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181 Smokefoot V 1 Comment
182 Sagewhisker

Sage whisker is alright, she was annoying but she is kind

Sagewhisker was kind to Yellowfang and helped her hide the fact that she had kits with Raggedpelt.

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183 Cinderblaze

Thank you, JayfeatherofThunderClan - Frogjaw1996

*FAKE* - JayfeatherOfThunderClan

184 Shaded Moss

Shaded Moss is one of my most favorite characters in Dawn of the Clans. I was so sad when he died the worst death EVER. He was also brave and loyal to the tribe.

Shaded Moss is a good character in Dawn of Clans. It was so sad for him to die ;-;. He ddidn't deserve to die.

185 Pinestar

Am I the only one who actually loves Pinestar...?

I know, I know, He DOES become a kitty pet, BUT he was on his last life! He served the clan well... Though... He Shouldn't have left TIGERSTAR!

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186 Jay's Wing

I hate you

187 Henry

Who is Henry? A

Henry made his first appearance in Into the Wild, when Rusty (Firestar) talks to Smudge about going into the forest. He is described as fat by the two. Hope this helps - JayfeatherOfThunderClan

188 Duke

Graystripe manga - Frogjaw1996

189 Boulder
190 Goldenflower

Goldenflower has always been my favorite cat in the book she is always so kind and forgiving and also she has had kits so many times and she loves them all equally even when she had Tigerclaw as a mate.

Also she came to forgive Firestar after he thought Bramblekit was evil because he looked so much like Tigerclaw his father.

She is just one of the kindest cats in the book.

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191 Bright Stream

She has to be one of my favorite cats in Dawn of the Clans. I cannot believe she wasn't on here! She would've been a great kit mother to Clear Sky's kits! She was also very caring and kind.

192 Dappletail

She was such a kind elder! It's so sad she died because she ate a rabbit.

193 Tiny

He was a grate and cute little kit. But socks a ruby ruined his poor life. :(
He could have been a grate cat. If those dirt bags never bullied tiny he could have had a grate tolage. I feel so sorry for him. But I have no clew why he would take over the forest. Socks and pooby deseved to be punished. I feel for u tiny I feel for U.

194 Clear Sky
195 Clear Sky

I love him, I'm not finished the dawn of the clans yet, but from what I've heard he sounds like a pretty well developed villain.

196 Morningstream

Fake - Frogjaw1996

197 Moorkit

Please no more OCs - Frogjaw1996

198 Heathermist V 1 Comment
199 Storm
200 Moon Shadow
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