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21 LavaClan

If they have a volcano in their territory there would be a great lack of prey, the tree would be dead and scorched since the clan is called lava clan, which means they have experienced eruptions, which would mean that the cats would die and the tree

How do cats now what lava is

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

Lavastar, what a very original name for a cat from lava clan (sarcasm)

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22 Spirtclan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

I just made it up but in my imagination it is a clan with a forest territory with at least a camp near a few streams.

Leader: crystalstar
Deputy: kindheart
med: Ambersky

Crystalstar? Kindheart? What in StarClan! I bet if you become leader you’ll be like Leafstar yourself! Ugh, start reading more warrior cat series l:( Darkness of Rising Echoes

23 JaguarClan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

It has steams and lakes with a lot of fish and trees with rabbits and squrals too. The cats are loyal, kind, fast and strong.

Leader: JaguarStar
Deputy: CrytalSpring
Med: TreeLeave

Lol Jaguarstar is basically Leopardstar

24 Forest Clan

My clan lives in the river territory. It lives in a deep forest bordering the river. The other clans are Stoneclan and Waterclan.

First leader:Foreststar(High Førest)
Current leader:Fluffystar

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25 FlowerClan

What the heck is water clan I might not know because I just started dawn of the clans. But I already do not like it they probably don't even know how to stalk

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26 PoppyClan

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

Shut the F up already. We all know you're the one who posted all of these. F U

27 JayClan V 2 Comments
28 MossClan

I'm guessing the cats in mossclan have camouflaged pelts to keep safe from predators. And they'd live in a thick jungle at the bottom where all the moss grows on the rocks.

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

29 Doomclan V 3 Comments
30 Fly Clan V 1 Comment
31 Freeze Clan

This clan should be in this list because (in my own imagination: not really in the series) it grew out of the mountain cats, they thrived after the other cats left for the new territory, but then winter came again and took half their remaining clan. All of those cats got superpowers with ice:3

Cats with ice manipulation, how unrealistic can these lame fake clans can get

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32 Snowclan

Whats with these weird names, like seriously, pelt star (was his/her name pelt pelt, because pelt is only used as a suffix for names), white warrior (racist) and dimond spirit? whats next, avocado cloud, turnip toes?

It is a clan in the north mountains with kind, strong, loyal, and clever cats. They have whte pelts to blend in to hunt snow shoe hares.

Leader: PeltStar
Deputy: WhiteWarrior
Med: Dimond spirt

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33 Sun Clan

It is a clan in a great vast plain we trees, streams and mountains. Far from the forest clans, (a few mountains away.) The cats are gentel, loyal, spirtly minded and strong.

Leader: wolfStar

Deputy: Bird water

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34 Lightningclan V 1 Comment
35 Amberclan

How do cats know what amber is

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

36 Sharkclan

Her warrior name was light moon

This is a really good clan because all cats of this clan can do anything like a cat or shark.

Leader: Light star
Deputy: Shine fur
Med:Quartz pelt

OK awesome name I love sharks and warrior cats but never heard of it sorry

This clan does not exist. - Emberwind1

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37 SmokeClan

I made a Clan like this. It's other Clans were SongClan, SkyClan, and ForestClan.

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38 RockClan

The leader is Rockstar get it.They live in the rocky places of scattered North American Praries

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39 OakClan

This clan lives in the Oak forest near the Twoleg place near RockClan. I based this clan off ThunderClan so off course they have most of the main characters.

Leader: Brackenstar
Deputy: Woodpelt
Medicine Cat: Snowstorm

This is my favorite clan out of the ones I've made

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40 SongClan V 1 Comment
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