Firestar & Sandstorm


The BEST most DEVELOPED pairing in the series by far. They love each other so much and are honestly perfect. They weren't love at first sight but that honestly is what made them one of the best couples I've ever come across in a series. I agree with what Rock says when he talks about how Sandstorm knows him better than any other cat (even Spottedleaf, please don't get me started on her, manipulative me thinks! ) And it's so obvious in the stories as she nudges or pushes him towards the things she KNOWS he wants. She took on so much for him doing clan work. Let's face it in The New Prophecy she basically took on being deputy and doing tones of work while also being Firestar's main support. I'm happy Spottedleaf gave her life to save Sandstorm. I think Spottedleaf not only was going to give that to Firestar but also she knew that Firestar would never choose her over Sandstorm and it would be hard to watch them in StarClan together. I hope we get to see them together in StarClan together ...more

Oh my gosh best couple EVER! They are perfect! Firestar was always my favorite character-he's so awesome - and sandstorm is great too. I know that tons of people prefer spottedleaf, and no offense to them, but I HATE that stupid medicine cat! I'm sorry people, but to me she always seemed all. (To be said in a high pitched voice) "I'm a pretty little medicine cat! I think ill be in love with firestar even though he already has a way better mate! " Sorry again, but Sandstorm is way better. SANDSTORM FOREVER!

I absolutly adore this couple! They were the ones who started it all! They both truly love each other! My favorite part in the entire warriors series is when Firestar tells Sandstorm he loves her! If you think Firestar and Spottedleaf were supposed to be together you are WRONG! Yeah like Firestar would actually love someone who walks in his dreams, and whispers in his ear after death! CREEPY! Firestar and Sandstorm forever!

Love/Hate relationships rule! Plus the scene where Fireheart saves Sandpaw's life is one of my Favourite parts of Fire & Ice! Firestar and Sandstorm have been through SO much together and are even more romantic than Graystripe and Silverstream (my second favorite Warriors couple), but I just love them together. In either Rising Storm or A Dangerous Path Fireheart felt 'a tingling in his paws' that he had never felt for any other cat, not even Spottedleaf (who I hate, she won't mind her own beeswax) and besides, they have adorable kits! Go FirexSand!

This couple has so much over Graystripe and Silverstream. First of all, it's developed. When Firestar first came to the clan Sandstorm was cruel to him. However, after he saved her from falling off the cliff, she realized how much of a good cat he really was. They become friends, and then closer and closer. Their relationship, although rough at times with Spottedleaf interfering here and there, is a solid one. There are multiple times throughout the books where they declare their love for each other. - LydiaS001

OH! They are totally my favorite couple. Some people think it was just a random pair up, but Sandstorm is my favorite, and Firestar is just awesome. I really think it was meant to be!

Yay for Sandstorm and Firestar! I've loved watching their relationship grow. They may have not been nice to each other as apprentices, but when Fireheart told Bluestar that Sandpaw and Dustpaw should become warriors in Fire and Ice, I was really, really happy. They were friends in Forest of Secrets, and Fireheart (with a bit of Cinderpelt's advice) found out that she might even love him in Rising Storm. Whenever I read A Dangerous Path, this is me: skip the parts where they are mad at each other and go to Chapter 24! Which, in case anyone was wondering, is where they confess their love for each other. I love their kits, Squirrelflight and Leafpool, and I wish that they had more. SpottedxFire makes NO SENSE whatsoever. I mean, you talk to a cat three times and suddenly when you die, you both love each other. Really? No offense, I really like Spottedleaf, but she was too old for Firestar. CinderxFire wasn't meant to be, anyways. I mean, ok, fall in love with your mentor, will you? I ...more

This should be number two. I don't think Leafpool and Crowfeather should even be here. Leaf pools destiny was always to be a medicine cat. It was never meant to be. But Firestar and sandstorm on the other hand is a great couple. When they were apprentices they used to bicker, but as young warriors they got along and they were a great couple. They kind of remind me of Bramblestar and squirrelflight

Love them! They are the sweetest mates ever! I literally DREAM about them! SQUEALS HYSTERICALLY! I was getting so mushy when Fireheart confessed his love for Sandstorm! I was like, KISS HER! Well, maybe not kiss her, but, you know what I mean... Firestar and Sandstorm FOREVA! Dear Spottedleaf: You can go find another tom and just leave Firestar alone!

