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121 Nutmeg

She should be number 2 because there woudnt be warriors if it wasnt for her having firepaw/heart/star/rusty

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122 Pebble Heart

Pebble Heart is so sweet and kind and I absolutely can't wait to see what happens to him!

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123 Onewhisker

This is for Onewhisker not Onestar. OneWHISKER is cool and epic and nice to Firestar. I think Onestars stupid and OneWHISKER is cool.

I HATE Onestar! Mudclaw was the right cat to be leader

I agree.

124 Mousewhisker

One of Daisy's three first kits, Mousewhisker, is the best. He must be very sad though, and it's easy to assume why he joined the dark Forrest, as a kit Daisy's attention was all on berrynose, for his stumped tail, then he fell in love with Minnowtail, but it was impossible because she was in Riverclan. Then later he fell in love with Hollyleaf, who then died, along with his sister, Hazeltail. And to spark even more jealousy, berrynose has kits. Overall a misunderstood underrated cat. Good luck in the future Mousewhisker.

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125 Starstar

Did you see the flares, In the sky? Were you blinded by the light?

126 Suntail

Not mine of course - Frogjaw1996

127 Rainswept Flower
128 Berrynose

An annoying cat who we all know as Brambleclaw's first apprentice, but a great backround character in the 2-current seriesn

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130 Moth Flight
131 Mintkit
132 Ambermoon
133 Leopardfoot
134 Runningbrook

Wasn't in many books, but I liked her and died of unknown causes.

135 Hattie
136 Nightfire

Nightfire a Medicine cat. Mate: I would choose Hawkfrost. Clan: would be ThunderClan. How weird is that a medicine cat mating a cat from another CLAN! Well leafpool does it so why can't she! THE AWESOMEST CAT AROUND! GO NIGHTFIRE!

Who in starclan is this - tigerstar908

Please no more OCs - Frogjaw1996

137 Sweetpaw

This beloved sister of Rosetail and Thistleclaw should never have died. A rotten mouse that Bluefur (Bluestar), Rosepaw (Rosetail), and Sweetpaw shared is what killed Sweetpaw. Sweetpaw should have at least lived to become a warrior. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST SWEETPAW!

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138 Shorty

Shorty is awesome. If it weren't for him, Sandstorm would be a kittypet and Firestar wouldn't have been able to restore the lost clan called SkyClan. And if it weren't for Shorty and his friends, SkyClan would have been destroyed by rats. SHORTY IS AWESOME AND I LOVE HIM!

139 Featherwhisker

Because he was a good medicine cat and it was sad that he died of greencough.

140 Petalfur
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