Best Warrior Cat Characters (Book by Erin Hunter)


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141 Raggedstar
142 Percy
143 Silverflame

She was the grandmother of Yellowfang. She was very nice and she often played with Yellowkit and her siblings. It was sad when she died from an illness the day yellowkit became an apprentice.

Silverflame SHOULD NOT be number 110 D: She was so nice to Yellowkit, and Yellowkit was sad when she died.

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144 Dawnflower

Is Dawnflower even a real character? - Frogjaw1996

I just really like that name

Ummm I'm pretty sure this is about personalities and actions, not names - tigerstar908

145 Petaldust

For crooked stars promise I like her name

146 Nightstar

Nightstar was a better leader than Brokenstar

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147 Poppyfrost

Is this the elder Poppyfrost that I love so much?

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148 Rusty

There are already three versions of Firestar.

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149 Oakleaf

Fake cat, I think - Frogjaw1996

150 Shadestar

Fake? - Frogjaw1996

151 Bumblestripe V 1 Comment
152 Duststar

Code of the Clans - Frogjaw1996

153 Halftail
154 Jaykit

Well so far Jayfeather has been mentioned 3 times... - tigerstar908

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155 Shellheart

Shellheart was so nice to Crookedstar after his mother abandon him!

As crookedkit's dad he was so nice to him (when he broke his jaw) he wasn't gong to be rainflower's mate anymore because she was so... (finish the sentence)

156 Daisytail

She came up with the idea to train kits to become apprentices when they are six moons old.

157 Cherrypaw

I think in Firestar's Quest she was a lovable apprentice who was really eager and prepared to take on any challenge. She became a warrior of Skyclan big achievement and I think her name was Cherrytail? I can't remember but I know she deserves your vote.

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158 Thunderstar

THE MOST EPIC CAT EVER! I mean, he must have been very special to be chosen as the leader of thunder clan, right?! :) :D

159 Talonpaw

Really Erin Hunter? Just another young cat killed because you couldn't think of a suffix. - tigerstar908

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160 Petalpaw

I wanted her on this list because she hunted for her clan even though she didn't feel well.

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