Brambleclaw & Squirrelflight


I love this warrior cat couple first of all squirrelflight is the BEST and always loved her with brambleclaw and in a way I do feel sorry for ashfur. I was so sad when they had fallen out I really hope they get back together but brambleclaw did lie when he met tigerstar and hawkfrost in dreams so he can't really talk so I feel sorry for squirrelflight because she was only doing it for her sister. I still think brambleclaw loves her though and I think they will get back together.

I LOVE this couple. I used to think they argued like nonstop. To be honest, you could obviously tell in Midnight page 286: His frantic struggles were growing weaker, and the cold stifling waves were closing over his head when he felt a sharp pain in one of his shoulders. Suddenly the pressure on his fur vanished and he could breathe again. Coughing up water, Squirrelflight gripped her teeth and dragged Brambleclaw to the shore. SEE? I ship this more than Ashfur and Squirrelflight. Well, first of all, why does Ashfur like his NIECE?! Second of all, why does Ashfur gets angry and stuff that he tries to kill Squirrelflights "foster" kits and her father Firestar. Uh, Ashfur you moron, FYI Hollyleaf, Lionblaze and Jayfeather are NOT her kits. They are LEAFPOOL'S! Just saying... This is so dang weird we Ashfur gets killed he goes to StarClan and dates Feathertail?! This is insane cat books bro! GO MY FAVE CHARACTER BRAMBLE!
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I used to think that SquirrelxBramble were always gonna argue. Then after I read farther, the weirdest thing happened. SQUIRRELFLIGHT AND BRAMBLECLAW WERE IN LOVE?! I thought it was the craziest couple I ever heard of. Until I found out they were still fighting. It reminded me of my mom and dad when they fighted a lot. I started thinking it was a cute couple. But when they came back, all of a sudden Ashfur fell in love with Squirrelflight and tried to hog her. And thanks to STUPID Ashfur, he broke them up. Once they got together again, I thought Stormfur's personality was better for Squirrelflight. But this is a cute couple I might say

Yea this couple is good and all don't get me wrong but I just think that you people should listen to what Ashfur has to say also! I mean Squirrelflight DID kinda trick him into believing she loved him and maybe his love for her was real! If she hadn't been so harsh then maybe he wouldn't be the cat you all remember him as now

It's so sad that Brambleclaw won't forgive Squirrelflight for what she did. At first I couldn't stop crying. And this is a big reason why... I HATE HOLLYLEAF! It was her fault. She revealed the secret. It was a secret that should have stayed a secret forever. BUT HOLLYLEAF HAD TO GO AND RUIN IT! I HATE YOU HOLLYLEAF!

The best warrior cat couple ever! (For me Crowfeather and Feathertail are second, Brightheart and Cloudtail third.) unlike most warrior cat couples, they actually had chemistry. They don't need to break the warrior code to be a great couple.

Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight are #1 in my list! Although... It was agonizing to read Brambleclaw be so cold to Squirrelflight after the whole event in Sunrise. I'm very glad they made up in The Last Hope! StarClan wished them to be together; that means they are destined to be the best mates in the Clans (not to mention I'd kill Ashfur first chance I got). Long live BramblexSquirrel!

Such a great shipping. It is realistic and I love how their father's were worst enemies, but they still got together. I just loved how they had fights and break ups like a realistic relationship would.

They have an on-off relationship, it happened so much that it got me so confused and then add Ashfur into the mix and you have another mix of confusing. I mean they were fighting for literally every book they were in.

I love them together they're the couple that something can tear them apart but try will always come back eventually I especially like how the fire and tiger thing couldn't tear them apart

Jessy Had NO right, I dislike her a lot for that, and authors, they have gone through so much, and YET you wreck it again with a stupid she cat? Bramblestar's Storm should've revolved around Squirrelflight, and Bramblestar and how they reconciled, I'd love to see Bramblestar's face when he founds out he can't have kits, I know he dis, but he was confused.

They had three kits, one died. They had three foster kits before that. Although Squirrelflight did wrong, Brambleclaw eventually forgave her. They had many bumps along the way, but made it out in one piece.

These two are amazing! They are always there for each other, and nothing can keep them apart. I was so angry at Brambleclaw for being so rude to Squirrelflight after he found out the secret! But at least they made up in The Last Hope. Their kits, Alderheart and Sparkpelt, are great, just like their parents. But I do wish that Bramblestar had made up with Squirrelflight earlier, before Jessy came into the picture. At least he finally realized that it was Squirrelflight he loved.

I think they go so well together. They are like the cutest couple ever. Squirrelflight is always in trouble and Brambleclaw is torn between clan loyalty and loyalty to his father!

Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight are so sweet together! I think these 2 should be in the top five! I can't believe these 2 love makers are'nt above Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt!

At first they hated each other but then when squirrelflight (then squirrelpaw) went with brambleclaw on the journey to the sun drown place, they formed a bond together. They had many arguments before the journey, in fact there were many complications after too. But they eventually get along. They were meant for each other.

How come everyone's blaming Squirrelflight? We know we all love her! And Brambleclaw~ he's always one of the toms at the top of my heart! This couple will always love each other even though they broke apart. This is a main couple. We should be mourning the loss and finding a way to pair them together again!

They are one of my favourite characters and couple other than leafpool and crowfeather or bluestar and oakheart. They are so cute together and they're loyal to their clan.

They were a nice couple but Brambleclaw didn't have to really give her the silent treatment also I thought making her deputy was a horrible idea.

This is the sweetest relationship in the entire series. They were always meant to be together! I hope they have kits.

They are awesome. Although Ashfur and Squirrelflight aren't the worst couple ever. (Leafpool and Crowfeather are)

I love this couple they have so much development I was so mad when Jessy came waltzing in on them! My only problem is that they're related, here's how: Leopardfoot, the grandmother of Bramblestar is the sister of Redtail from an older litter, who is Squirrelflight's grandfather!

Those two are so cute together! They stay together through thick and thin!
Both have TONS of respect for the other! -

They are the BEST. They were made for each other. Personally, I think brambleclaw was so stupid to give her up. It's so obvious that she still loves him and I hope he loves her too. They really deserve each other. They should have kits! Beg the Erins to get them back together!

They are perfect together, but I can't help but feel sorry for Ashfur