Best Warrior Cat Couples

Have you ever seen two cats so purr... fect for each other??? It's up to YOU to decide who are good together and who should go their seperate ways!!!


The Top Ten

1 Graystripe & Silverstream

Graystripe and Silverstream are the BEST couple ever!
Their love was true, and they would do anything for each other.
I mean, it was SUPPOSED to happen. Their kits are legendary man!
It was a truly sad tragedy when Silverstream died).
Feathertail: She saved a whole clan from Sharptooth, as well as sacrificing herself.
Stormfur: Stormfur has been in more affiliations then ANY other cat like: Tribe Of Rushing Water, Thunderclan, Riverclan, Lionclan, Tigerclan and even a loner. You see, even though it's forbidden, Stormfur took Brook Where Small Fish Swim as a mate.
Sometimes when forbidden love stirs, it's because Starclan meant for it to happen. Like:
*Silverstream and Graystripe's kits
*Leafpool and Crowfeather's kits
*Bluestar and Oakheart's kits

These two would die for each other and stayed together despite differences! Why did she die!?

They where so sweet! No matter what the warrior code said they wouldn't obey it, this was true love. They made such a good couple and the strongest kits ever where born!

YAS. I have no other words

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2 Cloudtail & Brightheart

This is definitely one of the best couples there is. Cloudtail will love Brightheart forever, for there is no end to this couple. They will love each other forever. Let us hope that Cloudtail will start believing in Starclan. Either way, They will find each other one way, even if it takes YEARS of searching for each other when they die.

They're such a nice couple because Cloudtail doesn't care about the way Brightheart looks (with her eye, of course), he still knows she's beautiful inside. I can't believe that they aren't in the top ten!

I would like to say a lot about this couple... Cloudtail is an arrogant young cat who was just made a warrior and driven away from his friends out of their anger and jealousy. Brightheart was a young apprentice yet to receive her warrior name. After Swiftpaws, someone she had had a crush on, died fighting the dogs, his own foolish act getting him killed, she was severely injured. Cloudtail stood by her through that. I think this is my favourite thing about the white tom- that no matter what she looked like, Cloudtail still was Brightheart's friend, he told her she was beautiful and when Bluestar called her Lostface, he was angry and fought against her and got Firestar to change it. This says a lot about his character. Because even though Cloudtail couldn't change her face, he could change her name. And he did, going through every effort to make it better for her. He wanted the best for Brightheart and he didn't want her to be hurt anymore because of it. After Daisy, I think ...more

YES! He took care of her when she was inquired and was there for her when she needed him! He got so mad at the name Bluestar gave her which I thought was so cute! I love this couple and think it is so much better then Cloudtail and Daisy!

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3 Leafpool & Crowfeather

It was love at first sight. (even though leafpool thought she hated him) And Leafpool is awesome and Crowfeather is also awesome and they are awesome together. People complain about the forbidden love thing, but if they don't like it, they shouldn't be reading, because forbidden love plays a major part.

Love Leafpool and Crowfeather together. They have wonderful and cute kits, especially jayfeather.

I love this couple even though they barely talked before they loved each other. I think Erin Hunter needed to add a little bit more on that but they are just too awesome together!

Aw, best couple ever! - Firemist

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4 Bluestar & Oakheart

! They are the best because it's like, they met each other, and it wasn't like a one night stand, because first they were crushes, but for the LONGEST time! Like, for a person, it'd probably have been like, a 10 year long crush before Oakheart couldn't stand it anymore and decided to ask her out! And Bluestar said that she never stopped loving him and that night at fourtrees was lodged forever in her heart! ! They are so much like "Titanic"! :D And in the end, when he came to rescue her out of the gorge, she said she almost just closed her eyes so she could be swept away in his fur. Like, wow, after ALL those years, like, she's old and everything, and she still loves him like how she used to when she was a young warrior? That is REAL love. They meet once, just that once, but they love each other until they are old cats and they die, still loving each other! That is super special. The perfect love story. - Splashstorm

This was and is the perfect couple. It eventually led towards a tragedy. (Bluestar having to face that either Redtail or Tigerclaw killed her Former mate) It was so sad I hope they are happy in Starclan.

She gave her kits, Stonekit, Mistykit and Mosskit, to save her clan

I felt like they were really the best because they actually would do anything to be together. Oakheart says the only the hurts me is being away from you like how is that adorable and caring. Plus he was really the only Bluestar ever opened up to and shared her true feelings with. He was her light in the dark and she was his.

