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Hawkfrost Hawkfrost is a villain character from the Warriors series. Hawkfrost is a brown tabby tom with ice-blue eyes. Hawkfrost was a former Riverclan warrior and member of the Dark Forest.

I don't like the whole Firestar thing, but I am madly in love with Hawkfrost. His icy blue eyes and amazingly brown fur... its like heaven... I wish I could use Hawkfrost I my fanfic! But no, here are all the cats in my fanfiction with hawk as there prefix or suffix- Maplehawk, Hawkfeather, Hawkeyes, Hawktail/star, Hawkclaw. And I wish I could do Hawkfrost!

I know I know! Hawkfrost is a mayor Villain the series warrior cats, but I love him! He has such character and makes the books more entertaining! CURSE U BRAMBLECLAW FOR KILLING HIM :/, ok ok I know, Brambleclaw couldn’t let his leader die... and also, it was important for Hawkfrost to die, so he could be in the dark forest and attack the other clans, aaaaaand also mentor ivypool.

This is the MOST epic names in all of Warriors! Even though he’s a villain and I hate what he did to Firestar with the fox trap, this name is just SO COOL!

Look, I like this name lol! It's sounds so cool and swaggy ( kinda means same thing as cool). But Hawkfrost is kinda evil actually. He's like his father, Tigerstar. His piercing neon blue eyes are obviously so evil (like Scourge). Hawkfrost only cares for his clan, not his clanmates not even his sister Mothwing. What I mean is, he is bloodthirsty and he tries to be the best warrior the forest has ever known. Glad Bramblestar killed him. I dunno he probably wants power like being the ruler of all the clans, I dunno. And can someone tell me this. It's kinda stupid but I kinda need a answer: When Bramblestar and Squirrelflight die together, does that actually happen or is that just a fanfic? I didn't look on FanFiction, I looked on DeviantArt. And I feel sorry for Mothwing.


I think if cats could sing, Echosong would be the one who sings all the most beautiful songs while she's sorting herbs. Her voice would echo through the camp. Everyone would compliment her, then she would get embarrassed by all the praise.
Rest in peace, Echosong. You will be missed!

When I saw that part of her name had echo in it I instantly knew I would love it. I mean think about it,echo, no cat has had this in their name yet and it's so beautiful. Then I read the name and it felt like I was looking at 1,000 blue diamonds it was so beautiful I couldn't look away. A cave echoing songs. Echosong! By:Featherstorm

I have always loved the prefix "Echo", and use it all the time! The only disappointing thing is that I can't use the suffix "song" while creating my Echoes! It sounds beautiful, and I also love the character Echosong from SkyClan!

She's a great medicine cat, but I don't like the way she told Leafstar to not be friends with Billystorm. But still, her name is wonderful. A song made of echoes? I would like to hear it.


I love Ivypool so much better than Dovewing. I wouldn't say that Dovewing has no flaws, because she does, but she just WHINES SO MUCH. That's why I don't like Dovewing. Dovewing didn't do anything useful (except the beaver thing). Dovewing just whined about her powers and relationship problems. So she is not a Mary Sue, but she's just a whiner. (But this is about Ivypool) But Ivypool doesn't complain. Ivypool's name just always appealed to me. I always loved her name

How dare u idiots say dovewing whined ivypool never shut up about how Everyone liked her better how dovewing got more attention how dovewing always got praised ivypool was such a jerk and didn't try to nicely tell dove how she felt. IVYPOOL WAS WILLING TO LET THE DF RIP THE CLANS TO SHREDS JUST SO SHE COULD BE BETTER THAN DOVE (HER OWN DAMM SISTER) IVYPOOL SUCKZ AND ANOTHER THING U COMPLAIN HOW DOVEWING HAD A FORBIDDIN ROMANCE SO DID LIONBLAZE BLUESTAR GREYSTRIPE HEATHERTAIL OAKHEART SILVERSTREAM STORMFUR FEATHERTAIL CROWFEATER I CAN CONTINE.! Stop complaining about it when ivypool knew what the df was doing and she still went there

Ivypool’s name is amazing! It brings out herself, not just by her deep calm personality, that can change with the touch of a raindrop, but also her crystal blue eyes. Dovewing, on the other hand well...

I mean Ivypool may have joined the dark forest but she RISKED her life to be a spy instead. I mean I wouldn't even be that brave, and it isn't even real! Honestly she is also very pretty. I saw her in the ultimate guide and she looked way prettier than Dovewing!

Silverstream SIlverstream is a character created by Erin Hunter to the book series named Warrior Cats. she is a sleek, silver tabby she-cat with delicate silver markings and bright blue eyes. She's the daughter of Crookedstar and Willowbreeze, former mate of Graystripe and mother of Feathertail and Stormfur. She more.

