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141 Hattie
142 Darkstripe

I honestly think Darkstripe should be higher on the list. He's not #1 on my favorites list, but he's somewhere in there. He was confused and misunderstood. Let's not forget his mentor was TIGERSTAR. That screwed him up right there. I believe Tigerstar wasn't so bad either. Hey, his dad died and he didn't get the best mentor. He was raised poorly. When he was born, he already had a great amount of ambition. Getting Thistleclaw only added even more ambition. He had so much ambition that he killed his way into becoming leader. So Thistleclaw, Tigerstar, AND Darkstripe are all not that bad. Before you judge a cat, look a bit into their past. Thank StarClan Longtail stepped away when he had the chance.

I don't think that Darkstripe was evil, just misunderstood and confused. He was neglected when he was a kit and when Tigerstar pretended to like him, he wanted to be around him more often. It"s Tigerstar's fault that Darkstripe is in the Dark Forest.

Why is Darkstripe at the Dark Forest? He tried to kill one cat who survived. Yes, he broke the warrior code, but who else does it? Silverstream, Yellowfang, Graystripe, Firestar, a lot! Just like Longtail, he followed Tigerstar! But he didn't did anything!

Darkstripe is the best and I think your right he should deserve more its all tigerstars fault

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143 Millie

Millie might be a kittypet but she ROCKS!
But I feel that even though Graystripe and her mate. I think Graystripe should of stayed loving Silverstream. I mean she died GIVING BIRTH to HIS KITS!
But over all mille is a great, brave and loyal cat!

I don't understand why everyone hates Millie so much. She helps Graystripe home, and I know most people are a fan of Graystripe. You may be bitter that Graystripe is choosing Millie as a mate even though Silverstream, but THAT'S NOT MILLIE'S FAULT PEOPLE! And is it so wrong that she's caring for her seriously-injured kit? I mean, Briarlight needs more attention then Blossomfall and Bumblestripe when her SPINE IS BROKEN! No one could ever replace Silverstream, but Millie is a good cat and definitely doesn't deserve so much hate! - tigerstar908

WHAT!?!? Here is my opinion!
1) she sits around in camp and does nothing. Basically acts as a love interest because Erin Hunter ran out of ideas.
2) Is abusive. One of her children get injured, and she decides, "Oh! She needs attention. After all, when my child gets injured, I'm going to abuse the other one and end up scarring the injured one, plus the third child, making the situation worse! " In the end, Blossomfall gets depressed, suicidal, and just basically thinks that she is evil. (I'm not going to say anything that could be perceived badly, cause there are moderators and I want to get this through..) Some parents actually do this, and this character is a perfect example!

I love and hate her. She did help Graystripe get home and gave up her life to be with him. She is very arrogant towards her other kits by giving Briarlight too much attention, but she's very amazing. I don't pay TOO much attention to her, though. - JayfeatherOfThunderClan

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144 Nightfire

Nightfire a Medicine cat. Mate: I would choose Hawkfrost. Clan: would be ThunderClan. How weird is that a medicine cat mating a cat from another CLAN! Well leafpool does it so why can't she! THE AWESOMEST CAT AROUND! GO NIGHTFIRE!

Who in starclan is this - tigerstar908

Please no more OCs - Frogjaw1996

145 Sweetpaw

This beloved sister of Rosetail and Thistleclaw should never have died. A rotten mouse that Bluefur (Bluestar), Rosepaw (Rosetail), and Sweetpaw shared is what killed Sweetpaw. Sweetpaw should have at least lived to become a warrior. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST SWEETPAW!

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146 Shorty

Shorty is awesome. If it weren't for him, Sandstorm would be a kittypet and Firestar wouldn't have been able to restore the lost clan called SkyClan. And if it weren't for Shorty and his friends, SkyClan would have been destroyed by rats. SHORTY IS AWESOME AND I LOVE HIM!

147 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw

Everyone hates him when all he did was be loyal, and try as hard as he could to protect his borders with blood or no blood. Yeah, he might have been kind of mean sometimes, and hurt little Bluefart's feelings, but really. He's great, and loyal, and though he's shoved in a corner by all the fandom, that makes me love him even more. I know what it's like to have everyone hate you for nothing. I love him.

Ok thistleclaw was flippin awesome! He protected his clan and was so loyal he may have been ambiouse but so was firestar he was nothing like tigerstar if you don't agree then foxdung to that, laugh out loud love him

He's one of my favorite warrior cats. In my opinion, he wasn't evil at all!

I hate this cat

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148 Petalfur
149 Hollyfoot

No not again! - Frogjaw1996

150 Raggedstar
151 Percy
152 Silverflame

She was the grandmother of Yellowfang. She was very nice and she often played with Yellowkit and her siblings. It was sad when she died from an illness the day yellowkit became an apprentice.

Silverflame SHOULD NOT be number 110 D: She was so nice to Yellowkit, and Yellowkit was sad when she died.

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153 Billystorm

Just so you guys know, Billystorm might've had a weird name, but he was a great cat and good role model to others in the clan. His name is slightly out of place, but he was a kittypet. Read up on the Warriors, people. Yeah, you two.

Worst name ever!

Horrible name.

154 Dawnflower

Is Dawnflower even a real character? - Frogjaw1996

I just really like that name

Ummm I'm pretty sure this is about personalities and actions, not names - tigerstar908

155 Petaldust

For crooked stars promise I like her name

156 Nightstar

Nightstar was a better leader than Brokenstar

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157 Brokenstar

1)Brokenstar may be evil and heartless but he was so smart, a true stretigist. He was ambitious and strong and he loved a good battle. It wasn't his fault that his stupid mom Yellowfang had to have kits, cursing him. Maybe he was nice deep down under the curse...

I know he's evil, I just love him so much though! He's my 3rd favorite character, after Hollyleaf and Ivypool


I hate him buts its Lizardstripes fault!

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158 Poppyfrost

Is this the elder Poppyfrost that I love so much?

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159 Rusty

There are already three versions of Firestar.

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160 Oakleaf

Fake cat, I think - Frogjaw1996

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