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161 Swallowtail & Antpelt

Just because she was extremely upset does not mean they loved each other. They could have been related. Imagine if someone you knew that went to your school was ding in front of you, some people would react like this. - Emberwind1

In the books swallowtail was like WHAT MORE CAN YOU DO FOR HIM. HE IS NOT GOING TO DIE. She went so crazy

162 Lionblaze & Heathertail

I honestly like this couple. Their Darkclan act was super cute! I was really upset when Lionblaze put down Heathertail. I think and hope that she really loved him. I believe that Lionblaze and Cinderheart are close but can't match the awesomeness of LionxHeather

It's so cute but Heathertail had a temper tantrum when Lionblaze broke up with her. LionXHeather

163 Tigerstar & Sasha V 1 Comment
164 Jayfeather & Poppyfrost

He protected Poppyfrost from Breezepelt she's like you can't kill a medicine cat and he's like with a evil smirk
Watch me he was blind and fighting Breezepelt he slashed his cheek and said try and hit me to jayfeather FIGHT

165 Firestar & Princess

Even if they were not related they would not have been a good couple. They only had a bit of interaction and if they were not related they would have none since the only reason Firestar talked to her was because she was his sister. - Emberwind1

They are littermates, brother and sister. NEVER put that name as if they were couples. NEVER. but they can make a good one if they wasn't related

V 3 Comments
166 Birchfall & Cody

Birchfall was a kit when Cody was with ThunderClan. Cody had already had kits at that point. - Emberwind1

V 1 Comment
167 Hollyleaf x Ashfur

Hollyleaf hated Ashfur and there is also a somewhat large age gap. It was never confirmed Hollyleaf loved him and I highly doubt she does. - Emberwind1

Love them! The hunters confirmed that Hollyleaf also killed ashfur because she loved him and he broke her heart!

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168 Smudge & Princess

While they could have met Smudge has been confirmed to not be her mate and he cannot now be the father of Cloudtail as he was desexed. - Emberwind1

Maybe Smudge was the unknown tom that was mates with Princess.

Smudge went to the vet/cutter in the first book

They never even kew each other. ever.

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169 Snowbird & Scorchfur

I don't know why I like this couple to be honest

170 Clear Sky & Bright Stream

The best Clear sky pairing. The others were horrible

How was this not on here! I had to add it!

Yes...I also ship him with Petal - Sumwantin

171 Bluestar & Blackstar

I did this one for my friend and I like putting random ones out there for fan fictionists

172 Tigerheart & Sedgewhisker V 2 Comments
173 Foxleap & Hazeltail

So sweet... I adore this couple along with Ivypool x Breezepelt

174 Sol & Hollyleaf V 1 Comment
175 Tallstar & Reena

It's one-sided, as well as being an erasure ship. Tallstar doesn't like girls. That's confirmed by the Erins. - Talljake

176 Diesel & Millie

Curse you Diesel! You were so annoying to graystripe!

177 Jake & Nutmeg
178 Bumblestripe & Rosepetal
179 Sunstar & Moonflower
180 Myler & Mapleshade
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