Silverstream just reflects her personality and silver is a GREAT prefix. you can make so many names with it! Silversky, Silverstone, Silverwisp...

I don't think she should be mates with Firestar/heart, because they don't belong together, I really think her mate should be Graystripe Still, their a better couple. Can you Imagine Silverstream's kits with Firestar/heart?!

I really didn't want her to die... It was a shock to me when I read it. But her name is so pretty! Imagine it. A beautiful silver tabby, sitting right in front of you. I can totally see why Graystripe got attracted to her.


Love this name my oc would be named Silverstream if it wasnt an already existing name It sounds like a pretty riverclan name and just sounds really cool. It sounds a bit Mary Sueish but the name is supposed to match the character, and it matches the character well. Love the name though!


I don't wanna sound rude but, this is a terrible name for a warrior cat. The prefix "star" is forbidden, because if the cat were to become a clan leader, their name would be Starstar. And lily should be spelled like a flower, not Lilly, like a twoleg lilly.

This is just wrong. The prefix Star is forbidden because if they were a leader, their name would be Starstar. And lily should be spelled like the flower, not like the name lilly.

I don't really like that name, exceptionally cause of logic. If Starlily became a leader, she would have been Starstar. Which wouldn't happen. So just by hearing the name, you are able to say that Starlily won't become a leader.

Star cannot be a prefix- what if they became leader? But however this a totally RADICAL name I love it.


A fluffy dark brown she-cat with green eyes. She appears to be cold and calculating on the outside, but she is actually warm and friendly if you know her and speak with her. She is popular among all four Clans for her cleverness and battle tactics that she's devised and taught the entire Clan, and one day, she became deputy, and then leader after her old leader. She lived nine long, good lives and joined StarClan peacefully.

I love this name and I came up with quite a few of the names on this list before I had seen them! LOL,>:D. Anyway, I think Freckle Wish should be on this list too. It is such I pretty name I actually thought of it before I read the Darkest Hour series! >

Love, also to the person who said shadow can't be used, it can! But only as a suffix. Two real cat examples: Tall Shadow, Moon Shadow, Sun Shadow

I think SageShadow is a beautiful name. It really gives of a vibe that tells you’re beautiful and sweet, with a heart of gold that shines down on others (Sage.) But when you get mad, you get mad. You’re extremely protective, and sometimes your heart, so pure, can turn black as obsidian.


A light gray tom with his sleek gray pelt broken up by dark gray patches. He is snappish and aggressive, often taking everything as an offense comment. He is not afraid to express his opinion, and is the first cat to suggest attacking the other Clans. He has gained support and loyalty from his Clanmates, despite his bad behavior, and other Clans believe that he will one day become deputy, and then leader, but he never has, due to his hunger for battle. However, he remained loyal throughout his entire life and came peacefully to StarClan, knowing that he had a good, long life.

This name is amazing! I really like Rain as a prefix, but I never thought to use dapple as the suffix. Rainpool, Rainwhisker, Rain Splash, Rainfur, Raintail. Never Raindapple. Besides, these are supposed to be actual names, right? Raindapple is gray she-car with sky-blue eyes and gray flecks. Or a beautiful silver she-cat with pale gray patches and green eyes.

Sounds like a gentle and kind Tom with silver markings and white fur and blue gray paws and blue eyes.

I remember making up this name myself. But this is a super cool name!


This is an amazing and creative name but save it for unofficial name lists, because I can tell this isn’t official because if there WAS a cat named emerald stone, idiots would not be able to stop ranting about it. Seriously! Every. Single. Creative. Name. Gets. Attacked. By. Uncreative. Loons.

Beautiful name, I must admit. Emeraldstone is a vet nice name, indeed. But realistically, cats wouldn't know what an emerald is, or any other type of jewel.

This is supposed to be non-fanfiction names. Real ones, not these gemstone ones. And cats don't know what emeralds are.

I think this would be a beautiful she-cat with emerald eyes and a white pelt

Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle. However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest.

This name combines the fierceness and heroics of a Lion with a blaze of light. When Firestar thought of his grandson's new name he really put a great effort into naming him and rightfully so for such an amazing cat. When the naming ceremony was about to start I thought Lionpaws name would be something normal like Lionfur or Lionpelt but was I totally suprised when his new cool name was Lionblaze. I had never even heard of the name Blaze yet in the Warriors series except for Lionblaze and still haven't. This is the best name here!

It would have certainly livened things up if he had mated Heathertail instead of Cinderheart...she just doesn't seem fitting for him. It's so weird all of a sudden he gets attracted to her and by the next series he has kits and Cinder is expecting again

I think lionblaze is the coolest name ever if I were in shadow clan I would fear him his name sounds scary but inside he his a softy. every bad thing people say about him is wrong I know he killed a cat but it was to protect his clan.

