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121 Rock & Midnight

There is a major reveal at the end of The Last Hope. Fellow warriors, our dear friend Midnight is... a ghost.

They are different spices people that's just gross

Guys, this will NEVER in the face of StarClan happen. Midnight is a badger for StarClan's sake! That would be like a dog mating with a leopard or something!

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122 Snowbush & Lilyheart

Lilyheart had a tough life, I'm happy that she has a mate now!

Lilyheart's father is Brackenfur, Snowbush's mother is Brightheart. Brightheart and Brackenfur are siblings. Lilyheart and Snowbush are cousins. - Emberwind1

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123 Crag & Stormfur

They are both males! They just are males and friends. Plus crag is leader now and can't have a mate

What on earth they are both males and barely even talk to each other

124 Brokenstar & Tigerstar

I think they would make a good couple

If one was female then it would be perfect

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125 Skystar & Petal

I have an icky feeling that you meant to say that.

This is probably the only ship that works with Clear Butt.

126 Appledusk & Mapleshade

Poor Maple deserves better

Apple dusk was a horrible mate to Mapleshade. He did not care for his kits and got her thrown out of RiverClan for not defending her. - Emberwind1

This is just a couple I just hate. My fifth least favorite couple. APPLEDUSK BETRAYED HER :(

127 Fernsong & Ivypool

The first time we learned a bit about Fernsong, he struck me as a really nice character. I can totally see this happening and I've spotted small hints that Ivypool cares for him. They would be so cute together! ^^

128 Mouseleaf & Spottedflower
129 Spottedcloud and Snownose

Yay spotted leaf and snow fur Blah!

130 Brokenstar & Tallstar
131 Onestar & Whitetail

I know its not official and stuff, but they're SO CUTE TOGETHER! Like, Leafpool and Crowfeather cute!

It's official! Check out the warriors wiki and you'll find out

OneXWhite OH YEAH!
They would have been the cutest pairing. I wish it wasn't only rumored.
Onestar was an epic warrior but a crappy leader.

I like this couple, it's cute...

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132 Loepardlegs & Ashfur V 1 Comment
133 Leopardlegs & Robinwing V 2 Comments
134 Stormtail & Moonflower

( If you don't know them their Bluestar's and her dead sister Snowfur's mother and father! Not giving anymore away! ) They may not have talked much, but he was so proud of Bluestar! :)He was a good father though!

It was kinda sad stormtail really never cared for her or their kits all he did was hang out with dappletail what did he become mates with her if he never luved her :/

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135 Jayfeather & Poppyfrost

It is so sad that he has to be a medicine cat! I wouldn't tolerate that! And then they just fall in love, from the moment they are apprentices and he saves her from dieing, to the moment, he fights Breezepelt to protect Poppyfrost, It is like so interesting,... AND SWEET

I've never heard of this one, but as crazy as it sounds... I can see it...

Jay walked in her dreamz to heal her...

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136 Tigerclaw & Brambleclaw

Wait what?! Tigerclaw is Bramleclaw's father! This could never work out EVER! And plus Brambleclaw didn't even like his dad for what he did to his life! I just think that Tigerclaw could have been An amazing warrior if he just put his bloodthirsty mess behind him.

What tigerstar is brambles father!

Okay, that's disgusting. There's nothing wrong with yaoi but this has crossed a line. You can't be mates with your dad - that's incest.

Gay and that is his dad

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137 Firestar & Bluestar

Bluestar loved Firestar because he reminded her of Oakheart, but they couldn't be together.

I really thought this was going to happen... Especially when bluestar kind of lost her mind...

Blue star is like, 10 years older than firestar.

I can totally see this :3

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138 Hollyleaf & Breezepelt

Erin hunter never wrote this but I think this couple would be awesome together

Breezepelt wanted Hollyleaf to die! peeps learn your warrior cats.

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139 Smallstar & Graywing
140 Sasha & Pine

Am I the only one who thinks Pine had a crush on Sasha? I think she should get over Tigerstar. And I personally think Pine would make a much better mate.

I love pine x Sasha! She deserves better than tigerstar! Pine would be perfect with her and they just seem so... perfect!

This would have been better than Sasha and Tigerstar for sure.

I love this! I hate stupid tigerstar

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