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5 Firestar & Sandstorm

I LOVE THEM! They are the best couple by far. So amazing. They're my favourite characters of all time -- I love them equally, but for their own seperate, unique reasons and personalities. They are really like family to me, I love them so much. And their relationship is SO SO SO perfect. As Rock says in Cats of The Clans, 'Sandstorm knows Firestar better than he realises, better even than Spottedleaf, for all the medicine cat's murmuring in Firestar's sleeping ears. ' And then as Firestar says to Sandstorm in Firestar's Quest, 'I love YOU, Sandstorm. You'll never be second best for me. My love for you belongs here and now, in the life we share -- and it will last for all the moons to come, I promise. ' (Memorized both of those! ) They are brilliant for each other, really. So sweet.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE their relationship! It's so classical. Boy meets girl, they hate eachother, then the boy RESCUES the girl from death and they slowly grow closer...

*Squeal! *

This is the top warriors couple for me on the list, but not my top couple. They are quite amazing with one another though! I love both cats individually, but as a couple, they're perfect together. Can I say what couple I would like on here though? I know it's not an official couple or anything, but Squirrelflight and Shrewpaw!

Match made in StarClan, if u ask me! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

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6 Brambleclaw & Squirrelflight

They look so cute together and they are meat to be together. Even Starclan say so! It's so sweet how they hate each other at first but became mates later. I really really hope they would forgive each other and become mates again!

I like them together but I don't blame brambleclaw at all for ending it but I think theyll get back together in the end and if they don't that kinda stinks

Squirrelflight is awesome and is always getting into mischief. Brambleclaw being tigerstar's son doesn't matter he already proved his loyalty to the clan. I think they're so cute together!

Yeah I love these two squirrelfight may be brat but I still lobe her and bramble star he is cool too. They argue but still everything is good

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7 Jayfeather & Half Moon

I agree this is one of my favorite couples (2nd) it's so sad how jay could only ever see her a few times for a short amount of time,
It would be cool if Erin makes a book where they get to be together.

Erin Hunter isn't one person. It's a group of people who all write books under the same pseudonym, like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys books. - LarkwingFlight

Jayfeather was never the cat to love. He was cold, rude, and stubborn to almost everybody he met, even his siblings and his parents. Heck, this cat would even stand up to the Clan leader! But when Jayfeather traveled back in time to change the course of history, the course of his own life was changed as well. Jayfeather, the sarcastic snarky medicine cat, had fallen in love. It's such an amazing couple and everything that Half Moon says to Jayfeather just turns him to mush. "I'll wait for you forever, Jay's Wing! " is just a great line and shows how much Half Moon loves Jayfeather. I hope that when Jayfeather dies they find each other and are finally able to be happy together.

They are so cute together! And I was using this sight to look up warrior cat couples and I was looking up Dustpelt and Ferncloud and found a pic of Jayfeather and Malf Moon!

I'd give up my own life for this ship.

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8 Brackenfur & Sorreltail

When Sorreltail was still a kit, she was poisened by Deathberries. Brackenfur blamed HIMSELF and said "If Sorrelkit dies, I'll never be able to forgive myself", but he didn't know just how hard the death would have been on himself...
LOL! -

Brackenfur and Sorreltail are perfect together! They are both awesome, so when they are put together, they are SO AWESOME! lolz But anyway, I love their kits! I love Poppyfrost, Honeyfern and especially CINDERHEART!

They love each other like no other cats! Plus, Brackenfur is my favorite Warrior... (-:

This is my warriors OTP
It's fluffing adorable

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9 Hollyleaf & Fallen Leaves

I love them together! Fallen Leaves took care of her when she was lost in the tunnels, and Hollyleaf promised she would never leave him. They both tried to keep each other company and Fallen Leaves always tried to make sure Hollyleaf was happy. When she said she wanted to go back to her clan he understood and helped her. When she died he was so sad. HOLLY X FALLEN FOREVER

Aaaww! These to are so cute together! Fallen Leaves saved Hollyleaf when she probably would have died. And she promised she would never leave him. She didn't care he was already dead. I think they should have had kits together. When she died he was so sad, these two are perfect for each other. HOLLYLEAF AND FALLEN LEAVES FOREVER!

