Best Warrior Cat Characters (Book by Erin Hunter)


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161 Shadestar

Fake? - Frogjaw1996

162 Bumblestripe V 1 Comment
163 Duststar

Code of the Clans - Frogjaw1996

164 Stoneteller

This tribe cat was not only a leader, but also a medicine cat! Now who else thinks that's cool! That aside he helped the six prophecy cats on their journey to find the "Sun-Drowned" place and let the six stay at his place, how nice and thoughtful!

He's irritating, worst cat ever in the series.

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165 Halftail
166 Jaykit

Well so far Jayfeather has been mentioned 3 times... - tigerstar908

V 2 Comments
167 Shellheart

Shellheart was so nice to Crookedstar after his mother abandon him!

As crookedkit's dad he was so nice to him (when he broke his jaw) he wasn't gong to be rainflower's mate anymore because she was so... (finish the sentence)

168 Daisytail

She came up with the idea to train kits to become apprentices when they are six moons old.

169 Cherrypaw

I think in Firestar's Quest she was a lovable apprentice who was really eager and prepared to take on any challenge. She became a warrior of Skyclan big achievement and I think her name was Cherrytail? I can't remember but I know she deserves your vote.

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170 Thunderstar

THE MOST EPIC CAT EVER! I mean, he must have been very special to be chosen as the leader of thunder clan, right?! :) :D

171 Talonpaw

Really Erin Hunter? Just another young cat killed because you couldn't think of a suffix. - tigerstar908

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172 Petalpaw

I wanted her on this list because she hunted for her clan even though she didn't feel well.

173 Marigoldkit Marigoldkit V 2 Comments
174 Duckface

Who is duck face?

I agree. Are Ducks even in the books?

Ignore this one, this is fake. - JayfeatherOfThunderClan

Fake cat, move along - Frogjaw1996

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175 Mosskit Mosskit

Mosskit should have not died she shoudl have been a warrior just like her brother and sisters. Bluestar was right what was she thinking?

She is sweet and didn't deserve to die when she did. If she had become a warrior I would have called her Mossfern. It was so sad when she died.

Mosskit was the wrong kit to die. At a crucial moment, you had to let her go into the beyond, six Erins over there. Thanks. *sighs*

What she's number 145 she was CUTE

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176 Rippletail

Rippletail should have survived, and he shoudl be the one to be Petalfur's mate that's how I think it should happen

177 Daisy V 1 Comment
178 Talon

He shouldn't have been kicked out of the tribe

179 Turtle Tail

Very sweet and loving cat. Though she became a kittypet, she's a very likable character. She loved Gray Wing so much and her kits as well. She DIED in attempt to save them from their treacherous father

I dunno I just like her

Turtle Tail picked a real gem to be her mate. Tom. SERIOUSLY. Tom is the worst cat name ever.


180 Tigerclaw V 3 Comments
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