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Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf


My Opinion: Leafpool lived one of the most tragic lives. She was a great medicine cats, sweet, kind, quiet, caring, and loyal. She regrets falling in love with Crowfeather, it was her biggest mistake, one she couldn't change. Her heart was always in the right place when she gave up her kits, like Bluestar. She was judged harshly, but she never deserved it.
Description: Small lithe pale brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes, and white paws and chest.
I agree with Leafpool's wise words: Destiny isn't any path a cat follows blindly. It is always a matter of choice, and sometimes the heart speaks loudest. Deep down, I always knew what I had to do, and that's why I came back to the Clan. Whatever happens, I trust you know the right thing to do as well. Listen to your heart Lionblaze, because that's where your true destiny lies.
-Leafpool to Lionblaze in Sign Of the Moon, page 108.
She always wanted the best, may her memory not be in vain...She deserves more than this.

I have no doubt that Leafpool --SPOILERS-- took the whole Jayfeather Hollyleaf and Lionblaze situation well. Sure, her sister raised the kids, but she actually wouldn't have if she "would never bear kits" (ahem, Yellowfang) and even still she was a terrible mother. However Leafpool nurtured her kits well and always checked on them. Squirrelflight took little or no time to appreciate them and she really just wrecked the mood. More on that, Squirrelflight hung out with BRAMBLECLAW all the time, so it's not like she didn't have time for her family. Leafpool always was kind and gentle and helped the three along the way. Hey, Jayfeather fans, you know what would have happened if Leafpool DIDN'T take an interest in them? He would be dead. Leafpool was constantly caring for them so she knew what to do when Jaykit fell off the cliff. If not your precious Jay would be a goner. Holly leaf fans: What if Leafpool never took an interest in them? Hollyleaf would be a medicine cat still, as Leafpool ...more

She created drama and tension of trust in the clans it made it surprising and intresting

I always feel sorry for her, I think she of all cats would have deserved to be happy. She saw her mistake and become back and this decision must have been so hard for her. She always loved her kits although she couldn't tell them she was their mother and when they found, they were far too hard on her in my opinion. She lived for being a medicine cat, but after everyone found out about her mistake, all she got was rejection (Except from her sister). I just wish she would have been more lucky, she deserves it and she's probably my favorite cat.

Okay, haters. Bring on the hate. I know so many of you just HATE Leafpool because she broke 2 of the warrior codes, but she's my favorite cat. When she was an apprentice, she trained well with Cinderpelt and showed an undying love for studying herbs. She was intelligent and did her best. Yes, she did lie to her clan, but what choice did she have? Cinderpelt was dead by then, and if she told, she would be banned from being a medicine cat. Then Thunderclan would have no medicine cat. Thunderclan needed a cat to read Starclan's signs and prophecies- and Leafpool was the only one. It was really hard for her, she wanted to be a medicine cat since she was born. And when the truth came out, she faced it- she didn't deny, and loved her kits all the same, even though they hated her. She showed undying love for her kits, giving her heart out for their forgiveness. Hollyleaf wanted to kill her. (But that's understandable, including her killing Ashfur.) She did what her heart told her, and in the ...more

She is an overlooked character. Lots of people think she is a drama queen and hundreds of other things, but if you look closely, she is a beautiful, sweet, sensitive, caring and courageous character. Look how she went back to her Clan after venturing out of the territories with Crowfeather. She had no idea what ThunderClan would do to her when they saw her return, but she cared about her Clan so much that she was willing to risk everything to save them. She is a truly beautiful character and one of the best! - Georgie141

Leafpool is the total lovable she-cat, true to her Clan, and to Crowfeather. "According to StarClan, Leafpool faces a destiny like no medicine cat before her" right out of a warrior book! I LOVE HER!

I LOVE LEAFPOOL! She had to go through so much pain after losing Crowfeather, and Hollyleaf tried to KILL her! She also lost her name as the medicine cat and it makes me so sad!