I just love this couple. There is something about it. My favourite part was when Fallen Leaves saved Hollyleaf and then stayed with her until the very end. I cried so hard when Hollyleaf died and when Fallen Leaves promised to avenge her death. I wish they had been true mates and Fallen Leaves had joined the clan with her.

THE BEST THEY SHOULD BE number 1 enough said have a good day

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10 Lionblaze & Cinderheart

I love CinderXLion I wish cinderheart see that she is good enough for him even if he is one of the three doesn't mean they can't be together! Lionblaze wants to be with her! He loves her but she keeps pushing him away because she feels that she's getting in the way of his destiny. (I think that the Cinderpelt part of Cinderheart is telling her she can't have Lionblaze as a mate. ) Lionblaze should listen to what Leafpool said "Listen to your heart, because that's where your destiny lies. "

Everyone knows that lionblaze has a crush on cinderheart but what if someone else's catches her attention?

First crow feather should not even be on this list. He has had at least 3 mates. Honestly he does not deserve to be on this list at all. On the other hand lionblaze and cinderheart are probably the best and cutest couple ever. I started crying when cinderheart rejected lionblaze just because he was immortal in battle. They deserve to be number 2. Number one should be dovewing and bumblestripe.

Lionblaze is so caring and sweet to cinderheart, and she is always watching out for him making sure he's okay

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The Newcomers

? Spottedcloud & Snownose

Yay spotted leaf and snow fur Blah!

? Hollyleaf & Ashfur

Hollyleaf hated Ashfur and there is also a somewhat large age gap. It was never confirmed Hollyleaf loved him and I highly doubt she does. - Emberwind1

Love them! The hunters confirmed that Hollyleaf also killed ashfur because she loved him and he broke her heart!

This makes no sense.

They were not in love! They hated each othe! The exact opposife - Leafshade

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The Contenders

11 Stormfur & Brook

I think they both deserve a lot of credit. Because Stormfur is a great warrior and a great father to his kits and is a very strong loyal patient kind cat to the Tribe. I also think Brook is very nice sweet supportive of their kits. So to me they deserve a lot of credit.

They're simply ADORABLE! Stormfur even left Thunderclan to be with Brook. Anyone else at least think that this is A LITTLE cute? I can't believe that barely anyone is interested in Stormfur and Brook!

It is so sweet when he leaves everything he has ever known for her and lives with the tribe! Ogs( ohh great starclan) and then he stands up for her when everyone tries to convince her that she will never be a warrior! Wow I hope she remembers what he has done for her!

Aw... - Leafshade

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12 Dustpelt & Ferncloud

Why did nearly all of Ferncloud's kits die in one book? I cried the whole day when I read that part, that book. It's not fair! I loved Ferncloud and Dustpelt. They were meant for each other.

It broke my heart when shrewpaw died why! Dustpelt and Ferncloud all the way!

When Larchkit and Hollykit AND Shrewpaw died, all in the same book, it was too much for me. I broke down and started crying. Even fern cloud wanted to die.

Larchkit dies, Hollykit dies, and Shrewpaw dies but none of that matters because they didn't matter.

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13 Berrynose & Honeyfern

I really liked Honeyfern. Berrynose must of been so sad but he didn't really show it. Poor things. She would of been a great mother as she saved the adorable Briarkits life. She didn't deserve to die. KILL THAT EVIL SNAKE AND CUT ITS HEAD OF! XoX

I agree. Honeyfern was amazing and the snake shall be murdered!

They were so cute together. Berrynose is one of my favorite characters. Honeyfern really brought out the best in him. We got to see his sweet side. She would have been a really good mate for Berrynose and Berrynose would have been a great mate for her. I wish that snake didn't bite her. It was so sad especially because it happened shortly after they had a sweet moment together. It was so sad.

Although the relationship didn't last, those two were great together! And neither of them are to blame... BLAME THE SNAKE!
DIE! -

It would be cute...but Honeyfern died like a few minutes after they even started liking each other...and Berrynose goes for her sister after being sad for a day. - Pebblepaw

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14 Graystripe & Millie

Sorry I don't really like Millie because of what she did to her kits. After Briarlight got injured, Millie only paid attention to her and none of her other kits. I mean who would want to be treated that way? I like Bumblestripe, Blossomfall, and Briarlight, but I don't really like mille. I really liked her in the manga, and I don't mind her refusing a warrior name. I just really hate how she treated her kits! Sorry to all the GrayxMillie fans, but I just don't think this couple goes well together. I support GrayxSilver! Graystripe and Silverstream make the perfect couple. I just want to show my opinion.

