Leafpool & Crowfeather


Great StarClan no. (Spoilers ahead) I hate this couple for so many reasons; number one being that I shipped Feather x Crow sooo hard. I hate that he cast aside his grief for Feathertail and took Leafpool as a mate. I mean, when they returned to help the tribe he sits beside her grave and what not but I still don't think he would've or should've gotten over his feelings for Feathertail that quickly and easily.
Second, I feel like there was absolutely zero development to this couple. Like Leafpool kinda had a crush on him but they rarely saw each other and then Crowfeather just randomly confesses his undying love for her. What? I like to think he saved Leafpool from the cliff fall because it reminded him too much of Feathertail's accident but did they really need to end up as a couple?
Then, I really hate that Leafpool totally disregarded the warrior AND medicine cat code. I mean, she wasn't allowed to have a mate. She still did. Not allowed kits either. Still did. Plus, she ...more

Crowfeather was never meant to be with Feathertail. Although she brought his kindness out, she didn't love Crowpaw like he loved her. It was a bit of a one sided relationship. Love from his side, crush from her side. Literally. And when she died, the Erins confirmed that they never were going to be a solid couple, even if Feathertail survived. Crowfeather was nice to Feathertail, but he was completely and utterly rude to Leafpool. I believe that if he was nice to her, he would feel as if he was being unkind to Feathertail. His rude nature to Leafpool versus his nice one to Feathertail is much of the reason people ship the two, but I believe that he felt as if he was cheating if he told Leafpool his love, and much to his utter disappointment, he let the worry come out as hostility. The main reason he was not as kind to her as to Feathertail was because Feathertail was his first love. He was still clinging onto her. He even changed his name! Not to mention Leafpool was a) a medicine cat ...more

I never wanted them to break up they were so cute together and crowfeather was one of my favourite cats! Now I hate Nightcloud whenever Crowfeather gets near leafpool Nightcloud gets in the way, I loved how Crowfeather said:Your a medicine cat I understand, starclan go with you Leafpool, I'll never forget you. It was so sweet! I hated it when they broke up because they made such a cute couple! It was cute at the end that Crowfeather says it just wasn't meant to be Well I guess that's forbidden love :l

I really like this couple. Sorry but I think that Feathertail dying was a sign that they wouldn't make a good couple. Leafpool has something that she doesn't but I can't put my finger on it just yet... Anyway I loved this couple ever since Crowfeather saved Leafpool from falling over the cliff. It was so romantic when they ran away just so they could be together. Sorry but part of me thinks they should have stayed gone because right when they came back their love disappeared.

Leafpool and Crowfeather are the best couple ever. Their story is just amazing, although it's pretty sad how Leafpool and Crowfeather didn't stay as mates. Erin Hunter should definitely focus on them a bit more, they deserve more attention.

I don't really like this couple. Feathertail and Crowfeather were perfect! Even though Leafpool is my favorite cat, it wasn't so real. They were together for like a moon, then they ran away, and it wasn't that hard for them to seperate forever! (Forgive me if this part is inaccurate; I haven't finished all the books) If it was really true love, they would do anything, even sacrifice their clans for each other! (At least that is how I think it should be) Leafpool kept feeling guilty. YOU DON'T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT LOVE OR IT ISN'T REALLY LOVE!

I'm sorry but I have to disagree. This couple is basically Romeo and Juliet. I don't like them because it's basic. There love story was painfully predictable. Crowfeather was good. Leafpool 5/10. Crowfeather liked forgot about Feathertail who gave up her love and life for him. If Leafpool wasn't so loyal I would've like to see them run away. after they leave each other Leafpool drops in personality to a -5/10. Crowfeather becomes so unbearably angry all the time. Leafpool is a helpless emotional wreck. And it keeps going on when it ended a long time ago.

This relationship was so sweet! Leafpool actually cared about Crowfeather so much that she ran off with him... Although it wasn't the "right decision, " apparently, Leafpool and Crowfeather were still the sweetest fictional couple I have ever seen or heard of! They totally deserved to stay together and I hate Crowfeather for taking Nightcloud as a mate right after Leafpool and having that annoying Breezepelt!

Honestly this is just a good ship overall. Crowfeather was extremely sad after Feathertail's death so Leafpool made him happy even if it was for a short time when they ran away with each other. And tell me their personalities don't match. Leafpool is calm and sweet, and Crowfeather seems a bit rough around the edges but he shows his kind and loving side to cats like Leafpool and Feathertail.

I absolutely loved this romance! In fact, it inspired me to make a fanfiction of my own about Jayfeather following in his mother's footsteps and having a forbidden romance of his own! I think it was engrossing, captivating, and very risky, which made it perfect.

They are so cute together I hope in the 5th book of the omen of the star crowfreather leave windclan to be with leafpool se a warrior so why not! How but my secound fav would have to be firestar and spottedleaf there so cute

I don't care that it's forbidden on so many levels. They were adorable together. And besides, if they weren't together, the Three wouldn't have existed. And the Three played a big part in the series. - webkinzchipette

leafpool and crowfeather followed their hearts, and didn't care what happened! go leafxcrow!

I completely think that this is the best couple even do leafpool had to break the warrior code again and again, but still; she did it because she loved crowfeather so much. And crowfeather, even that he chose nightcloud just to regain the trust of his clan, I think that is kinda ok, but leafpool and crowfeather ARE (or were, I guess) the best couple.

I love this couple! It is my number 1 couple too!
I just wish that they had been in the same Clan, so that they could have stayed together. Because in the end, Leafpool gives up the life of a medicine cat anyways.
But, them being in different Clans, and having to go through those risks to see each other, that is what made them such an amazing and cute couple!
I love how Leafpool understands Crowfeather so well, and is so patient with him!
They are so adorable!

I ADORE this couple right now. It's just so sweet; love at first sight almost always is. It started when forbidden love was still kind of new and it rocked my world on the forbidden relationship scale, making all the others seem boring and bland. And they have awesome kits together!

I love them together! Leafpool's my second favorite... 'COS CROWFEATHER'S MY FIRST! Those two are MADE to be together, despite the warrior code! -

Leafpool brought out Crowfeather's sweet side, and it was so sad when they broke up! It sucked that she was a medicine cat, and they were in different clans, but they were amazing together!


I know it was forbidden the way Crowfeather was SO SO SO SO in love with Leafpool but I don't care. It was just the way that they looked at and cuddled with each other that made their LOVE SO TRUE!

They are so annoying and horrible! Seriously, I'm pretty sure the Erin's were just running out of plot material, so they said: let's mash up two cats from different clans that are exact opposites and one hates the others guts! Yup, that makes COMPLETE sense! (Not)

No offense to people who like feathertail, bit this couple is so much better. Feathertail was like a high school romance not true love. Crowfeather didn't even love nightcloud, she was just to prove his loyalty. Leafpool and crowfeather were meant to be.

They were the best couple, they are so cute together and they had the best kits! I hated it cause crowfeather could have joined thunder clan to be with leafpool. I mean, graystripe went to river clan with his kits because he felt bad about the death of silverstream that's love

I LOVE THESE TWO! It's so romantic how they run away together for a while! Then, they have Jayfeather Lionblaze and Hollyleaf, and that's just great! Go Leafpool and Crowfeather!

They are just extremely cute together and although Crowfeather couldn't put down Feathertail, Leafpool made him. I love Leafpool and I love Crowfeather but I hate Hollyleaf. No offense to Holly fans. - LyricsThatSing