Jayfeather is the most understanding and complex cat in the whole serious. He MAKES EVERYTHING so much better in the series. He deserves the top rank because even though he is blind, he sees more than everyone else. He is super smart, has a mean personality, but he is truly sweet, specially Half Moon. I will love him forever and always and would so date him if he was real. He'd be a hot human guy!

I LOVE Jaypaw/feather. I once named a grumpy grey kitten I found living under our house Jaypaw. It didn't like that... It clawed my hand when I touched it. Anyway, Jayfeather has that certain kind of sass you love and I don't see why Firestar is number one. I mean he's so perfect. He is the Gary-sue of warriors.

JAYFEATHER FOREVER! Jayfeather is my ABSOLUTE favorite character in the Warrior Cats book series. At first I remember not liking him though in the Sight because he seemed mean at first. Oh, and to the person that says Jayfeather became blind through the accident, he didn't. Actually, he was born that way. The Erin Hunters said so. And why is Firestar first? Jayfeather should be.

I love Jayfeather. I don't like the fact he's grumpy, and rejects cats' help, and shunned Leafpool and Squirrelflight for a while, but he matured. He hated Brightheart in the beginning, but helped her and respected her when he grew older. He's blind, and his other senses make up for it, but he still can only see blackness--at least when he's awake. He's my second favorite character, and he's amazing, and he showed the most development out of the Three (Hollyleaf the third, not Dovewing).

Jayfeather sacrificed so much. His dream of being a warrior, his mate from the ancient tribe, and he has so much responsibility. He's smart and stubborn and defiant, which I love, and the books wouldn't have been as good without him. I fell in love with him from the start, and his power is far cooler than Lionblaze's and Dovewing's.

Jaypaw is AWESOME! He is totally the best! Even though he is blind doesn't mean he sucks, I mean his smelling, hearing and everything else except sight just totally rocks! He never made a mistake until he accidentally ran into that stupid bush of thorns. Why did Leafpool and Squirrelflight lie to him? I am so confused why. He is the best cat in WARRIORS who was ever made!

Jayfeather is one of my favorite cats. He has the courage to try to become a warrior despite his blindness, the intelligence to become a medicine cat, and the perfect personality-not easy to get along with, but fun to read about. To be honest, the only reason I care about him being one of the Three is because he becomes a main character and gets more time in the books.

Jaypaw is the best I'm surprised he's not 1st or 2nd, On feral-heart I always make characters blind like jayfeather I always talk to the book when I read a chapter about him since he's so awesome I love his powers I love it how he can see in cats dreams I wish he could see but it is amazing how he can basicly see because of his powers and his hearing and sensing everyone who hates him I hate them since Jayfeather so awesome I loved the part when he saved lionpaw from falling in the old badger set and when he went back into the past with Fallen Leaves it was cool how Erin described him as a ghost when Fallen Leaves walked into the cave. :D Two words GO JAYFEATHER! YEAH

Jaypaw/feather is my favorite warrior cat ever! I love his clever quips, and stubborn attitude. He's clever and funny and never backs down. He saves many cats and complains while doing so! He's just fun to be reading about, and he certainly gives the books the rude-yet-good cat they need. (Though they were already pretty perfect :) )

Jayfeather is my soul mate. He's so funny and sarcastic, and even though he's blind, he can see more than any cat. All Jayfeather shipping partners are lucky, even though it's fake, and Half-moon is the absolute luckiest she-cat in the WORLD! I LOVE YOU TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH JAYFEATHER! Always and forever...

Jayfeather is always overlooked due to the fact he is blind. No matter how many times he proves himself he still, in the eyes of his clan, will never be as important as a warrior. When he receives his full name he is barely given two cents unlike the warriors who basically get a party. Though his eyes are unseeing his sight goes further than any cat in the clan. I wish he was given the respect he deserved every day for the "high and mighty" couldn't see how deep his mind went. I wish him all the best in life and Starclan, or to his far more ancient and ancestors, when he dies.

Jayfeather is definitely my favorite. He was crabby and always trying to prove that he was good enough, but to me, he didn't have to prove anything. He was an amazing cat, and he did so much good for his Clan, even though he was blind. I'm VERY happy they didn't kill him off. I probably would have cried for hours.


Jaypaw/feather is the whole reason the clans are alive. If he hadn't convinced half moon to go to the mountains, the clans would have never become. I know sometimes he can be grumpy, grouchy and a bit mean, but he has had a hard life because of his blindness, the prophecy, and the lie about his mother. Everyone underestimates him, but he really is a good cat! I LOVE YOU JAYFEATHER!

Most people may think that Jayfeather's an emo cliche but I think in some way we can relate to some of his personality, maybe not his blindness, but just the things he has to go through with his sibling and clan mates thinking that he needs help with everything and the fact that he basically couldn't be a warrior because his blindness hindered him (I'm not saying he couldn't).

Jaypaw is a grumpy, snappy, fresh cat who hates it when cats simply try to help him because he's blind. And I wanted to slap him when he rolled his eyes at Firestar's choice of pairing him up with Brightheart when he attempted to be a warrior. I mean, he's almost my favorite character, but being in the Top 5 of best characters? As an apprentice? Nah. Maybe about #8, but not #5.

! I love Jayfeather/paw! He is so greta and awesome! I have no idea why I like him so much I just totally LOVE him! It's just too bad that his mother is Leafpool (I totally hate Leafpool! ) I kind of feel sorry for him because his blind and will never see the world around him.

Jaypaw is the best!
Jaypaw beats the rest!

My favourite quotes from Jaypaw:

When Mousefur sounds sweet and nice, then I'll really start worrying!

If you want sympathy, go to the nursery.

Sure! Let's lump all the useless cats together and hope a tree falls on them!

Jaypaw/feather is my fav. out of the three "I WUV U J paw". I like his power too. Hollyleaf is my second favorite and she is pritty close to jayfeather (enough to worry)and lionblaze stinks.

JAypaw has a great way of life is I was him I would do the best of my abilities and he wont become a leader because he is a medicine cat so ya he will be great he can enter dreams and all that power from star clan will make him strong

Jayfeather/Jaypaw is my second favorite. Yes, he hated Leafpool and Squirrelflight for a time, but he had a reason. Yes, he was fussy and irritable with Brightheart. But I adore his grumpiness. It's refreshing to see a character like Jayfeather, grumpy and snappy. Also, you understand now how irritating it is to get help for something you don't need help with--even if Jaypaw didn't handle it 'well'.

I love Jaypaw, he's so funny and aggressive, the tom has a lot to be liked for, this power for one is an awesome one and the fact that he's blind is unique to Warriors, when was the last time the Erins let you read in blind cat perspective?

He is the BEST cat in all of the books (well next to firestar, but I'm going to vote for him anyway! ) I feel so bad for him, being blind and all, but he makes the best of it. He's brave, loyal. And even though he can be mean, he's the nicest cat! I vote for JAYFEATHER!

Jayfeather is he most amazing cat in the entire series, that's for sure. Can I even begin on why he's so epic? Well, he's really darn genius, and even without sight, he's seen more than any cat. You just can't not love him. :D

Jaypaw/feather is AWESOME! He has awesome abilities to be able to "See" into others dreams/minds, yet it IS kinda creepy, he is the one who first learns about the prophecy, and to be able to stay calm in most every situation.