My apologies. I hate Millie. I can't even explain why, I just hate Millie. I don't like seeing the character I hate most with one of my favorite characters. Done. - SpyroZap99

Okay, so Silverstream and Graystripe were a nice couple. But Silverstream is dead now, and Millie truly loves Graystripe. It was love at first sight for her, and she was always trying to cheer him up when he missed ThunderClan. She gave up everything for him. When he asked to be her mate she was so happy she CRIED. But a lot of people still seem to think Graystripe should choose Silverstream. I guess it was kind of bad when she ignored Blossomfall and Bumblestripe, but she thought she was doing the right thing. Maybe she's not such a good mother, but she is the perfect cat for Graystripe!

U already said this, as well - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

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15 Crowfeather & Feathertail

Those two were amazing, even thought Crowfeather was the only apprentice chosen for the journey Feathertail still believed in him. Feathertail died for him, after that Crowpaw named himself Crowfeather in her honor.

Perfect couple. Feathertail understood Crowfeather and gave him a chance when no one else did. Plus he even took on her name for the ending of hit! You can tell he really really loved her. I wish she survived so they could have been a couple. I bet Crowfeather would have went to Riverclan for her.

I think they were meant to be together. She definitely whipped him in the end. He was so good to her, and she truly loved him.


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16 Jayfeather & Stick

Come on, this is just the greatest pairing! I mean, look at the passion, the love, the tenderness between them! Their love transcends boundaries such as StarClan, the Warrior Code, laws of the medicine cat, and... Er, stick-ness? Truly this is a star-crossed love to be told through the ages.

This is the most adorable couples in warrior cats! The love, and the drama, made my heart melt in joy! I totally ship it! This forbidden relationship goes against the warrior code, and I honestly have no more words for this beautiful fantasy. I started crying when Jayfeather and the stick literally "broke" up. So romantic!

Oh my lord, when I saw this I started laughing so hard, and my brother just turned to stare at me. Jayfeather and Stick, the best couple in the world. I remember in one of the books, the stick fell in the water, and Jayfeather got Firestar to get it back for him, and I'm pretty sure Jayfeather started stroking the stick. I mean, come on, what couldn't be better than JAYFEATHER AND A STICK. This should be number one on the list XDD

You people ship everything. I mean it's a STICK. What is this. I know it seems sort of logical... but NO.

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17 Ivypool & Hawkfrost

I actually like this because of the complication of their relationship. Ivypool clearly looked up to Hawkfrost before she knew he was evil, and later on I think Hawkfrost grew fond of her, and his fondness of Ivypool blinded him to her deception. I think Hawkfrost might have fallen for her without realizing it. When she betrayed him, he covered his hurt up the only way he knew- rage and killing. Ivypool was also hurt somewhere deep inside her that the cat she had looked up to when she was younger killed one of her best friends, but she THINKS she hates him. So I think it would be interesting if they met again, with Hawkfrost asking her why, WHY she betrayed him. I think here Ivypool might feel a sliver of guilt. And I think it would be amazing if StarClan gave him a second chance sent him back to the clans, and Hawkfrost joined ThunderClan to be with Ivypool.

YAS! It was unofficial, but look at how hawk frost looked at ivy pool, She DENIED him, she REJECTED him! WHY! Hawkfrost was lost in a forest of torture, and then he met Ivypool... She changed his life. He would have died a thousand slow deaths for her... HE never felt feeling like that before, alive or dead. She REJECTED his feelings though! She could have changed Hawkfrost AWAY from the dark forest! Ivypool... be ashamed.

BEST PAIRING EVER. She liked him when she didn't know the truth about the Dark Forest, and always he liked her, until he found out that she was just spying. I don't care if Erin Hunter confirmed that they did not love each other. And why did they have to make Hawkfrost kill Hollyleaf? It was obvious that Ivypool admired Hollyleaf. She hated Hawkfrost even more then. #ivyxhawk


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18 Bramblestar & Squirrelflight

They both loved each other and he only reacted that way after he found out they weren't his kits. When he thought they were his he loved them and cared for them like they were his own and he and Squirrelflight are mates even after that

Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight didn't end up working out... But if you've read Bramblestar's Storm you know that BrambleSTAR and Squirrelflight will be happy together for the rest of their days! They truly love each other and choosing her over Jessy as well as the sweet end manga prove it!

