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181 Dewnose & Lilyheart
182 Mallownose & Petalfur
183 Pinecloud X Stormheart V 1 Comment
184 Squirrelflight & Ashfur

You say either brambleclaw or squirrelflight are bad. But what bout ashfur? He's a jerk. He tried to kill firestar and lionblaze, jayfeather and Hollyleaf because he's obsessive and can't move on. Does anyone see that?

I believe that they made an adorable couple, but I understand the feeling when a guy loves you but you don't love them. I cried when AshFur tried to kill HollyLeaf, JayFeather & LionBlaze, I do believe that he did go a little to far. Any way, AshFur will always have a place in my heart and I wont ever forget him...

I know that Ashfur was a jerk for Squirrelflight choosing Brambleclaw and not him but you know... Ashfur had stronge feelings for Squirrelflight and it broke his heart to see Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf born. Even though Ashfur now knows that the three are not her kit's, but Leafpool's. He only wanted to kill to show Squirrelflight how much he was hurt. Even though that's not how you treat a girl, isn't it Ashfur?

Ashfur should've accepted that Squirrelflight was in love with Bramblestar.

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185 Dovewing & Bumblestripe

I love Bumblestripe and Dovewing! Bumblestripe is way better than mean old Tigerheart! Bumblestripe loved Dovewing first! So I choose Bumblestripe and Dovewing over Tigerheart!

Come on, this is the best pairing ever! It's so epically epic! They are so sweet together!

Since Bumblestripe reminds me of Darkstripe (don't ask why) and Darkstripe died alone, I think it's only fair if Bumblestripe have a mate like Dovewing.

He loved her so much but she cared 0% about him. He walked with her, gave her flowers and when they were mates, he was caring and nice to her. Dovewing might as well be blind.

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186 Spottedleaf & Fireheart

As soon as I caught up with the hints for this couple, I fell in love. But CLAWFACE had to RUIN IT. Spottedleaf was the BEST. Too bad she was a medicine cat. She and Fireheart would have been the perfect couple. SO ADORABLE SpottedXFire forever! R.I. P spottedleaf!

THEY SHOULD OF BEEN TOGETHER! But ClawFace AND MapleShade had to ruin it

'FirePaw buried his nose in SpottedLeaf's wet fur and breathed in her scent for one last time. "Good bye, my sweet SpottedLeaf" he murmured'
Page 236, into the wild

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187 Bramblestar & Jessy

Terrible pairing. Squirrelflight knew Bramblestar for her entire life, and Jessy knew Bramblestar for only a moon or two. Plus, she was rude, a mary-sue, and just plain annoying. Jessy was too perfect.

I love this couple. He saved her life, basically, and he helped train her. She was so cute with him, and she loved being with him. He had a crush on her, and she was in love with him.

I know that Bramblestar and Jessy can be a good couple but Squirrelflight is his soul mate.

Jessy was a Mary-Sue! Does no one see that?! Poor Squirrelflight; she didn't deserve to see the son of Tigerstar and her soulmate getting taken by a STUPID MARY SUE!

~Silverfrost of RiverClan

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188 Yellowfang & Raggedstar

Even if their kits weren't that great, they still were a great couple, I can't imagine how shocked Yellowfang was when she heard that her kit killed her mate!

Raggedstar should of paid more attention to yellowfang.

I love this couple they remind me of myself and my crush

Yay. Love this

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189 Spottedleaf & Firepaw

Spottedleaf barley knew Firestar. She is a medicine cat they can not be a couple.

I agree, they spoke what, like, 3 times in into the wild? And she was old enough to be his mom and was a medicine cat.

I love this couple too bad spottedleaf died I HATE YOU CLAWFACE GO DIE

NO curse you Erin Hunter I like sandstorm but Spottedleaf would be a better mom to fire stars kits than sandstorm and I feel so bad for Spottedleaf when she found out she lost him to sandstorm I believe after Firestar died and was in starclan if she was still in starclan they could have kits together

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190 Spottedleaf & Fireheart

Gosh they looked so perfect together! I hate Clawface, I wish he didn't kill Spottedleaf! Fireheart and Spottedleaf would of been the best mates in the whole series if it wasn't for Clawface! I really don't think Sandstorm and Firestar are good mates.

The only reason he liked her was because she was pretty, because in into the wild they spoke about 3 times and they barely knew each other. I'm sorry to fans of this couple but it wouldn't have worked.

The only cat that was a TRUE medicine cat. She was so caring and kind! I think she is the best medicine cat ever! R.I. P spottedleaf, WHY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE?! She was really pretty!

This was on the list four times. - Emberwind1

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