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61 Brick & Scourge

I think brick is a girl and they would be cute in my mind

They could be cute, I guess X3

Just one question... WHO THE HECK IS BRICK?!?!?!


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62 Oakheart & Bluestar

They made the perfect couple! They should be in the top ten!

This has already been mentioned on this list! But, amaze couple

It was already there in the top tens

This was mentioned like 4 other times. - RisingMoon

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63 Blackstar & Russetfur

They would have made a good couple if Blackstar would have admitted his feelings for Russetfur and Russetfur wouldn't have died.

64 Bluefur & Thrushpelt

I love how even though Bluestar didn't love him back he could still support her and be her friend, and he grieved like a dad would after her kits went missing. I also like BluexOak, though.

Ashfur, take some love tips from Thrushpelt.

Thrushpelt was a great cat, willing to look after Oakhearts kits as his own and lie to the clan to keep Bluefur's secret. I don't think they would had worked together, but they are a sweet pairing.

Thrushpelt was incredibly sweet to Bluestar. Bluestar never loved him, but she did like him as a friend. They were sweet.

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65 Cloudstar & Birdflight

It's sad when Cloudstars clan goes to the gathering, but Birdflight (his pregnant mate) is forced to stay behind..

They're so cute together! Too bad the journey happened... :(

It was sad when she had to be left behind.

I hadnt seen much of this couple, just the prolouge of Firestars Quest but I cried when I read it

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66 Feathertail & Brambleclaw

Where did this come from?

Illuminati concerned

Lol this is a dumb ship.


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67 Mothwing & Leafpool

The first thing Leafpool noticed about Mothwing was how pretty she was. I think they at least had some attraction towards eachother.

Both she cats and both medicine cats not mates - Ku

In Leafpool's chapters in TNP she is constantly describing Mothwing by how beautiful she is and they are quite close. - Emberwind1

Eww? They were really good friends! And I don't think that any cats are/were gay or bi.

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68 Ferncloud & Dustpelt

It was so sweet that Dustpelt wanted Firestar to find Ferncloud when he died and pass on a message in The Last Hope. #SaddestBookEver

Dustpelt is Fernclouds uncle. - Emberwind1

69 Thornclaw & Hazeltail

This couple just seems cute to me - EAR2121

Its cute

so cute

70 Littlecloud & Cinderpelt

Okay, I ship cinderpelt and fireheart quite a lot but I think that cinderpelt and littlecloud would have been so cute togther! After all, she saved his life and Littlecloud never forgot that and became medicine cat because of her! Haha, just imagine how much that would break the warrior code though... Their both from different clans and their BOTH medicine cats! I guess it would never work out, but I wish it did!

True, it would be against the warrior code if they were mates, since they are from different Clans and they were medicine cats. But they would be awesome together! Cinderpelt cured Littlecloud from the Carrionplace disease when he was a warrior. Thanks to her, Littlecloud decided he wanted to become a medicine cat. He really looked up to her!

I think this couple is so cute! I love how Cinderpelt helped them against orders. I like how he chose to be a med cat also!

Adore this couple

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71 Crookedstar & Willowbreeze

This was easily the best couple in any warriors book. They clearly cared about each other so much, and she was one of the few who saw Crookedstar for who he was, and not his injury. Her death was so sad... And his reaction exemplifies how much they cared for each other. I actually cried myself to sleep the night I finished this book, that death was so sad. Crookedstar really never had anyone he loved that much ever again. They were clearly meant for each other, but unfortunately fate had other ideas.

This isn't my favorite couple, but it is one of the best. Every cat who looks at Crookedstar stares, but Willowbreeze saw past that and loved him for who he was, something Crookedstar's own mother couldn't do.

They show so much love risking there life for each other. I must say as Crookedstar I would not take her asa mate to save her life I would tell her why.

I love da couple!

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72 Firestar & Spottedleaf

They should have been a good couple but if they were a couple they would of broken a warrior code if they had kits

YUCK! I'm sorry, but I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS COUPLE! There isn't much proof about it, and Firestar was always gonna be Sandstorm's mate. Fire x Sand forever!

Yeah firestar..I mean fireheart and Spotted Leaf sitting in the den K I S S I N G

In the Warriors series if she had been a warrior she and firestar would be mates

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73 Needlepaw & Alderpaw

I love Needle X Alder SO much! I would like to see this in the books, but according to my theory, it may not happen. My theory is that when Littlecloud dies, Leafpool will train Needlepaw to be Shadowclan's medicine cat. OR, Alderpaw will join Shadowclan to be their medicine cat, and secretly falls in love with Needlepaw.


I love this couple! Needlepaw is my favorite character, and they are so good with each other! Think of the saying "opposites attract! "
Needlepaw: loud, fun, sometimes annoying
Alderpaw: quiet, keeps to himself, shy


74 Mousewhisker & Minnowtail

I love know they joined the Dark Forest cats to be closer together. Not the best answer to find love but still cute.

So unfair how they couldn't be together.

I think this is a cute behind-the-scenes sort of pairing.

I do love the couple, but hate them as individuals

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75 Wildeyes & Brambletalon

Unless you are exceptionally obsessed with warriors like me you probably don't know this couple. Just so you know they are from RiverClan but you'll just have to find them yourself.

This isn't even from the books...

Lots of people have no clue about this couple. they are cute together I must say

Not canon cats people move along... - Frogjaw1996

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76 Lionblaze & Hazeltail

Never heard of this one. Interesting, but FoxHazel and LionCinder is better.

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77 Thrushpelt & Bluestar

Thrushpelt was a brave loyal loving cat he was the cat for bluestar but she turned him away and broke his heart but still agreed to help her he loved her kits like a real father would may starclan light your path I'm getting emotional


I wish bluestar would have liked him... I love oakheart and bluestar though... I think oakheart is better because she loved him but thrushpelt loved her...

Cute so cute tears r dripping on my ipad

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78 Leopardstar & Firestar

What no way they hate each other

That is the worst couple ever!

Umm what the actual hell?

What. Hell nah

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79 Heatherpaw & Lionpaw

I know they broke up but I think they still like each other which I know Heatherpaw gets a mate I think

Lionpaw WHY WHY WHY did you stop being a DarkClan warrior?

80 Tigerstar & Goldenflower

I feel so bad for Goldenflower she thought Tigerclaw was a brave and loyal warrior just like everyone else (except Fireheart). I wish Goldenflower had found another mate who actually deserves to be with her.

I think Tigerstar really loved her and it I shook amazing how she still loves him even when he was evil! I also am happy she didn't stop loving her kits. THAT would be evil

I adore this couple and it is my OTP. It's just so sweet and I like to think that she was the only person he ever really cared about. I just think it would work very well if they'd stayed together through all of the things that happened. I love them separately, I love them together, and I love their kits!

More like a Spiderleg and Daisy couple!

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