She is kind and helpful, understanding and follows her heart. She can be feisty and cold (ESPECIALLY to Crowfeather x3, you know what I mean if you've seen the play "After Sunset") but also sweet and relatable. She also, by the way, is really underrated because everyone hates her but adores Jayfeather and Hollyleaf (Lionblaze, too, is underrated). I'm like "uh they wouldn't be in the books if Leafpool hadn't GIVEN BIRTH TO THEM. Like, some people wish Leafpool died in a hole and never was in the books and "can't wait for her to die" but they live off of Hollyleaf's annoying chatter about the warrior code and drink in Jayfeather's everliving sarcasm (eh so what if I'm Jayfeather in a nutshell). You might say "Oh but Squirrelflight would have had them haha! " Do you really want to dump Squirrelflight's entire life away? She would probably not have had Alderheart or Sparkpelt, meaning Twigbranch and Violetshine (that's their names right? ) never would have been found, meaning SkyClan ...more

I love Leafpool a lot! I like her because, even though she loved Crowfeather (and still does) she chose her clan, even if in the end, she was hated by her own kits. Her life is so sad! Lionblaze and Jayfeather will never understand. I mourn Hollyleaf...

I love Leafpool she is kind and knows what every cat needs. She is the best medicine cat ever. I think she is really sweet. I love how she is torn between being a medicine cat and loving Crowfeather and then choosing both. I think Leafpool is awesome!

Leafpool is a sweet, loyal cat who serves her Clan with all her heart. Okay she makes some mistakes but then, who doesn't? She always does what she thinks is right and is loyal to those she loves. What more can you ask for?

Leafpool has always been my favorite. She was always trying to do what was best for everyone. Sure, she was young and naive when she fell in love with Crowfeather but in the end she came back to her clan, proved her loyalty, and tried to make up for her past mistakes.

She is the best medicine cat in the world and so what she was in love?! Plus, Hollyleaf tried to poision her! Crowfeather was in love so much, and I can tell he still does. He was never mad at her, just pretended to be. He loved her with all his heart and they are still in love. Pretend that I am Leafpool at a gathering: " Cats of all clans! I will NOT follow along why you take my mate away from me! I WILL FIGHT for our love, and we will never drift apart. Father, if you do not let me love Crowfeather will run away with him and never come back! I love him with all my heart! "

I love how Leafpool found the moon pool and how she stayed loyal to her clan and she is so caring, helpful, loving and gentle even though she loved Crowfeather she stayed with her clan because she knew they needed her help and Crowfeather should have gotten a better mate the one he got was so over protective and no wonder her son was just as aggresive as her!

Leafpool deserves to be in the top ten, she's so brave and sweet and loyal, in fact she is so awesome that despite the fact I want Crowfeather as my mate (if I were a cat) I will let her have him (in StarClan I mean) because she is so awesome. She didn't deserve her stupid fox-hearted kits (sorry Lion Jay and Holly fans) turning aganist her and trying to KILL HER. And everyone hates her because she's a "mary sue", which sounds so dumb to me. I mean really, do you prefer the fox-hearted cats who trample the warrior code in the dust? No offense but that seems kind of weird to me. - Goldenflight

Leaf pool has suffer so much she can't be with crow feather and she's watching her kit with do done right in front of her and Hollyleaf try to kill her with death berries. She walk a difficult path and should deserve more attention

Leafpool is awesome! She gave up her love and her kits to be loyal to the warrior code. She is kind and sweet to all cats, (that is why she is a medicine cat, duh)! Leafpool rules!


The best cat ever! (along with Sandstorm and Squirrelflight) She's gentle and caring and she creates beautiful and sad drama throughout the warrior series. It was like the birth of two stars when she and squirrelflight were born

Leafpool is smart, she doesn't just rush into things. I really admire that about her. She stays loyal to what she believes and she tries to do what is right.

Leafpool is a sweet, caring cat and will always put Thunderclan before herself. She knows a lot about herbs and is overall a great cat for ThunderClan.

Leafpool is so kind and gentle, even though she messed up, she will prove herself again! I always loved and she will soon be loved again by everyone!

Even though she has done wrong in the past, she is as loyal as can be. She watched over her kits, and just tried to do what she thought was best. And she is the best medicine cat ever! I LOVE LEAFPOOL!

My Opinion: Leafpool is the best cat ever! How could it be that only 3% voted for her? I know she made a mistake by running away with Crowfeather, but she came back in the end. And that's what counts, right? Oh, and did I forget to mention that she's the best cat EVER and Leaf x Crow is the best pairing ever as well?