There are parts of squirrel flights personality which are well written and others that are just awful. I personally like squirrel paws attitude at the start and she's easier to connect with. It makes sense that she would mature later on yet after that she becomes less easier to understand. Her only problems are problems that revolve around relationships with toms and it's just a bit boring. She turns into the biggest Mary Sue. Everyone in the clan loves her, she's a great warrior and so pretty and just... ugh

She's such a sass mouth and very mischievous and she gets away with it! What other cat do you know who can do that?! But she also has a sweet caring side to her. She also so pretty and the daughter of Firestar. They both have a pretty awesome golden coat and green eyes which is so cool! Everyone wants to be her! She also has this reall cool connection with her sister that's amazingly cool.

She is sassy, loyal, fun loving and smart just like her mother. She stands up for what she believes in, and she has got the most hilarious sense of humor ever!

I literally wouldn't want to be any other cat. To all the Squirrelflight haters- SHE DID THE RIGHT THING! (you know what I mean) Also, it was a hard thing. Lie to everyone and protect your sister? Or watch your sister suffer on her own and be happy yourself? In reality, Squirrelflight is awesome, and deserved to be deputy. What she did NOT deserve, is Bramblestar loving Jessy, Ashfur getting crazy about heartbreak, and everyone hating her. So yeah- SQUIRRELFLIGHT rules!

Squirrelflight is the best. She is courageous like her father, Firestar. Like her mother, Sandstorm, she has a quiet determination. She is a great warrior, a great daughter, a great sister, and a great mother. She has a good reason for everything she does, no matter has wrong it seems. Bramblestar knows this now, and that's why Squirrelflight is ThunderClan's current deputy. "Being a mother isn't about saying the right thing or doing the right thing all the time. No cat does that. No cat can. No, being a mother is about protecting the cats you care about." -Squirrelflight

She rocks
The awesomest cat in the whole entire book and she is so awesome she should have had kits because she is good at mothering leafpools. I am her biggest fan she is beter then any cat in the books!

Just amazing! She did what she had to for her sister! Taking in Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf. Although she is stubborn at times and thinks that she's always going to win an argument, you just got to love her personality and passion to be a warrior. She will do anything she can or try to. I think she is just an amazing character in the series and hopefully she'll be a great leader!

Squirrelflight is the best cat ever! She is funny and mischievous at the beginning when she was still an apprentice, but she grew up, still was pretty funny yet was mature and grown-up. Now she is deputy!

Squirrelflight is the best! My best friend who also reads warrior books says I'm a lot like her, so that's another reason why she's so completely awesome! She's so feisty and adventurous, but under that compassionate and understanding as well, as proved when she takes in Leafpool's kits (Lionblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf) SHE IS SO EXTREMELY AWESOME!

I play a RPG at school of warrior cats and I'm squirrel flight

I actually don't like Squirrelflight I think she's very annoying and she gets mad at Brambleclaw for no reason when he's only talking to his brother! I mean, is he not allowed to talk to his family members? I also think she was judging him because of his father. - tigerstar908

I LOVE SQUIRRELFLIGHT SHE IS THE BEST WARRIOR CAT EVER! I love how cute funny and clever she is at the same time a caring cat who has a mate and a family. If she was real she would definitely be my bff. We're like clones we both are cheeky and fun and responsible ad caring at the same time. GO SQUIRRELFLIGHT!

I love Squirrelflight, because of her mischievous, courageous, and curious personality that makes her so special. I love how she will fight for her clan and that she is loyal to the clan and her sister, even taking her kits, causing her to lose Bramblestar and causing Hollyleaf to kill Ashfur.

Squirrelflight is always outgoing and loving even though she can be super annoying sometimes! She is an amazing devoted cat and will do anything for her clan and her kits.

I love Squirrelflight. She's so mischievous, but is also. Sweet and gentle. She is the best! If I were a warrior cat, I'd be Squirrelflight. She helped Leafpool hide her secret. I think she should be with Stormfur.

She is so awesome and has the best personality!

Just AWESOME I love the way when something dangers is about to happen and she just runs in and deals with it. SQUIRRELFLGHT IS DU BEST EVER

This might be my only chance to say this as an 11 year-old so here it is: Squirrelflight NEEDS her own book! My BFF and I love this cat and we both think that she needs a super addition to herself. She plays such and important part in the books as Firestar's daughter and Leafpool's sister we need an insight to her thoughts and love life(wink, wink). I would call the book SquirrelFlight's Flame because she has a fiery personality and is Firestar's daughter. Also she started a fire in my heart(Sighs). Please Erin Hunter, listen to me!

I love squrile flight so much ;) best cat ever! Plus she had a really awesome cat for her mother! ( my sec fave cat) drum roll please SANDSTORM! WHOO! I love squirrel flight! I hope she never dies! Long live squirrel and sand yeah! Go tawnypelt sand storm squirrel flight and tallstar

Squirrelflight could become leader right now she is bramblestars debuty currently! She's firestar daughter! She's the best too I love her. I hope she has kits one day!

Squirrelflight should not be number 10. She should be number 1. She's the best warrior cat ever, until she became mature in the latest series. Squirrelflight was the best sister ever and I loved her as an apprentice. - Pebblepaw

YAY she's number 11 before Hollyleaf YAY she is so much better than her she is so loyal and I personally want to hunt down and make Bramblestar give up his place killing him all the times but one so Squirrelflight can be happy and leader. She would lead Thunderclan to greatness. GO SQUIRRELFLIGHT YAY

Squrilflight is a good hunter and is funny!

Rock on Squirrelflight! She's awesome!

I like her because she made the book more interesting. At first I thought she would be great with Crowfeather but I'm happy to see her now with brambleclaw/star.