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Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan. She cherished the warrior code as a kit and came back to her clan in a time of need to fight-- even though she was cast out for killing Ashfur.


Hollyleaf is the best cat, because (1) her character teaches that insanity is not the best. (2) she dies a very loyal death. (3) she is simply awesome.

So she reveals the truth that she and her siblings were in fact living a lie. Sure it may not have been the best choice, but if she didn't, nobody would realize that lies could never be buried forever (as Yellowfang said on page 4 in Sunrise). Hollyleaf also was a very VERY loyal cat to her clan. She was purely dedicated to her clan. Now to me, the only reason why Hollyleaf was slightly insane in Sunrise was because she was just shocked that she and her siblings were living a lie. It just shook her sanity temporarily in comparison of the whole series (including of all arcs).

How she died was incredible. She died defending Ivypool from Hawkfrost. As simple as that sounds, it shows loyalty if you were to read the final book, The Last Hope. If Hollyleaf wasn't there to die for Ivypool, she would've most likely die. Now when ...more

You know that she is one of the few cats that had at least tried to follow the warrior code her whole entire life? She is one of the few cats that I really respect in a deep level. Everybody else? Firestar broke the warrior code. Graystripe broke it. So did Bluestar. And Leafpool. And Bramblestar. And a lot more. Okay, so she DID killed Ashfur, but it was either him or Squirrelflight's kins. If Ashfur has his way he might've killed Squirrelflight's family only because of Squirrelflight. I mean he did send FIRESTAR to the trap. Someone trying to kill the leader is insane, period.

What cat would be brave enough to SLEEP WITH A WILD FOX (no, not like Midnight) and look after it? Then have to fight it? She was a normal cat, unlike her brothers and she was raised thinking she was a special cat. She killed off a cat then actually realised her mistakes. She was kind to fallen leaves and saved two kits from another fox. She snuck around to check on her clan when she assumed she wouldn't be welcome, even giving them herbs when Jay needed it to save lives, she saved her clan from Sol by teaching cats how to fight in the caves AND FINALLY, saved a cat she barely knew.

Hollyleaf was a rare, loyal, headstrong cat who cared for others, and planned. She didn't charge forward into battle. She thought with a cool head and a fiery heart. She brought cats together when she was alive, and tore them apart when she was dead. She was cast out and mocked, and judged, but she still fought for her clan. Ivypool too, fierce, smart and loyal. She spied for her clan in literal hell. Both did more for the plot, their character and their clan than Dovewing ever did in her life. She spent most of the time whining over two toms.

Hollyleaf is easily my favorite character. She honoured the warrior code more than any other cat and tried so hard to do the best for her clan. I am so glad that Erin wrote Hollyleaf's story, I read it all the time. She trained so hard when she was an apprentice, went to see her friend, Willowpaw, to make sure she was okay, helped the tribe, fought bravely all the time, killed Ashfur to keep her clan safe, fought off a fox that nearly killed two apprentices and helped Ivypool battle Dark Forest cats. She did many more amazing things as well. At least in StarClan she will be happy with Fallen Leaves. R.I. P Hollyleaf, I will remember you.

I love HOLLYLEAF/PAW(should be HOLLYSTAR). She was noble, brave, smart, a beautiful warrior, loyal, sassy, hot, cute, and would do whatever it takes to protect her clan.

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Hollyleaf! She is so cool! But first of all I don't know why people hate her! I mean what has she done? Yes, she killed Ashfur but he was a sissy (Not to be mean). She is the most beautiful, brave awesome, trustworthy cat EVER!

Hollyleaf deserves to be higher, because she wasn't a perfect character; she was flawed. She followed through her clan, even when she wasn't there. Also, I wish she'd gotten an apprentice; she deserved one. I was so angry when she died. I recommend reading Hollyleaf's Story to get to know her more.

Hollyleaf is my FAVORITE cat. She follows the warrior code, and to prove it, when she found out about her parents, Crowfeather and Leafpool, she thought that she, without even doing anything, was breaking the most important thing in her life.

Hollyleaf has gone through so much, with the killing of a certain cat, finding out that she didn't have a power like her siblings. It probably made her feel useless, but she just kept on fighting and in my opinion she's an amazing fighter.

Why does everyone hate her she's awesome she killed the annoying ashfur! And she's loyal beautiful nice and never broke a promise she's my top favorite warrior

Hollyleaf was amazing. She died defending her clan and, other than Jayfeather, she saw Fallen Leaves. HOLLYLEAF AND FALLEN LEAVES. Together Forever.

I love Hollyleaf because even though she has done some bad things, she is a adventurous spirit who will do anything to save her clan, even though throwing herself in a ditch sometimes Ha Ha Ha. Anyway LEAFPOOL IS A STUPID FAT LAIR!

I love Hollyleaf. Shes the best hunter and fighter. Shes noble, brave and smart. She is so awesome! Why'd she have to die.

I really hate her. She was an okay apprentice but she didn't have to murder Ashfur. She had no reason to do it and she shouldn't have. Ashfur was a bad cat but he shouldn't have been killed. - Pebblepaw

Hollyleaf's great. She's loyal, brave and actually cares about the warrior code. People hate her for killing Ashfur, but he was a jerk to her and her family and was going to kill them. - Nightstrike

She reminds me of myself. And maybe she ran away for awhile, but in the end she returned to fight and even give her life for her clan.

Agreed, I loved her so much! (personally why I hated Dovewing, also) She died protecting her Clan, and if she had a power, she would of saved her Clan with that power, unlike Dovewing.

She's mixed between good and bad, which makes her an interesting and good character. She has flaws and strengths. That's what I like about her.

Don't hate on hawkfrost! Ever heard anything of self-defense? Hawkfrost is the best character in the whole books

Hollyleaf's life must have been so hard. Living in the tunnels, killing ashfur, telling the truth about Leafpool... But she did the right thing in the end.

Hollyleaf I don't trust because number 1 SHE KILLED ASHFUR AND PEOPLE SAY he's EVIL BUT I don't BELIVE IT! And number 2 she's such a idiot so bye suckers who love hollyleaf

I cried so hard when she killed Ashfur be cause she was like so brave and my inner warrior kitty couldn't handle it.

Hollyleaf had such a difficult life.

She was such a pretty cat with green eyes and black fur. She was pretty desperate though and she was lonely too, but she was so loyal!