A lot of people think that they aren't a good couple because they always fight. But that's just how they are! And Squirrelflight needed a cat that matched her intensity, not one that tried to put it out and protect her 24/7 (Ashfur). And I think Bramblestar overreacted a LITTLE, because he has had some trust issues in the past (like when Tawnypelt left him to join ShadowClan, and the whole Hawkfrost thing), so being told that his kits weren't even his kits probably really hurt. (Plus, I really like their kits, especially Alderpaw.)

They were meant to fight. They were meant to be always arguing. When I first met Squirrelflight(paw) and Brambleclaw I just kinda knew that they were going to be close, at the least very close friends, if not mates. One of the first times you see them fight, Brambleclaw is disappointed as she walks away with Sandstorm. Then it says somewhere in one of the books that she is glad of the dark tabby to be at her side - Lightfang

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19 Rainfur & Petalnose

They were so cute! Rainfur and the others went to rescue her, but in the end he died from the rats. ;*( - Splashstorm

That was sad when Rainfur died he saved his mate Petalnose, but died in the battle with the rats

Why did Rainfur have to die! They were so cute and perfect together!

I swear people just totally forgot about this cute couple.

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20 Mapleshade & Thunderclan

Best couple. The strength of their love is chaotic.

# not a couple

Aw so romantic

haha! - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

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21 Grey Wing & Bright Stream

Ya I'm pretty sure you meant Clear sky - Pinewhisker

I think you mean Clear Sky.

What! This is not a cupple

Um... do u mean Clear sky? - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

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22 Tigerstar & Sasha

Okay, obviously, I hate Tigerstar. But I think he really loved Sasha and I think she loved him back. And Sasha is personally great, she loves her kits so much. She even came back for them in Dawn to see if they were okay and got captured! Maybe if Tigerstar weren't evil, Hawkfrost wouldn't have been evil as well.

I know what this is, but I've never read the Manga "Tigerstar and Sasha", only the Graystripe's adventure Manga. I know it though, but I can't vote, because I don't know what it is, and I don't want to read those Manga. I tried to read it online, boring. I like only the Graystripe's Adventure stuff.

"I just love them together, I dunno why! I understand Sasha is a rouge and Tigerstar was evil, but they're an awesome couple, I just fell in love with them when I read the manga book ;)"

NO! This is an abusive relationship!
1.Tigerstar wouldn't let her talk to her friends if she was with him.
2. He insulted her old home & friends.
3.He hates kitty pets. She is a former kittypet.
4. He made fun of her when she didn't want to be his mate. - RoseWeasley

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23 Swiftpaw & Brightheart

They were not in love.

She's better off with Cloudtail. I think maybe they had a little thing going on but it couldn't have been love. She loves and has always loved Cloudtail. by the way, Cloud x Bright is the best.

I think if SWiftpaw lived he and Brightheart would have been mates - Pinewhisker


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24 Tigerstar & Leopardstar

NOO! Tigerstar had other girls have kits and left them. I am petty sure that he wold do the same. He would just leave her and that would brake my heart if Leopardstar was also sad.

I think they'd make a completely and utterly EPIC couple, if only Leopardstar could reveal she loves Tigerstar. They could even have kits! I wonder if someday in StarClan they will. Don't even know if that's possible.

K they were not a couple but they so should have been together they are the perfect couple they would be so cute together

Wish that had a kit that started with Lion

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25 Longtail & Mousefur

Even though Mousefur is older than Longtail, I do think they would have made a great couple. Mousefur was deviated when Longtail was killed by the falling tree and missed him ever since. They grew close when Longtail was blinded and spent ever hour together in the elders den.

Mousefur and Longtail were so sweet, I mean, Longtail killed that cat who killed Mousefur, and (haven't read Fading Echoes yet) but I do believe Mousefur looks for Longtail in the stars which is so sweet, now I wish they were Reincarnated so they can be mates. - Mewbosses

Even though they were old, they were wonderful friends together. He cared about her a lot, and she did have a crush on him. When he died she was so upset.

