe! Here are the reasons.

1. She treats Ivypool(my favorite cat) like dirt and STILL gets all the attention.

2. While Ivypool is working with the most dangerous warriors in the world,and Jayfeather is reuniting Starclan, DOVEWING IS PRANCING AROUND THE FOREST WITH TIGERHEART CREATING A PIONTLESS LOVE TRIANGLE!

3. All she ever does in Dovewing's Silence is WHINE about how she's different and blah blah blah, HATE TO BREAK IT TO YA DOVEWING BUT MOST CATS WOULD KILL TO BE IN YOUR PAWS SO SHUT UP!

4. Bumblestripe goes out of his way to be nice to her but all she does is throw his heart in the dirt an STOMP ALL OVER IT!


I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but here is some things.

1. She did care for Ivypool. Ivypool kinda treated her like dirt in Fading Echoes because of her jealousy. Dovewing didn't really treat her like trash, only as an apprentice a bit because Ivypool was the one who started it.

2. Dovewing wasn't with Tigerheart all the time. She also began to use her senses, and think - Have you ever thought how Dovewing woke Ivypool up when she was in the Dark Forest so Ivypool could suffer less?

3. The reason she whined was because she was used to her powers. Think of it - You were able to see a oak tree from a hundred of miles away while sitting in front of a television, but then something happens and you only see the television like if you zoomed a hundred times?

4. Rather Dovewing not act like a real mate to Bumblestripe, or Bumblestripe to get a new mate that does like him? I honestly don't care about forbidden relationships, since it was just part of the code to ...more - Sunadayh

Derpywuss is my... LEAST FAVORITE CHARATER in the ENTIRE warriors universe I hate her more than all the evil cats put togeter! Shes has 2 sides, one of which is a mary sue and the other is a ungrateful, selfish, whiny, bratty, spoiled, jerk! She didn't save any cats ivypool did! She even admitted without ivypool her powers are worthless! I can just sit here and rant about ivypool all day. But I won't. Let's just say... I want her to be malled by badgers, foxes, and bears, run over, feed deathberrys, get black cough, and die In a animal trap. On fire in a pit of lava. While having concrete poured on her. I would laugh to death... Her name should be derpy wuss

Honestly,I think she should be 22.I like Dovewing,but I like Ivypool better

Go Dovewing! I'm so proud my little baby is on this list! Though she should be first and Ivypool second, I <3 the Whitewing sisters! (two comments below, her eyes are blue, duh! ) - Swiftdawn

I hate Dovewing because she's a traitor to her clan and she broke Bumblestripe's heart.
- Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan

1: her eyes r blue.
2: she risked her own assessment for her sis and caught nothing, but made it, for she got Icecloud.
3: how is she annoying? People need to be nice and not say anything that is over the top!
She is my favorite!

Dovewing SUCKS! Her personality is as flat as a piece of CARDBOARD! All her character revolves around is a pointless love triangle (like Spottedleaf) with Tigerheart and Bumblestripe. She screams at her sister, saying that Tigerheart would only ever love her. She also screams at Ivypool saying that she's a better warrior and would always be a better warrior than her. THAT JUST RUDE. She takes so much credit for nothing and whines when Bumblestripe likes her, also whining when she loses her powers. NEWS FLASH DOVEWING your JUST A NORMAL CAT NOW ITS NOT LIKE U EVER USED your POWER FOR GOOD BESIDES THE FALLING TREE U USED IT TO STALK TIGERHEART WHILE IVYPOOL RISKED HER LIFE EVERY NIGHT AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A BETTER WARRIOR?! I DON'T THINK SO GO DISAPPEAR

Cool power, nice name, cool life, I'm tired, goodnight... JK. Dovewing was a nice character. I like her and Bumblestripe together, they would have the cutest kist! She did well in the final battle and will make a good mother. Wouldn't it be cute if her kits were named Rainkit,Skykit, and some tom name. Maybe Oakkit?