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101 Smokepaw

Smokepaw should never have died on the Great Journey. He lived a short and scary life. First, when the ShadowClan camp was getting torn up by monsters poor Blackstar had to FORCE Smokepaw to get out of the camp because Smokepaw was paralized with fear. I was so nervous for him then and when he fell off the cliff on the Great Journey and the other cats never retrieved his body I was really really really sad. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS SMOKEPAW!

Also Smokepaw's mother tried to get to him, Russetfur tried to save him but it was too late. she was also heavy so it was hard to get to him

102 Willowbreeze

It's SO sad when she died. It broke Crookedjaw's heart. It's just so sad.

Wow. No ones put her down yet? She is so beautiful, with long legs and gray pelt. She was Crookedstar's mate and best friend. She is so sweet. She gave birth to Silverstream! But then evil greencough came in and made her sneeze and cough... And die. I love her so much she is so, so great!

Ahem! I'm really sorry, but can you please call him Stormstar? We both like it much better. Also, please don't say I'm shallow for voting for myself, because I've voted for Stormy like 3 times. And I like myself. ^_^

Ps: Yes, I am the person who called themself Willowbreeze on Stormstar's vote-y thing. Well duh, I call myself Willowbreeze, 'cause that's my name!
Bye guys! Stormy and I love you!

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103 Crookedkit

Crookedstar's mother Rainflower did not love him because of his jaw, but then came Willowbreeze she loved Crookedstar for who he was and not for what he looked like

Brave when life is hard

I think he was a brave kit. It's a shame he broke his jaw. He's still a great warrior! Firestar.

Crookedstar is amazing! He didn't care at first when his mother didn't like him as much as Oakkit/Oakheart but he still became leader without mentoring an apprentice. He also saved his mate from the Twolegs that had captured and put her in a wire box with Graypool. He was tormented by Mapleshade in the Dark Forest when he thought it was StarClan, but Brambleberry finally told him that sometimes things just happened on their own. This was after his mother ( Rainflower ), his mate ( Willowbreeze ), and his 2 other kits all died. His father, Shellheart also decided to move to the elder's den. After this, he stared down at his only surviving kit, Silverkit/Silverstream and saw that she had the same pattern on her head ;) Crookedstar's Promise is such a good book! But how is he #121? He's so incredible!

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104 Snowkit Snowkit

He was born deaf, and he was carried away by a hawk. Who couldn't feel terrible about the little guy dieing?

Yeah! He was adorable! ;-;

I cried when Snow Kit Died :'(

He was reborn everyone -,- ~ Bluestar; best leader lol

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105 Moth Flight
106 Redtail Redtail
107 Badgerfang Badgerfang

I love you, Badgerfang :(

108 Deerleap

For those who don't know, Deerleap was Yellowfang's mentor - Frogjaw1996

109 Princess

She is definitely my favourite character. She is nice and it is sad when ThunderClan leaves the forest, so she is no longer a character.

I love Princess she's the brother of Firestar and I love cloudtail he is the BEST but I like princess better since she had made firestar comfrtable as a kittypet and like I said cloudtail, one of the greatest cats I know of so yeah CHOOSE PRINCESS OH YEAH!

I was sad when they left the forest and would probably never see cats like her again!

THank you for that kit but you are a sucky kittypet.

110 Greypool

Greypool is my FAVE warrior cat, she was wise, brave and kind and she looked after Stonefur and Mistyfoot (THE WARRIOR CATS BOOKS WOULD BE DIFFERENT WITHOUT HER) and she told Fireheart the truth even though he was from THUNDERCLAN and I HATE Tigerstar for killing her and startling her! I will mourn her deeply and I will NEVER forget her!

Greypool was an amazing without her Mistyfoot and Stonefur would have had no foster mother and even when she got grumpy and old she told Fireheart a long lost secret!

It's not "Greypool" its "GrAypool" Get it right - bluetreeleaves

I love this cat!

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111 Brightsky

She was a strong cat and died baring Leopardstar. She deserves to be remembered. Mudfur was her mate.

Brightsky was so sweet. I wished she had lived to at least have been in book one. She would have been a great mother to Leopardstar. No offense to Mudfur lovers but I think Mudfur spoiled Leopardstar.

Nobody remembers her. They should!

112 Jingo

Jingo is awesome! She is so brave because she led the poor kittypets that Sol ditched. I think Brambleclaw like liked her. YOU ARE AWESOME JINGO!

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113 Loudbelly

As an apprentice, Loudbelly was strong and courageous and dedicated his life to RiverClan. When he was an elder I thought him, Shadepelt, Frostfur, and Speckletail were so brave when they said that they were going to stay behind and bury Mudfur while the other Clan cats set off on the Great Journey. It was so sad. I will never forget you Loudbelly!

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114 Featherwhisker

Because he was a good medicine cat and it was sad that he died of greencough.

115 Leafdapple/star

Leafstar doesn't deserve to be so low on this list. She had to construct a new Clan, make cats understand the ways of the warrior cats, send out patrols and fight battles, and make tough decisions. To add on all of that, she even had kits, which made her job even harder! She's doing a great job commanding SkyClan.

I think she's a great leader. She even had kits!

I agree with everybody. she has a really hard job, to make cats understand the warrior code, and build a clan. I think she is like me. Definitely my character.

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116 Sharpclaw

He isn't afraid to speak his mind. He should be leader. It's good that he doesn't like the kitty-warriors.

Sharpclaw is very underrated in my opinion. He is awesome and should be leader instead of Leafstar. I wish he didn't die in Hawkwing's Journey. - TailchaserFan10

He was kind of mean at first but then was a new and loyal warrior of skyclan.

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117 Russetfur

She was a good warrior; but it was mean when she and some other Shadowclan cats watched Berrykit in the fox trap.

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118 Purdy

Purdy always makes me laugh with the way he talks

Purdy is awesome because without him brambleclaw, tawnypelt, squirrelflight, crowpaw, feathertail, and stormfur would not have been able to get out of that giant twolegplace. GO PURDY!

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119 Icecloud

She is awesome who do you think her mate will be?

I think her mate should be Mousewhisker because he doesn't have one yet.

Maybe her mate could be Bumblestripe or Molewhisker


120 Hal

Raggedstar killed him just because he didn't want to have a kittypet father, and then lied about Hals death! Hal shouldn't have broken up with Featherstorm.

Shouldn't have died:(

Ok! Raggedstar was angry!

Raggedpelt should not have killed him.

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