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81 Smudge

As one of firestar's best friends his whole life he should at least get more lines in the books. He is an amazing cat that would be one of the top ten if he had gotten more parts in the book. please vote for him

He was such a happy friendly cat. Always a good sprit he had

Smudge has always been one of my fave chares! ;3

I feel like there couldn't be more for smudge to do because he's a kittypet what else could they write about him

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82 Smallear

Have any one learn about Smallear, Smallear don'ts have a back story.


83 Foxleap

Foxleap is the coolest warrior in the world. He is funny and has the coolest sounding name of all the cats. He is the best.

So awesome! The name is so cool and she is just awesome! Foxleap sounds so cute and I would love to be her and know her and... Yeah you get the point!

Love HIM you called him a her any ways I love him too

I wonder if Foxleap lived would Rosepetal be his mate. What would their kits names be?

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84 Moonflower Moonflower

Kind and loving, a great mother to Bluestar and Snowfur. She was really nice, too. If only she had lived on. She would've been Great! I mean, seriously. Moonflower in Into the Wild!

I am so sad she had to die! After all, she was the only one that really cared about Bluestar (besides Snowfur. )

She died of an unfair reason! Warriors aren't supposed to kill without purpose!

She said she wasgoing to go collect moss with blue paw and then she just...died. :(((((((((((((((

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85 Mousefur Mousefur

She was a cranky elder but she was awesome and amazing in her younger days

She might be cranky but I just love her! She always some how makes me smile...

I thought her cranky personality was funny and reminded me of my grandpa, who I love dearly. I also though she was a bit to old to have survived that long, but I am glad she went out with a bang. I was so sad when she died, I actualy cried. I had to put the book down and have a serios cry. D, : Rip, Mousey, love you.

Mousekit was White-eye/One-eye's and Sparrowpelt/Halftail's daughter along with her brother, Runningwind. She was a few moons older than Bluefur's kits; Stonekit, Mistykit, and Mosskit. Runningkit was trying to see them born, but Mousekit fell asleep instead.

After Longtail's eyes were scratched, Mousefur and Graystripe agree to go on a hunting patrol for the Clan and take Dustpelt. On the hunting patrol, Brambleclaw and Ashfur are pouncing on Smudge and Firestar gets involved. Mousefur and Dustpelt finish the patrol. When Firestar says he will find the lost Clan, Mousefur rejects the idea, asking him why he would go off and leave.

In Into the Wild, Mousefur is in the fight of Sunningrocks between RiverClan and ShadowClan. She is pinned by a RiverClan cat and receives a wound until TigerClaw saves her. Spottedleaf says the wounds on her will heal fast because she's young. Mousefur is also in the patrol with Whitestorm to drive Brokenstar from ShadowClan. When the patrol ...more

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86 Alderheart

Alderheart is a very compassionate and rather new character to the warriors series, but her is pure of heart, always trying to live up to his famous family. He fails when he goes on the quest, but it isn't his fault! The only one who knew where Skyclan was was Sandstorm, and she died):.

Alderheart is just 'one of those cats'. I don't like him. (Please note that this is merely my opinion! - sunheart360

My second favorite (i love you bluestar :3) But he is very different from other main characters.
First of all, he isn't perfect and he actually FAILED for once! I love Alderheart :3 - xAppleglow

87 Runningwind

So handsome and brave and awesome! I hate how one of my favorite cats had to die! Screw you Tigerstar!

What the StarClan was Tigerstar thinking when he killed Runningwind? That is why I like Darkstripe Clawface and Brokenstar but not Tigerclaw/star!
So grateful when he dies!

Runningwind was an amazing and loyal cat who didn't deserve to die so quickly in the series. He should of died a proper life for Thunderclan, not by Tigerstar...

I hate you Tigerstar!

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88 Twigpaw

I love her personality! - nellynutella

Because she's awesome and she finally reunites with her dad Hawkwing

Parents Hawkwing and Pebbleshine confirmed

89 Brindleface

Also dies and one of Bluestar's friends'.

I love her, she was so sweet and she loved cloudkit/tail when she wasn't his mother. I hate you Tigerstar for sending the dogs to kill her.

Thanks a lot Tigerstar. You killed a great cat,and scarred the apprentice life of Fernpaw and Ashpaw.

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90 Sunstar

Sunstar is definitely an undercredited character. He was a great leader to thunderclan. The other clans feared him during his leadership, and thunderclan was strong and thriving during that time. It is most likely we won't hear much of him more since his leadership was pretty much summed up in Bluestar's prophecy. Too bad.

Sunstar was an amazing character. He was a good father figure to Bluestar after Moonflower's death. In fact, he loved Moonflower. Whenever he saw Stormtail flirting with Dappletail, he would get angry because he wondered how Stormtail could treat a cat like Moonflower as if she wasn't worth anything. He made the right choice of making Bluestar deputy, because unlike most cats, he realized Thistleclaw was evil. If only he had gotten nine lives. - RisingMoon

He should have his own book - RedTheGremlin

I hate you!