Mousefur was so sad when Longtail died - Leafshade

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26 Fireheart & Cinderpelt

Ok, Cinderpelt is my favorite cats so everyone knows. It just wasn't fair! Her destiny was to be a warrior but then the most mouse-brained piece of fox-dung ever to live, Tigerstar, had to go and ruin it all. I mean, NOT cool man, Not cool! She loved Firestar so so much, and her chance to be his special one was just snatched from her paws just like that! And when she had her accident, she had to watch Firestar fall in love with Sandstorm, (but I still love Sandstorm) and have kits, and always be there for each other. It must have been so hard for her, I mean, she deserved so much more then what she got. Not that Yellowfang was oh I don't know, maybe the best mentor ever. But the, YELLOWFANG'S death came around and she was so sad. It must have made it even harder when Firestar's daughter became her apprentice, not that Leafpool was bad or anything. Next, she leaves her mother behind for the great journey. It was so kind of Brightheart, her sister, to help her out. (I find it kind of ...more

Their personalities match up better than Sandstorm & Fireheart. Sandstorm was mean to him and teasing him for being a kittypet, and the next minute she's crushing on him. In Firestar's quest, Sandstorm and Firestar really annoyed me. Cinderpelt, however stuck with him as a really good friend. It also mentions she was supposed to be a warrior, and I think if she didn't get into that accident she would have gotten together with Firestar. But I think when she became a medicine cat, she didn't want to break the warrior code to be with Fireheart when Sandstorm already liked him. - RisingMoon

Did I miss something? Since when was Cinderpelt in love with Firestar also none of my friends saw this either.

There are such obvious shipping moments between the two. Maybe if that pile of Fox~Dung Tigerstar didn’t set up a trap, Cinder x Fire would have happened! But NO! She HAD to watch Sandstorm and Firestar have kits. Sandstorm and Firestar is just so unnatural.

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27 Birchfall & Whitewing

They were apprentices together, warriors together, and finally, mates together! You could see that Whitewing liked Brchfall, 'cause while she had her turn to be a warrior, she insisted that she be aloowed to stay in the apprentice den untill Birchfall was made a warrior as well. -

Whitewing is so caring and is a great mother! (especially to one of the three). Birchfall is a great warrior and he has some of his fathers (and mothers) caring ability. Plus... They gave birth to DOVEWING AND IVYPOOL!

They are the best my 2 face warriors are so cute gotta love them

I like then a lot! Could they at least be #15, not #28? Whitepaw was always nice to Birchpaw, and they both wanted to become warriors together. Sweet, right? Whitewing didn't even leave him alone in the apprentice's den, even though she was an apprentice for SO LONG! White x Birch Forever!

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28 Grey Wing & Storm

Got so pissed when she ended up with clear sky

If only she hadn't ended up with clear sky... such a shame

I'm glad he ended up with Turtle tail you could definitely tell Turtle tail had feelings for him since like the beginning of time! but I am upset Storm and 2 of her kittens died but... HOORAY FOR THUNDER! U SURVIVED A FALLING DOWN BUILDING! of course props to gray wing and turtle tail - Pinewhisker

Is it just me or does every cat anyone loves, Clear Sky takes away! It makes me go nuts when Grey Wing loves Bright Stream and Clear Sky takes her. He loves Storm, Clear Sky takes her. Thunder loved Star Flower, Clear Sky takes her. I mean, get your own mate, Clear Sky! Poor Thunder and Grey Wing, they both lost a love to Clear Sky. Thunder is his son! Gray Wing is his brother! Sorry to be so dramatic, it just gets on my nerves. I'm surprised that Turtle Tail and Violet(or Violet Dawn) survived the grasp of Clear Sky. Finally after stealing so many mates from other cats, he stops with Star Flower. But, no, I don't ship Grey Wing & Storm. It is sad that his love is taken, sure, but what should be more irritating is that, not in quote, Storm says when Gray Wing sees her with Clear Sky and is heart broken,¨I'm sorry, I wish it could have been different.¨ She turns away and ignores him! She is then pregnant and has her kits and when Grey Wing saves Thunder(Thunderstar) as Grey Wing ...more

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29 Brightheart & Cloudtail

As much as I agree with this, it's already on the list in 5th place because this is the best couple ever!

So cute!

Ew this couple is gross

I love this couple they are great together. but it annoys me how Cloudtail was so interested in Daisy for a long time but in the end he finally realized Brightheart was his match. anyway I love their story! I mean he basically gave up all his time to help her become a warrior again! plus I love Whitewing. so go brightxcloud

30 Thistleclaw & Snowfur

Okay, Thistle is evil, and Snow is good. HOW IN STARCLAN ARE THEY TOGETHER?! I mean, maybe Snow did see good in him but I still don't understand why they are together. But their kit was so cute!

