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41 Thunder

He's wonderful and I hope all good comes to him! Clear Sky and Star Flower (especially Star flower) don't deserve to even know him. - bluetreeleaves

I like him, but he has a terrible sense in mates. Star Flower? Violet Dawn? Ugh. - Spottedleafsucks

Thunder is the greatest cat ever! He is Amazing!

Such a brave strong leader...he hated his father and chose to live with graywing

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42 Sorreltail

I remember a time when SorrelKIT was poisened by deathberries! Brackenfur blamed himself and said "If Sorrelkit dies, I'll never be able to forgive myself! " And boy, he was right! If he took a trip in the distant future, he would have seen just how much meant what he said! LOL! - Silverstream101

She was a great warrior, and queen
She is devoting to Brackenfur and loving to her clan. she should always be remembered.

She was a relatable character that was always there for the main characters like Leafpool. She was interesting to read about because she wasn't a goody two shoes.

Why did mostly she cats die in that battle?

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43 Echosong

I think she's a good medicine cat to skyclan. She nursed patchfoot back to health!

Echosong is a great cat and no cat can do bettter! She is the only med cat in skyclan and what whould they do without her?!

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44 Mapleshade Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned more.

I LOVE this cat! I disagree with some of u, because she was in distress when she lost her kits, mate, and... Life. she should ranked higher... She is amazing..

Mapleshade is good deep down, I just know it. She lost so much and needs a hug.

She would have been a good cat if her clan did not banish her or the river did not destroy her kits.

Three of my favorite qualities in a character are vengeance, evil for an epic reason, or can make you cry, either by dying, killing, or crying over a death. Mapleshade does all of these things! She does evey last thing that can lift any character to the top for me. Enough said. - Lilycat14192

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45 Half Moon

I just love Half Moon so much! I know shes not in the books a lot but, she brings the best out of Jayfeather! I wish they could have been together! STUPID ROCK! When Jayfeather named her Teller of the Pointed Stones she was so understanding! And She has loved Jayfeather upon moon after countless moons. She has always loved Jayfeather, always...

On the last page of Sign of the Moon when Jayfeather is leaving the mountains Half Moon calls to him 'I will wait for you forever, Jay's Wing! "

Half Moon is defiantly one of my favorite cats and strangely most of my favorite cats in the warriors series die I mean COME ON VICTORIA (erin hunter) AT LEAST MAKE SPOTTEDLEAF, HALF MOON, RAVENPAW AND FIRESTAR COME BACK PLEASE! (definitely make Spottedleaf be able to visit Firestar again and the same for Half Moon and Jayfeather)

Firestar's Love for Spottedleaf and vise versa will be forever!
Half Moon's love for Jay's Wing will be forever!

Shes awesome

Love love love halfmoonstoneteller!

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46 Hollypaw

Hollyleaf is CAT NIPPING awesome! Shes cool, AND! She is NOT and I say NOT the only one who killed ashfur. Ashfur was going to tell the whole clan the scerct that squrillflight was not there mother. Lionblaze also helped kill ashfur! So shut up all you ashfur fangirls! I don't know why everycat says this evil! Like what?! I am just like... Pices of fox dung fangirls of ashfur... Hollyleaf is loyal, brave, kind, loving, and all the cool cats in thunder clan should love her! And in all the other clans to! Shes a good role model. And ps hollyleaf does not die until the last hope. Okay?! I love her, and we should all.

Love, Windflight of snowclan.

She is a great and loyal cat. I know that she killed Ashfur and I agree that wasn't the best choice. But she returned to her clan and she began loyalty again.

She is so amazing she's just like me! If I could be an cat it would definitely be her. Even though she killed ashfur I still love her.

No way!

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47 Frostfur

Nobody can forget about our little courageous, funny frostfur. It is really sad when she dies...

She is cool and pretty and she would die for her mentor blue star. She should be 5 on the list, not number 73! I love her and wish she could be right here with me!

She was so funny and a loyal cat. She was a great apprentice. She should be higher on the lest

Go origanal cats?

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48 Briarlight

Briarlight is amazing. She lost the use of her hind legs trying to save Longtail, but sadly couldn't. Though she had doubts, she pushed them away and turned towards the bright side of things. She always thought she was of no use, since she couldn't hunt or fight. So instead, she helped Jayfeather. I am so glad she managed to live, though most thought she wouldn't. Also, her mother always made her a bit sad, since she was always fussing. Briarlight confidently shared tongues with her clanmates, and was never taken for anything less than a true warrior. Briarlight definitely deserves to be somewhere at the top 10 list.

I vote for her because she is such a strong and sweet warrior. Even when she wouldn't be able to become a real warrior like every other cat does she always looks on the bright side. She deserves to be top 10.

Briarlight is awesome. She never stopped trying to be helpful to the clan after her back legs were injured. And the reason they are injured is because she went after Longtail and tried to stop him. Briarlight for the win

Not bad...she's cool

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49 Grey Wing


His whole life was so sad but that kind of made it so interesting and this could truly happen to a plain old person as well

Um, it's not spelled "Grey Wing" in the actual stories its "Gray Wing" you stupid people. But he's great! - bluetreeleaves

I just love him.

