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141 Tigerclaw & Brambleclaw

Wait what?! Tigerclaw is Bramleclaw's father! This could never work out EVER! And plus Brambleclaw didn't even like his dad for what he did to his life! I just think that Tigerclaw could have been An amazing warrior if he just put his bloodthirsty mess behind him.

What tigerstar is brambles father!

Okay, that's disgusting. There's nothing wrong with yaoi but this has crossed a line. You can't be mates with your dad - that's incest.

Gay and that is his dad

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142 Firestar & Bluestar

Bluestar loved Firestar because he reminded her of Oakheart, but they couldn't be together.

I really thought this was going to happen... Especially when bluestar kind of lost her mind...

Blue star is like, 10 years older than firestar.

I can totally see this :3

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143 Hollyleaf & Breezepelt

Erin hunter never wrote this but I think this couple would be awesome together

Breezepelt wanted Hollyleaf to die! peeps learn your warrior cats.

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144 Smallstar & Graywing
145 Sasha & Pine

Am I the only one who thinks Pine had a crush on Sasha? I think she should get over Tigerstar. And I personally think Pine would make a much better mate.

I love pine x Sasha! She deserves better than tigerstar! Pine would be perfect with her and they just seem so... perfect!

This would have been better than Sasha and Tigerstar for sure.

I love this! I hate stupid tigerstar

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146 Heathertail & Jayfeather

Okay, so this is a complete crack pair, but remember in Dark River when Heatherpaw meets Jaypaw? She's so happy to see him, and Lionblaze feels jealous. What if this was because they actually liked each other? (Okay so you probably wouldn't remember that, but I am rereading the Power Of Three Series. ) Plus it would be cute because they are complete opposites!

No way heather would hate jay man

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147 Crookedstar & Petaldust

Not mates crookedstar had willowbreeze - Ku

Petaldust supported Crookedjaw through and through, but she was more like his really close friend. Willowbreeze was always going to be Crookedstar's mate!

148 Turtle Tail & Gray Wing

The sweetest couple. Glad that Gray Wing finally found his true love. I wish they had kits together it was sad that she died so soon

This couple is SO CUTE. Turtle Tail was perfect for Gray Wing, but he didn't realize it in time.

But he liked Storm... And Turtle Tail became a kittypet... And storm ended up with Clear sky... He was so lonely...

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149 Fox & Petal

I think this couple is quite cute

They are pretty cute together.

They are littermates eww


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150 Shellheart & Rainflower

Shellheart yowled in Rainflower's face I hate you.

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151 Storm & Gray Wing

She ended up with Clear sky... I HATE CLEAR SKY

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152 Scourge & Cinderpelt

What? They are like total opposites! I love Cinderpelt and Scourge is such a bully! This would like never happen.

Guys, watch A Second Life, then you'll understand.

They are the opposite of each other! You can't say that they are mates! That is so cruel! Cinderpelt is nice! Scourge -rmoorewolfie

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153 Lionblaze & Honeyfern

Lionblaze and Honeyfern would be cute together I think lionblaze had a crush on Honeyfern as apprentices before he realized she belonged to berrynose and he belonged to cinderheart

154 Bramblestar & Jessy

Terrible pairing. Squirrelflight knew Bramblestar for her entire life, and Jessy knew Bramblestar for only a moon or two. Plus, she was rude, a mary-sue, and just plain annoying. Jessy was too perfect.

I love this couple. He saved her life, basically, and he helped train her. She was so cute with him, and she loved being with him. He had a crush on her, and she was in love with him.

I know that Bramblestar and Jessy can be a good couple but Squirrelflight is his soul mate.

Jessy was a Mary-Sue! Does no one see that?! Poor Squirrelflight; she didn't deserve to see the son of Tigerstar and her soulmate getting taken by a STUPID MARY SUE!

~Silverfrost of RiverClan

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155 Spottedleaf & Firestar

I don't really like this couple, I think that they are both cute but I didn't get the relationship part (sorry to people who ship this couple)

This is the fourth time I see this couple - Ku

They are like, perfect together. I don't get why the Erin hunter people had to make her die twice. It breaks my heart

A some die sand storm

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156 Birchfall & Jayfeather

As usual they are both toms and jay feather is a medicine cat if jay feather had a mate it would be half moon - Ku

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157 Tigerstar and Jaggedtooth

They are both toms they would not be mates - Ku

158 Sunstrike & Antpelt

When Antpelt died Sunstrike went CRAZY

They would be so cute together

159 Brokenfoot & Brightflower

Do you mean brackenfoot Brightflower is Yellowfangs mom and brackenfoot has always been brightflowers mate they are sole mates

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160 Squirrelflight & Shrewpaw

I don't really ship this couple but I think that they would have made a cute couple when they were apprentices. The only problem would be that Whitepaw (Whitewing) loved Shrewpaw, WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE :( I do prefer Squirrel & Bramble but still!

Yes they are a good couple well more than a good couple because they were nice to each other and Squirrelflight said to shrewpaw(over his dead body) that they were best friends and that part was so sweet are I cryed a lot whatever-rmoorewolfie p.s. I was in a hurry to type that!

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