Graystripe & Silverstream


Best couple, EVER! Poor Silverstream! She was one of my favorite cats! Sadness...

JayFeather is my favorite cat in the books but, my second favorite would be Graystripe. Gray stripe and SilverStream are meant for each other. It was sad when she died. If she lived she could have had a great life with graystripe. And her kits are so cool (so sad when feather tail died). I don't feel as bad for graystripe as I do for crooked star. Crooked star's whole family died. Silver stream was the only one he had left. But graystripe shouldn't have mated with Millie. I like gray&Silver not gray&millie. I hate Millie, silverstream is better. Millie can't even live all her kits. SilverStream could have. And BriarLight didn't deserve all that attention.

I truly love them they may have been different cats from a different clan but that did not stop them and they truly loved each other I really do not like Millie and I bet silverstream would be the best mother ever if she stayed alive! Also for some reason I liked her fur because it is silver tabby and graystripe is just gray ( lol )

Graystripe tried so hard to make Silverstream happy, as well as Stormfur and Feathertail. I bet no one has ever felt the sadness Graystripe had to go through. Whats even worse is that Feathertail died and she was so much like Silverstream! He can't even communicate with either of them because they walk in Riverclan! He can't even talk to his son!

They were so sweet together. It made the story interesting. Silverstream was so nice with Graystripe and he was great with her. Their personalities went well with each other and in my personal opinion, they really loved each other. I wish Silverstream didn't die. It was so sad. I just wish they didn't have to end that way.

The best Warriors couple EVER! I cried when Silverstream said "take care of my kits" to Graystripe, and then went to StarClan. I even cried watching the youtube video Silverstream and Graystripe - Slipped away. So sad, the books would have been so much better with them in it all the way through! Also, why did their kit Feathertail have to die? Why?

It's a sad story... Graystripe and Silverstream love each other, Silverstream dies, Graystripe joins RiverClan to be with his kits. I think that Graystripe and Silverstream are better than Graystripe and Millie.

WHAT? Graystripe and Silverstream aren't number 1? But they're the best couple ever and they were TOTALLY meant for each other! I was so sad when Silverstream died that I named my stuffed cat after her!

I love this ship! Silverstream is much better than that she-devil Millie, I mean, Graystripe had more arguments and disagreed more than Silverstream and him. They are meant to be, they are loyal to heck to their clans, but they loved each other enough to break a small rule of their loyalty.

They were the best couple! Graystripe was so cute, funny, and nice, and Silverstream was so awesome! And their kits (Stormfur and Feathertail) were so awesome, too! It's so sad how Silverstream had to die before she even got to know them. (SOB! )

The most amazing, and sad couple. I am like crying while writing this, As I did when I read her death, they truly were meant for each other, they would of died for each-other, and spent all of their free time together... Why did she have to die?

They had were the BEST OF THE BEEST! Except I think that squirrelflight and brambleclaw were the best couple. I love their kits but I hate every single cat that loves squirrelflight except brambleclaw of course!

They were so cute! But, they were really braking the warrior code, But who cares about it for them! After Silverstream died, I cried (Soory, this isn't always for "Top ten Saddest Warrior deaths"). There kits... They were GREAT! Feathertail was loyal and peaceful, Sharptooth! You evil Lion! Stormfur was loyal too, but I can't imagine Hawkfrost trying to get rid of Graystripes son and Stormfurs mate, Brook. - Eweistl

They are such a sweet couple. T hey would died for each other. They would not let the code stop there love. All of people do not like Millie and Graystripe. I like Millie and Graystripe even more than Graystripe and Silverstream. I am so happy that Graystripe found Millie after his broken heart it was good for him to find love. Also Millie is a great mom people she love her kits. It was not her fault that Briarlight got hurt.

I personally love this couple because even though Silverstream dies, Graystripe always loves HER. Even when he gets a new mate, he never lets go of her. IT'S SO SWEET!

"Idiot! WHAT are YOU doing on MY territory?!?! "

"Err, drowning?..."

"Can't you do that on your own territory, then? "

"Ah, but who would save me there? "

Graystripe X Silverstream forever.

THEY ARE THE CUTEST COUPLE PROBABLY IN THE WORLD! LOLZ XD Well as you can see I love them. Silverstream is my favorite warrior no doubt.

I think they are such a BEAUTIFUL couple, such a shame that Silverstream died, so sorry Graystripe, and least you have your kits, the only part of her you have left. =(

It was so sad when Silverstream died! It must have broken poor Graystripe's heart, especially since the kits wouldn't grow up to know their real mother. They were perfect for each other!

Silverstream was a wonderful cat, and who cares if she was a Mary-sue, she was and is way better than Mille could ever be. Graystripe should have never loved bratty old Mille. Silverstream was wonderful mate. - Pebblepaw

I love them so much! Silverstream is so beautiful and sweet. I cried so hard when silverstream died. Especially when she said, " I love you, take care of our kits." I HATE MILLIE, no offense but I just don't like her

First silver stream hated graystripe but they went together. How about blue star and oak heart and yellow fans with raggedstar

This is the best couple ever if you know what I mean the would break the warrior-code just to meet each other when silverstream died it broken my heart in half, their kits are like so amazing

Even though their love was forbidden, they still carried on and had kits! If they hadn't had Stormfur and Feathertail then:
Pine and Lark wouldn't have been born
The prophecy would have included another cat
Crowfeather wouldn't have had 3 mates
Sharptooth would have been a danger in the mountains when the Clans made the Great Journey.

I love warriors! I think Graystripe should always believe that Silvestream is always with him!