I hate all the hate lionblaze is getting. He OP because he's part of a prophecy. He nearly killed himself for Cinderheart. He killed a cat. He isn't a Gary Stu He is awesome


This name is not real. Haters Gonna hate, whoever calls me a "cranky idiot". It also doesn't follow the warriors name rules. This is a "Mary Sue/Gary Stu name, I mean, Who wants to hear "STAAARSTAR ROUGES ARE ATTACKING" "Starstar.. I got a PROPHECY! " Bet it is either "I believe I can fly" or "Rename StarStar, your life depends on it! " I mean, really. This is probably a pure white glowing cat that has stars in her eyes. Lol, no.

-Not a hater, just stating this name's problems.

Oh, Moonwing, YAS! And I always dreamed of a cat named Starstar in Warriors. I should write a fanfic! CatClan, Starstar,... awesomeness yo.

Willowmist of LynxClan

Like worst name ever starstar what! I'm sorry WHATTT! I would seriously give a piece of my mind to that stupid mother decided it was fun to call me star kit and I will need to talk to the leader who gave me this pathetic name star star yuck!

Just shut up about what the rules are.. Jeez people are so negative in this world stop being cranky idiots who just say what the rules are about starclan and the cats names I think starstar is a cute name for a small cat!

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Wow this is like the best name I've ever heard it should be above Hawkfrost. Even though Hawkfrost is cool it makes NO sense but neither does Rainfeather this name is so awesome
-Burrfire of LicolnClan

Mother to Crookedstar, one of the greatest leaders and Oakheart, a very brave warrior, Rainflower is one of my favorites!

Rainfeather sounds like a swift and kind cat!

I love the name of that cat. AWESOME!

Spottedleaf Spottedleaf is a tortoiseshell she-cat in the series "Warrior Cats" by Erin Hunter. She first appears in book 1, Into The Wild.

She ruined sandstorms life and Leafpool and never left Firestar alone SPOTTEDLEAF MORE LIKE SPOTTEDSTALKER! She couldn't stand that Firestar had a LIVING mate so she decided to stalk everyone. AND SHE DIDn't SAVE SANDSTOEM FROM MABLESHADE SHE THOUGHT ABOUT KILLING SANDSTORM FOR A MIN

Why?! She should be first. She, for one, is not a Mary Sue. It makes me mad when people post rude comments about her. Everyone has opinions, but I think they should some to themselves. Thank you everyone who is a fan of her. She is not responsible for Firepaw loving her. She only loved him, no harm done there. Medicine cats have feelings, too! If they were secret mates, there would then be a problem. But Clawface had to swoop in and murder innocence. He's my least favorite character of all Warrior Cats. If only she lived... I do ship her and Firepaw (I only use Firepaw because that is the name she knew him as. My favorite scene of the two after she died was when Firepaw was looking into the water while taking a drink and Spottedleaf appeared. He was shocked to see himself in a lion's mane and Spottedleaf giggled when he jumped back. That is all, Spottedleaf lovers! (Or haters...) My made up Warrior name is below as I signed off...


Spottedleaf is definitely my favorite warrior cat, with Moth Flight as a close second. Even though she died very close to the beginning, she played an important role in Firepaw's welcoming to ThunderClan. She had such a gentle presence, even TIGERCLAW couldn't quarrel with her.

Spottedleaf is AWESOME! I love the name, and she is a great cat. I wish that they would make more good names like Spottedleaf

Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.

He loved the stick! So cute, he liked stick more than half moon I think! Ooooh burn half moon! He broke stick only because he felt betrayed by rock, he regretted it immediately though

I'm like Half Moon, "Jayfeather, be my mate! " If Jayfeather was real and I was a she-cat, I would take him as my own! His name is the best in the whole warrior cat world! "Whoever likes Jayfeather shout, JAYFEATHER! " I say and then shout, "JAYFEATHER! "

Personally, Jayfeather's a bit too sensitive for his own good. Yes, he's had a lot of pain in his life, being half clan AND blind. But Hollyleaf and Lionblaze have gone through just as much as he has, if not MORE...

I love jayfeather and his grumpy old elder attitude I love herbs to I have masterd all the herbs and what they do I've read all books all day me and my friends play warriors and I'm jayfeather Love blind cats and grumpy fat whans I'm like Loves it! -Jayfeatherfan123Loves_It


A light gray she-cat with dark green eyes. She has sleek, glossy fur due to swimming, and she is friendly to her Clanmates but aggressive and fierce toward her enemies. Her hostility makes her unpopular among other Clans, who's apprentices and younger warriors scorn her for refusing to speak with any cat that is not her Clanmate. But the senior warriors respect her for that reason, and the loyalty that she's proven again and again, and they are all polite and regard her with nothing but respect.