OH MY GOSH. Why is this couple so underrated? This couple is by far the most developed one. Sandstorm didn't like at first because she didn't actually think she'll be training with a kittypet. But after Fireheart saved her, she was grateful to him. They didn't start their romance there just yet, they became friends and took it slowly.

I don't understand why people like Spottedleaf X Firestar. They didn't interact much with each other in the first book, but they just fall in love. I don't know how that is considered love. Firestar's heart belongs to Sandstorm, fans of Firestar X Sandstorm all knows that.

In conclusion, Sandstorm is the best choice for Firestar and vice versa.

Most developed couple in the whole series! They hated each other, than overtime relized their mistakes and grew from friends, to lovers. It was the most realistic couple in all of warriors! Sure they have their disagreements, but all real life couples do that! They have two of the most wonderful kits in the series, and are great parents to them. They would do anything for each other! And in bramble stars storm, after Firestars death, sandstorm can't stop thinking about him and constantly talks about him. Also, she loved him even after she found out he was in love with spottedleaf as well. They are over all, the best couple in the whole entire warriors series! X3

I love them because they are so developed. And it reminded me when enemies fall in love. Which by the way is so cute. We saw it all happen and I think they both learned a lot from each other. Sandstorm learned not to judge a book by it's cover and Firestar learned to move on. (Dislike you Spottedleaf she is like a tick. Just not enough to hate her.) it really was a good couple.

Sandstorm is my favourite and when her and firestar got together and he said I love you I kept reading it back again and again to get it in my head. Also when they had kits it was amazing I couldn't get my head out the book. The time he saved her and chose her over spottedleaf who he only saw for a few moons and then he had dreams of her.

Why is graystripe and silverstream even number one? Sure, it was forbidden young love, blah blah blah. But I don't see how it beats FireXSand. Firestar and sandstorm had the best development and were just such a healthy couple. They had such good character development when they were with each other. They stayed together through everything, had amazing kits, and are both amazing cats. Meanwhile, Spottedleaf and Firestar is... underdeveloped, to say the least. And Cinderpelt and Firestar is one-sided (rip Cinder, I love her).

Cute couple and I love firestar but it seems like he has 100000000000000000 life's and why does he appoint brambleclaw take gray stripe you know your best friend? Sandstorm is awesome and spotted leaf is a bad choices and she's a medicine cat get a grip people

This is my favorite couple! Spottedleaf and Cinderpelt are nothing when it comes to Firestar and Sandstorm!

They are such an awesome couple. Firestar so deserves someone like Sandstorm. I feel bad for some other cats that loved Firestar, though, like Cinderpelt and Spottedleaf.

I love how Sandstorm went from the snotty apprentice ignoring the new guy to being his best friend and mate! I like their little squabbles and how Firestar admits he likes her better than Spottedleaf.

! There 500000000% purr-fect together. They'll make a wonderful litter together. If they ever brake up I would so cry. Fireheart and Sandstorm are the best and only the best couple in the world!

To think that Sandstorm could not STAND Firestar when they were apprentices... Weird! -

Their the best couples, because their growing affections for each reminded me of Simba and Nala's love for each other. If Warriors was made into a movie, I think they'll put the "Can you Feel the Love Tonight? " song and sequence in it.

Just overall great for each other, had two amazing kits that are both heroes! Ok, Sandstorm hated him at first, but they just somehow became purr fect!

At first these two were at each other's throats but then they turned out to be a couple. Just mix Firestar's kindness and selflessness and Sandstorms fiery spirit and you got this perfect couple.

At first they didn't get along. Then, Fireheart/star saved Sandstorm from falling off a cliff. She fell for him!

Even though Sandstorm (Sandpaw at the time) was so mean to him, she finally thought of him as a real clanmate after he saved her life from falling off a cliff! They were meant to be together, and thank god that Spottedleaf was a medicine cat and died in the first book (I'm saying yay to only them not becoming mates, not because she died.) to being one so they didn't become mates. Thought, they aren't my favourite couple. (I voted for this one because the one I really liked, Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, had more couple issues.)