NO! Love snow, hate thistle.

Snowfur saw his good side, and she let it shine from him! She had a crush on him, and he ended up loving her back. He cared so much about her while she was giving birth, and wanted to help as much as he could. She truly loved him, and he loved her back. He turned completely evil when she died, but he was devastated about it.

I don't understand, Thistleclaw hasn't killed anyone, sure, he tried to kill Oakheart, but Oakheart didn't die, has he? No. He started acting more aggressive after Snowfur died. If you ask me, I think it was Bluestar who was being selfish. She gave away her kits, for what, though? Thistleclaw was grieving just as much as she was. And Mosskit died, who's fault was that? Bluestar's. Not Thistleclaw's.

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31 Toadstep & Blossomfall

I love this couple so much! I wish that they were mates sooner but now they can't be because Toadstep died of stupid greencough! Blossomfall had a crush on him since they were apprentices too :( I still ship them together though

I love this couple so much! I wish that they would have been mates but then Toadstep died of greencough :( how are they so low down in this list?

32 Tallstar & Jake

Kate Carry (author) stated on her blog that Tallstar will never get a mate because his heart belongs to "his Jake." Canon

This, again, is a great ship and I recommend reading Tallstar's Revenge, the book this is featured in. - Emberwind1

I can't believe nobody else thought of this as a shipping.

I love it! I absolutely ship it.

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33 Sunfall & Moonflower

Stormtail can go die in a hole. He basically caused Moonflower to die by barely flicking an ear when he heard her screams of anguish. SAVE HER! Stormtail did not seem the LEAST BIT sad when Moonflower died. Does anyone else remember how MAD Sunfall was when he saw Stormtail openly flirting with Dappletail!?!?! Stormtail is equal to a heap of fox dung.

Honestly, I can't believe this isn't higher up on the list. Stormtail was such a jerk to her and her kits. Sunfall was so nice to her!

This couple would have been way better than Stormtail and Moonflower! At least he actually cared for her.

Honestly, Moonflower died a sad death, so she deserved a better mate. - 999Whitemoon

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34 Swiftpaw & Mosskit

Um, they never met.
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

Please don't ship babies

What the meow, meow? - 999Whitemoon

what?! - RoseWeasley

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35 Raggedstar & Yellowfang

Uh my very favorite couple the bomb yellowfang is my favorite only reason I like this couple

I a LITTLE like this couple, but they broke everything in the warrior and medicine cat codes.

I loved these two in Yellowfang's secret. Their relationship felt very genuine to me.

Aw - Leafshade

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36 Breezepelt & Hollyleaf

I HATE this couple. Why?
1. They're half siblings
2. They can't stand each other
3. Breezepelt almost killed Hollyleaf in The Forgotten Warrior
4. He was happy about Hollyleaf's death
5. I hate Breezepelt
Haters gonna hate.

There were siblings but if they didn't hate each other or were siblings they would have made a good couple

What! This is the most horrible couple! Like where the hell did that come from!


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37 Crowfeather & Nightcloud

Oh my gosh! Why are they even here?! I've heard SO many of my friends say, "Crowfeather is good, he just had to move on after Leafpool and Feathertail." Well, first of all the only reason they are together is because he wanted to prove to WindClan that he was loyal (even though in my opinion it does not look like it). Nightcloud wanted kits and she DID at least try to encourage her kits to love Crowfeather, but, that mousebrain just kept on backing away! Crowfeather must learn how to control himself and actually... THINK! Yeah, yeah, it was love at first sight, but still! How dare he use Nightcloud! I bet he doesn't even think about pour Feathertail anymore. Although, I gotta admit I thought he was kinda cute as a little bratty apprentice, but, man, it felt like he changed over night.

I don't ship it :P Crowfeather always loved Leafpool and Feathertail while he didn't actually love Nightcloud.

They were not a good match. Crowfeather toke her as a mate to show he was loyal to his clan. There was some points when they loved each other.

Wow I think Crowfeather has too many mates.

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38 Blackstar & Russetfur

This couple is just so cute! I felt so bad for Blacky when Russetfur died, even if it wasn't canon... It was just meant to be! Much better then blackxsol

Rumored, but SO SO SO CUTE!

