Windclan is fast, strong, cleaver, noble, proud and the most loyal of all the clans and some of the best things about windclan are that they are one of the closest clans to the stars (starclan), they in multiple ways are closely connected to the ancients, they are proud to help other clans in times of need, and they have some of the best leaders, warriors, med. cats, queens, apprentices, elders, and kits in all of clan and ancient history! Windclan is the best!

I love open spaces. I love wind in my for and my feet on the moor. Specially they have had the best leaders. And they were so smart coming up with tunnelers for food. They have the best names and territory. I love everything about them.

I like Windclan both because of their mild demeanor, which earns them less attacks, and because their territory. I would love to run on an open moor with lots of grass and some wind, but no cramped forests.

WindClan has brilliant writing and inner-Clan politics in Tallstar's Revenge, and are the only Clan besides the Tribe that has different jobs for each warrior (or did). #WindClan pride!

I have to admit Thunder Clan AWESOME but I LOVE RUNNING IN OPEN SPACES and would be loyal to wind clan FOREVER however much I love thunder clans trees and amazing forest

I love WindClan. That's definitely the Clan I belong in. I love the thought of running through open moorland with the wind blowing through my fur. - Catlover2004

Being clever is sometimes better than being strong. They should make this clan more rated. It's my clan and I think firestar should be in it. - Leaftail

WindClan are very respectable and are least likely to pick a fight with the other Clans. They are described as petty by others, but WindClan is truly the best.

WindClan, in my opinion, IS THE BEST CLAN EVER! They never refuse to help other cats, WindClan is just pure kindness! I don't know why WindClan isn't number one, And I really like where they live, the moors sounds fun! The only thing I don't like about WindClan is, that they are near the gorge. WindClan isn't basic either. (I'm looking at you ThunderClan) They are - Short, swift, friendly. I do love WindClan, another reason is, I can easily make OCs, I've made: Badger 'Paw, White 'Eye, Chive 'Paw, Thorn 'Tail, And Rabbit 'Leap. I'm really happy Erin hunter made Wind 'Clan. But..Above all else DO NOT STEAL MY OCS!

Well, Tallstar was an amazing cat and excellent leader. Can't say the same about that mean old Onestar, however.

Windclan cats are thought to be weak and some people might even consider them mean and rude but think about it, they were driven out of their territory and then they find out that one of the clans is sheltering the cat that drove them our of their territory. Windclan deserves more credit. Riverclan is obviously not the best and while they are rich in resources, ahem, when Windclan was being driven out, don't you think they could have helped? And if they didn't know, don't you think they would be smart enough to realize that Shadowclan was hinting that they would use someone else's territory to hunt in and of course they would choose Windclan "the easy target" sorry I'm rambling on, but I just hate Riverclan sooo much

I like wind clan but it's the cats that get me angry not the clan itself. I wish they weren't so hostile

Wind Clan is the best clan. They are fast and strong. I love how they always help other clans in need.

Windclan is my fave clan! I LOVE tallstar but I hate onestar! They are just to awesome I will DIE!

I love Tallstar, and I also love his friendship with Jake (my new favorite cat). I think it's good that WindClan and ThunderClan are (usually) in good terms. Onestar is okay. I agree with the comment that says Ashfoot will redeem WindClan.

Windclan are the best! So loyal and quick able to help other clans in need

Why is wind clan here they should be 2nd

Sky clan is terrible and weak they are my least favorite COME ON RIVER CLAN

My third favorite clan.i'm half wind clan actually!

WindClan is fast. WindClan is nice. WindClan catch rabbits. WindClan is loyal. WindClan respect their Clanmates. What more is there to ask? WINDCLAN RULES!

WindClan's pretty underrated. Honestly? ANYTHING BUT THUNDERCLAN. ThunderClan is just plain BAD. Seriously, can you handle not being in the spotlight for ONE BOOK? Other than Dawn of the Clans (which kinda doesn't count) and the Field Guides (which really don't count), ThunderClan has been the main character of every main series book.

The three other clans are just plain underrated. I voted for all three - but I chose WindClan because Tallstar - Talljake

I say Windclan is the strongest clan. When they still had Tunnelers, the had the most muscular cats in the clans. Yeah, swimming and climbing trees makes your body strong, but these cats would dig from Dawn to dusk- and sometimes even more. They were fast and clever enough to avoid dying from cave-ins and could move rocks twice their size and weight. The Moor Runners are the fastest clan cats. While a cat from another clan is sprinting to keep up, a half-starved Windclan cat will be trotting. Their speed in battle is deadly and have more flexibility than most clan cats. Onestar has made Windclan look weak, but I say that Windclan is far more brave, loyal, and powerful than the other clans. They are underrated and used to make Thunderclan look strong when they actually would shred Thundclan and any clan at that. If you have read Tallstar's Revenge, you probably know what I mean.
This my opinion. I am not demanding that you agree with me, but if you have read this comment, thank you ...more

I feel like Windclan is Ravenclaw. Small, wise, and kinda like the underdogs.

WindClan is seriously the best. Why are they third? They should be first! #WindClanner

They call them selves strong even though they clearly aren't. In blue star's prophecie, if you look in the Allegence wind clan has 7 cats in total, 1 leader, 1 medicine cat, 2 warriors, 2 apprentice, and 1 elder