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91 Willowbreeze

It's SO sad when she died. It broke Crookedjaw's heart. It's just so sad.

Wow. No ones put her down yet? She is so beautiful, with long legs and gray pelt. She was Crookedstar's mate and best friend. She is so sweet. She gave birth to Silverstream! But then evil greencough came in and made her sneeze and cough... And die. I love her so much she is so, so great!

Why did Willowbreeze need to dye. I like Mapleshade, but WHY?

Why is she number 93?

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92 Leafstar

Leafstar is a great, bighearted cat, who has a hard job, of getting cats who know nothing of the warrior code, to join her clan. I think she is like me, strong, brave and loyal, and she is my favorite cat. She has made good choices, and Billystorm is a good cat for her. She spent her first life, fighting to save the OTHER sides kits (or Dodge's side). She is a great cat.

But you gotta say... She is pretty bad at making warrior cat names - Catsarah123

Leafstar is awesome! She is loyal and hardworking, she'd do anything for SkyClan! She is a great leader, especially as she's the first leader for modern SkyClan. She led her Clan through horrid times, and she has an open mind.

She was ment to be the leader of skyclan. Leafstar is a loyal, brave cat with a humungus heart. When firestar and sandstorm came to the gorge they helped skyclan rebuild so now when the clan was together the medicene cat saw leafs dappling on the ground and that ment one thing... Leafstar had to be leader of the clan. (Leafstars warrior name was really Leafdapple). And moons after that she fell in love with... Billystorm! He is one of the daylight warriors in the book skyclans desteny a really good book.

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93 Spiderleg

Spiderleg is funny and a loyal amazing cat. I loved what he said to Firestar that made Dovewing a warrior. He truly spoke from the heart which is hard to do

Woah, woah, woah. Why did no one put Spiderleg on this list?! He's so funny, awesome, playful, and brave! He should definitely be in the Top 10 list, or at least in the 20's.

Spiderleg is so awesome! I love his name so much! Spiderleg also have some awesome kits! I absolutely love Rosepetal

He died from Greencough.. Inbetween 2 books. HE DIED FROM GREENCOUGH NOT EVEN IN A DANG BOOK. It’s Spiderleg who deserves a heroic death. I love him so much. GREEN COUGH INBETWEEN BOOKS that is the most careless death by the Hunters ever. - Feaather

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94 Honeyfern

Honey was my fave cat and I can't believe erin killed her off with a snake protecting a ct that later can't walk and that was plain stupid and she was so cute and sweet and one last thing well one I am a drama queen and two WHY ERIN HUNTER WHY!?!?

Honeyfern, WHY?! I would be okay with any other cat! She had a love life, and at the last second, ti was snatched from her while she died in agony! She should be higher on this list, even though her time as a warrior was short-lived.

Her death was the saddest ever *cry*
HoneyxBerry 4evaa

DIED PREGNANT SO SAD plus she had to watch her mate become mates with HER SISTER best charecter ever should be number 1 : ( : ( : ( :( : ( : ( : ( # number 1 she-cat

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95 Thrushpelt

He should be number 1 he just wanted bluestar to be happy he loved her so much when she did not love him he should be with bluestar I LOVE YOU THRUSHPELT

I like thrushpelt he was a great warrior but not arrogant and he loved bluestar so much and just wanted her to be happy even though she refused him and agreed to pretend to be her mate I like badgerpaw too but Thrushpelt is the most loyal loving cat and definitely my favorite cat

Thrushpelt was in love with Bluestar but he wasn't upset when she refused him. He was loyal to Bluestar to pretend to be the kits' father. He was an awesome friend and he kept his word until the end. Awesome cat.

When I read Bluestars Prophercy I was confused that she had to go and become mates with oakheart because she clearly liked thrushpelt better. Anyway he was so happy when bluestar became pregnant and his mood did not change when she told him it is not it kits. He was such a faithful friend, my friends compares him to ashfur (the thunderclan cat who liked squirrelflight ; he is no way up there

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96 Shadefrost V 3 Comments
97 Violetpaw

She had such a hard life, first her mother dying, then being taken from her sister, and then everything with Needletail and the rogues. I love that she remained strong despite her life pretty much being one terrible thing after another, and yet she had real character depth and emotion. I hope we get more books about Violetpaw!

98 Badgerfang Badgerfang

I love you, Badgerfang :(

HOW IN THE NAME OF FARTS IS HE THIS LOW, this kitten deserved to become a true warrior. stupid ol Brokenfart made him an apprentice before he should of. >:(

99 Sparkpelt


100 Gorsepaw

Who is gorsepaw

WindClan apprentice killed by Tigerstar - Frogjaw1996

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