39 Dovewing & Bumblestripe

They are like the best couple ever! I can't believe people are voting for tigerheart! I want to slap his $&@%#* Face of for how he treated Dovewing!

Bumblestripe was way too clingy. - RisingMoon

They are the cutest couple and are the best match

Yes. They are awesome together I love them both - Leafshade

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40 Leafstar & Billystorm

They were so cute together! ( Hint : In SkyClan comics ) They had the most perfect kits to. :) But they did argue, but that's what made it fun to read!

Sad that Billystorm has such a dumb name, if only Leafstar could think of better names.

Billystorm is the weirdest name - Leafshade

Ye - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

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41 Gray Wing & Turtle Tail

They're so perfect together! Until Tom had to ruin everything.

They are in my top 5 favorite couples!

Graywing was shocked and felt lonely when thunder came back reporting turtletail was dead and during the first battle she came back to him and Graywing was so happy then reliezed he couldn't touch her or feel her. They belong together. Always and forever

I love this ship! It may be my fave! SPOLIER WARNING AHEAD! I was so mad when Turtle Tails kits were Toms not Gray Wings :(

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42 Cherrytail & Sharpclaw

They are awesome together

People forgot about this couple too.

Sharpclaw was once Scratch, when he was a rogue, before joining SkyClan. He is actually mates with Petalnose...

When reading this I feel bad for Duskpaw. R.I.P. If Hawkpaw saved him warrior name would be Duskfire maybe?
Like this ship by the way :3 Fox the Rogue

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43 Briarlight & Jayfeather

It would be awesome for them to be together, it doesn't say it in the book but there is a lot of sign of LOVE in the air around them. Let's just hope and see what Erin says about that. Maybe Briarlight will learn how to walk more normally and Jayfeather will be able to put Briarlight as his medicine cat apprentice.

Guys seriously? Briarlight and jayfeather would have been so cute together! I think briarlight has a crush on jayfeather even though it doesn't say in the book!

I love them! So adorable, even though it never really said they like each other in the books, they would be adorable!

Love them both, but they weren't in love. Sorry - Leafshade

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44 Blossomfall & Ivypool

They had quite a strong relationship and Ivypool understood Blossemfall being jealous of Briarlight and hating Millie because she had her sister Dovewing who always got the attention and Ivypool was never praised or anything. They understand each other a lot better than many other cats could. - Emberwind1

Uh - Leafshade

45 Ravenpaw and Barely

Ravenpaw has always been one of my favorite characters and to see him in a relationship that makes him happy makes me happy! I think I cried at the end of Ravenpaw's Farewell. Finding out Erin Hunter confirmed their romantic relationship made that story even more emotional.

This is a good ship, these two care about each other a lot and in the Ravenpaw books (Ravenpaw's path and Ravenpaw's Farewell) you can see how strong their bond is. - Emberwind1

They are totally the best two toms!

Uh friends - Leafshade

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46 Stormfur & Squirrelflight

Stormfur had love for her but squirrel flight had her heart set on brambleclaw.

I actually did ship this! They were incredibly cute!

This would have been adorable to watch.

Stormfur always liked her - Leafshade

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47 Bluefur & Oakheart

I just simply love this couple. It's not like a really wild forbidden couple, they just loved each other and that's it.

Why isn't this near the top? This has to be one of the greatest couples of all time.

I've seen this on page one, it was one of the ten. I love this couple.

Um... This was earlier in this list. - 999Whitemoon

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48 Mothwing & Leafpool

The first thing Leafpool noticed about Mothwing was how pretty she was. I think they at least had some attraction towards eachother.

If medicine cats can't have kits... Why not fall in love with other med-cats?

Just friends - Leafshade

It’s super cute, it’s my favorite ship in Warriors.

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49 Brick & Scourge

I think brick is a girl and they would be cute in my mind

They could be cute, I guess X3

Just one question... WHO THE HECK IS BRICK?!?!?!


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50 Dovewing & Bumblestripe

I love Bumblestripe and Dovewing! Bumblestripe is way better than mean old Tigerheart! Bumblestripe loved Dovewing first! So I choose Bumblestripe and Dovewing over Tigerheart!

Come on, this is the best pairing ever! It's so epically epic! They are so sweet together!

Since Bumblestripe reminds me of Darkstripe (don't ask why) and Darkstripe died alone, I think it's only fair if Bumblestripe have a mate like Dovewing.

Yes! - Leafshade

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