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121 Icecloud

She is awesome who do you think her mate will be?

I think her mate should be Mousewhisker because he doesn't have one yet.

Maybe her mate could be Bumblestripe or Molewhisker


122 Hal

Raggedstar killed him just because he didn't want to have a kittypet father, and then lied about Hals death! Hal shouldn't have broken up with Featherstorm.

Shouldn't have died:(

Ok! Raggedstar was angry!

Raggedpelt should not have killed him.

123 Hazeltail

Hey Everyone! What about Hazeltail? She's awesome and should be with Lionblaze.

She's a great warrior and was good on the jouney; but I still think Cinderheart should be with Lionblaze.

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124 Whitewing

Whitewing's devotion to her parents Cloudtail and Brightheart is sweet... She deserves to be higher.

Whitewing should be #1 on this list. She rocks! #amazing

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125 Shellheart

Shellheart was so nice to Crookedstar after his mother abandon him!

As crookedkit's dad he was so nice to him (when he broke his jaw) he wasn't gong to be rainflower's mate anymore because she was so... (finish the sentence)

I love him! He was so nice to Crookedkit!

126 Nutmeg

She should be number 2 because there woudnt be warriors if it wasnt for her having firepaw/heart/star/rusty

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127 Goldenflower

I like Goldenflower

Goldenflower has always been my favorite cat in the book she is always so kind and forgiving and also she has had kits so many times and she loves them all equally even when she had Tigerclaw as a mate.

Also she came to forgive Firestar after he thought Bramblekit was evil because he looked so much like Tigerclaw his father.

She is just one of the kindest cats in the book.

192?! No...

128 Pebble Heart

Pebble Heart is so sweet and kind and I absolutely can't wait to see what happens to him!

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129 Onewhisker

This is for Onewhisker not Onestar. OneWHISKER is cool and epic and nice to Firestar. I think Onestars stupid and OneWHISKER is cool.

I HATE Onestar! Mudclaw was the right cat to be leader

I agree.

130 Mousewhisker

One of Daisy's three first kits, Mousewhisker, is the best. He must be very sad though, and it's easy to assume why he joined the dark Forrest, as a kit Daisy's attention was all on berrynose, for his stumped tail, then he fell in love with Minnowtail, but it was impossible because she was in Riverclan. Then later he fell in love with Hollyleaf, who then died, along with his sister, Hazeltail. And to spark even more jealousy, berrynose has kits. Overall a misunderstood underrated cat. Good luck in the future Mousewhisker.

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131 Starstar

Did you see the flares, In the sky? Were you blinded by the light?

132 Suntail

Not mine of course - Frogjaw1996

133 Rainswept Flower
134 Berrynose

An annoying cat who we all know as Brambleclaw's first apprentice, but a great backround character in the 2-current seriesn

135 Willowshine
136 Mintkit
137 Ambermoon
138 Leopardfoot
139 Tigerstar Tigerstar Tigerstar is the biggest villain in the Warrior Cats, also the cat that Firestar wants to kill . He has two mates, Goldenflower and Sasha, and four kits, Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, and Hawkfrost . After he dies, he goes to the Dark Forest where he is killed again except this time by Firestar more.

He at first was ambitious, but he was strong. If you look past the fact that he was greedy and ambitious and murderous, you'll see a loyal, strong, fearless cat, who only did what he thought was right until he was killed by Scourge. He tried to become leader of Thunderclan not only for power hunger, but so he could make it strong. He then tried to unite all of the clans, which was a very wise idea. WHo wouldn't want to unite the clans? There would be less/no bloodshed, more prey, no worries about divided loyalties... But after his nine lives were ripped from him, he was filled with hate and evil and desire for revenge.

I cried when he died and when he faded.
How is Scourge so much better than Tigerstar? Tigerstar only killed cats that got in his way; Scourge killed anyone he saw as a threat. Plus, Tigerstar had a loving side. In "Tigerclaw's Fury", he made sure his kits and former mate got out of the fire. Plus, he risked his life for Sasha in their manga trilogy by fighting the fox. He was courageous, strong and believed in what he thought was right.

Read Tigerclaw's fury. MY BABY HAD FEELINGS. IT'S ALL THISTLECLAW'S FAULT. Tigerstar was the greatest warrior the forest has ever seen! Firestar the treacherous kittypet watched Scourge kill Tiger. If it would have been any other cat than Tigerstar, Firestar would have helped, but instead he just stood there. Tigerstar was the best leader ever. Best fighter, strong, loyal, ambitious, confident, courageous, intelligent. Tigerstar and Hawkfrost are gone forever now.

I agree. You have to admit, Tigerstar haters, that he is seriously strong. He killed Brindleface, Gorsepaw, Redtail, injured Cinderpelt etc. But he also hates Firestar because he reminds him about his own father, Pinestar, that's what I've heard anyway. He wanted to make ThunderClan the greatest and most powerful Clan in the forest which is why he wanted to kill Bluestar. He took Graystripe's and Silverstream's kits as prisoners for being half-Clan. But actually it says some where that he always felt bad for Cinderpelt's injury. I don't know if it's true, but if it is, then he has small, SMALL soft spot for her. He has 5 kits; Bramblestar and Tawnypelt with Goldenflower, and Mothwing, Hawkfrost, and Tadpole with Sasha. He was killed with one blow from Scourge. Scourge struck one of his nine major organs which took more than one life.
( again, did not hear it from me ) That's why Scourge didn't kill Firestar completely in one hit. Most people really hate him, but he's one of the ...more

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140 Crowfeather

Crowfeather has had his heart broken so many times... He just keeps finding love in all the wrong places. First Feathertail, who he loves so dearly dies... Then he fell for Leafpool, who he couldn't be with either... Then he took Nightcloud as a mate just to stop people thinking about him. Sure, he may be a jerk, but he's got due reason. Love you, Crowfeather!

I know he acted like a jerk sometimes, and taking Nightcloud as a mate was a REALLY bad idea. Still, I think he is a good cat, brave and loyal (I KNOW he fell in love with Feathertail and Leafpool, but he gave them up! That must have been so hard! It proves he really believes in the warrior code! ) He didn't deserve his heart being broken twice (Ashfur tried to kill Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf after his heart only being broken once). I hope he gets both of his mates back in StarClan. And it's not weird to have more than one mate; I read on Warriors Wiki that a lot of clan cats have more than one mate, especially tomcats.

I LOVE you crowfeather, crowfeather is a great warrior I felt so bad when the relationship with feathertail and leafpool couldn't work out so sad I wish I Robinstar was in the books I would be crowfeathers forever mate I will always love you crowfeather:* *kiss kiss* xoxo

Crowfeather is really cool and brave and loyal and had his heart broken too many times. I think it was his sort-of grumpy personality that made me like him so much, a personality that two of his sons inherited.

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