Cloversplash just sounds like a gentle queen with one mate. (She don't cheat) She would be the best mother ever and would foster any kits that is motherless.
She would be white she cat with grey splashes and clover green eyes.

Love This Name! I made a similar one too, It was Cloverheart I believe... I could imagine a tortoise shell cat with aqua eyes... HMM! But I can't believe this is the tenth, I wish it was the top number 1! -Cloverkit

Beautiful! I imagine her as a long-haired light brown she-cat with soft fur, a brown striped tail, white chest and paws, and deep amber eyes. Love it!


Totally the best name on the list, should've been #1.

That name just sucks who names there cat Genus and that's not even how its spelled.Its spelled Genius. so NO

Okay no. Just no.

That is not OK like, ew I would commit suicide if that was my name


I love this name! I imagine a handsome, dark ginger Tom with
piercing green eyes! If I had a mate, his name would be

That sounds like a silver-blue river clan ace cat with ember colored eyes

It sounds like an orange Tom with a gentle personality, love it.

This sounds like it would be for a golden tabby she-cat. Love it!

Jay Paw

Personally I don't see how it's possible to critique an apprentice name, but others do it. And it's not Jay Paw it's supposed to be Jaypaw

This is a nice name, for it could be when Jayfeather was an apprentice? I don't know. But also, it should be spelled Jaypaw, not Jay Paw.

I like the name Jaypaw.



Seems a bit overused in my family, but its beautiful and clever. Sounds like some shiny willows (though now that I think about the shiny willows it creeps me out lol)

I love this name! If she wasn't already a cat in the books I would use her as one of my made up clan cats :3. In the books she's grey or silver or something but if I could use her as my own cat I'd images her brown

I absolutely love this name! It's so, beautiful. And peaceful and it makes you think of the stars.

I used to love the name when I was I'm more of a a Willowbreeze fan


A very good name- I imagine a dark gray she cat in ThunderClan with white paws. Her parents are Haywillow and Beechpelt, and her sister is Seedflight. Her best friend is Kestrelsong and she is deputy. The leader is Poppystar.

I feel this is great for a shy little Tom cat who proves himself to his clan!

Ginger tom with grey tail

love it


‘Silver’ is a really pretty prefix. Silverpelt, I'm not sure if this is a warrior name but I do know that this is what the Warriror Cats call the milky way

Silverpelt is where most of my favorot warrior acts are.. like, Silverstream, Feathertail, Spottedleaf, Then I KNOW Hollyleaf dies... (crying)

The name is prohibited because the stars in the sky are called Silverpelt

That is the name of the StarClan star cats. But good, if it was allowed


A dark gray tom with jet black stripes and two white paws. He has icy blue eyes, and is a great fighter, and hunter. He belongs to RiverClan and is known and respected amongst all four Clans due to his skill in fighting and his courage.

I've always liked the suffix -snow, cause it just appeals to me.
Idek, just..,

Good name. *clap clap*

Des For Dark: A White Tom and black spots and head and tail

Jet black tom with white paws and a white tail


A light brown tabby she-cat with sparkling green eyes and a white tail-tip. She is warm-hearted and friendly, always keeping out of fights. She is a medicine cat, able to interpret messages from StarClan and deliver them to the Clans. She is always quick and nervous, afraid of messing up, but she is courageous and will go through danger to help a Clanmate.

Willowkits warrior name


This is a gorgeous and sweet name. Sounds like this cat would be ambitious and devious, but kind at the same time and would love kits. I'll use this for my new warrior cats series on scratch just because it's so pretty!

A beautiful, sleek silver she-cat with dark amber eyes. She's a great hunter, and a caring cat with a kind heart and warm personality. She has all the determination that could be found in a warrior.

I think this name is super cool! Silverflame was a silver and ginger she-cat. She was an elder of ShadowClan in Yellowfang's Secret. If you didn't know, Silverflame was an in an actual book! She was wise and my most favorite character.

Beautiful name. I was actually going to use this as my rp name, but I guess not. I would imagine a dark gray tabby, with darker paws and belly. Fearless and sharp, that would sooo be my name.


Clever! Sounds like Moonblaze would be a white cat white light gray spots and orange speckles. She sounds crafty and sweet, but fierce in battle and devious.

Just plain awesome. Sounds like a pale silvery she-cat with sparkling light blue eyes and white speckles in her fur. A Riverclan medicine cat.

Moon can't be a prefix despite moonflower. But I love it as a prefix anyways. Moonshine, Moondust, Moonwater, Moonshadow, Moonblaze... all so cool and awesome and tough and pretty.

Sounds so mysterious and classy, I wish you could use Moon as a prefix!


Whispertail could be a quiet cat with not many friends, and she might be all gray with a black tail?

I thought I was the only one who used Whisper or Wish as a prefix!

A mystical gray she cat


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