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50 Rainwhisker

He was always so happy and laid back. Plus he was so brave when he told Sorreltail that Sootfur was dead. Why did he have to die! I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER RAINWHISKER!

I was straight up so pissed when the book killed him in a single sentence and just never mentioned him again.

I feel bad that a tree fell on him.

51 Ferncloud

Yes I loved Ferncloud too she was my FAVORITE! She is so sweet and it was so sad when she died! Dustpelt and her were really cute mates, too!

I felt bad that Brokenstar killed Ferncloud! But I still love her. "Sniff". I AM GOING TO MISS YOU, FERNCLOUD!

Lots of kits all of them were amazing

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52 Mistystar

She shouldn't have been leader because what did she do to become leader. Sure she suffered a little but still!


53 Needlepaw/Tail

I think she's a prick - ClovertheAverageCat

Read Shattered Sky

Needletail stinks and betrayed her clan. She's very disrespectful.

Warning: contains spoilers for A Vision of Shadows.
No offense to Needletail fans here- but REALLY, Needletail? At first I thought she was interesting character with potential, but it all started going downhill. She believes the warrior code is stupid, and is very selfish, and hunts for herself in secret. Then she goes off with Violetpaw, and betrays her Clan. She doesn't regret anything, leaving and betraying her family, and sucks up to the rogues, especially Rain! And to top it off, nothing influenced her decisions- she didn't have a hard life, or lose anyone dear to her. In fact, she has it easier than most cats! I'm not saying she's as bad as Brokenstar and Tigerstar, but sometimes I just want to teleport into the warriors world, and yell at her. Flowertail out!

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54 Sol

Why the heck's Sol last!? I think that he, too, was misunderstood. I like that he's creepy, if you don't, then that's your problem. I think that, his kit hood, was very sad, and he misunderstood Leafstar. I hate, though, that h doesn't believe in star clan. Sol is a great cat, no matter what you say. Poor, Sol-shmukins! If only people knew what he's been through. Also, he's adorable, and I also LOVE Greystripe, and Ravnpaw! It was. Tough draw!

He was charming and manipulating. I'm surprised how he could ask questions like " DO you still believe they hold all the answers, Hollyleaf? " at times when Hollyleaf had doubts, and obviously Sol had no clue. He was so smart, that he could tell a cat's troubles just by watching their behavior.

Sol is AWESOME! He is so wise and smart, not to mention his inborn ability to manipulate other cats!

Just amazing and makes people do what he wants! Sol just controls people using the power of his words. Truly amazing

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55 Badgerpaw

I LOVE BADGERPAW! I hate Brokenstar for letting him go into battle. Why could for one second Brokenstar could think. This is a kit not even an apprentice, he can't go into battel. Brokenstar take you selfish needs somewhere else.R.I.P. badgerpaw, you will always be loved in my heart and If you want to be called Baderfang after your mentor so be it, you deserve it. are the best jayfeather scourge badgerpaw darkstripe fireheart!

Badger badger badger badger

Who's Badgerpaw...?

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56 Crowpaw

I really get annoyed when people say they hate Crowfeather. No one thinks about all that he's lost! He loved Feathertail. She died to save his life. He loved Leafpool. She had to leave him for the good of her Clan. Now he's got NIGHTCLOUD? I don't blame him for being grumpy!

Crowpaw is AWESOME! Poor thing, falling in love with Leafpool, Feathertail and being forced to be Nightcloud's mate. He may have been a big grouch but he was soft at heart.

People don't like him because he had too many mates but lets see the first one died, he had to leave the second, and now he's stuck with Nightcloud. Poor thing. :(

I hate you...!

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57 Skywatcher

Skywatcher rocks! To think that cherry @ Boris called him moony!

THe most wise,honorable and usefull elder.

58 Heathertail

No.Horrible to Lionblaze(20) Lionblaze deserves better

Uselest warrior cat in the world!

I love you!

59 Leopardstar

The river clan leader who lost all her litter mates and her mom. But she came back strong. And in the end she jointer lion clan with Fire star and Tall star. Her name was made when her dad named her after the strong leopard clan. Why she is hostile to other clans is because ever since she has joined tiger clan she was scared she might make the wrong choice. Plus river clan says she is a fair cat quoted be willow paw. Though she lacks wisdom every cat respects leopard star.

Someone agrees with me! Love Leopardstar and Bluestar forever!

She has diabetes and so do I we also have the same personality go leopardstar people don't hate

I hate her. Trying to take over the lake, not caring that the other clans are dying. So rude! Good thing Mistystar got those "make River clan great again" hats. Then Mistystar took Leopardstars cookies which made her sick and die.

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60 Flametail

My favorite warrior cat! Because even if he had a terrible destiny, he always believe in the right and, he saved the clans in reunified the medicine cats...

He is amazing he would have made such a great mentor. He was a great medicine cat go flametail

Flametail is a rocking cat! Even though he drowned he is awesome.

Shame on him, he tried to get Jayfeather dead for a while and threatened him.

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