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1 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

.. I get so frustrated when I make a fan-fiction and I can't use hawkfrost

Yep maybe the cat wasn't so good but he is really handsome and the name just killed it

This is just an awesome name just awesome. I LOVE THIS NAME!

It doesn't really make sense, but I think they used Hawk- because they are the cat's predators and Hawkfrost was a Dark Forest cat. -frost just makes it sound even more powerful. I think Crowfrost was inspired by this. Crows aren't predators, usually, but they are pretty cool too.

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2 Echosong

Love this name it is so awesome and sounds so beautiful it's like your imagining in the mist there is a beautiful song echoing of the cave walls LOVE this name

She's a great medicine cat, but I don't like the way she told Leafstar to not be friends with Billystorm. But still, her name is wonderful. A song made of echoes? I would like to hear it.

I have always loved the prefix "Echo", and use it all the time! The only disappointing thing is that I can't use the suffix "song" while creating my Echoes! It sounds beautiful, and I also love the character Echosong from SkyClan!

Love her name. Something about it is just so fitting.

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3 Silverstream

An awesome name what is really awesome about the prefix silver is that it can make some pretty magical names like silver mist silver moon silver storm etc and it works extremely well for medicine cats

What's with all this "Firestar and Silverstream being mates" thing?! Firestar's heart belongs to Sandstorm and Graystripe's belongs to Silverstream. Or... Millie.

I don't think she should be mates with Firestar/heart, because they don't belong together, I really think her mate should be Graystripe Still, their a better couple. Can you Imagine Silverstream's kits with Firestar/heart?!

I hate silverfart. Just. JUST. UGHHH

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4 Starlilly

I think that is a great name partly because I have a cat named lily so in my opinion it's a great cat name

This is just wrong. The prefix Star is forbidden because if they were a leader, their name would be Starstar. And lily should be spelled like the flower, not like the name lilly.

Cute but not a real name - Owlwhisker

I don't care if it's forbidden, in my fanfiction I have a daughter named Starspirit. - RedTheGremlin

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5 Spottedleaf

Okay I love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this character and name spottedleaf should be number two but I agree with hawkfrost as number 1 ya gotta love the name hawkrost... But I Like spottedleaf much better :3 kitty face!

Spottedleaf is AWESOME! I love the name, and she is a great cat. I wish that they would make more good names like Spottedleaf

I love the name and cat, I just think the name would suit her better if her eyes were green, not amber.

Such a pretty name - Songwind

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6 Jayfeather Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds . He is blind .

I'm like Half Moon, "Jayfeather, be my mate! " If Jayfeather was real and I was a she-cat, I would take him as my own! His name is the best in the whole warrior cat world! "Whoever likes Jayfeather shout, JAYFEATHER! " I say and then shout, "JAYFEATHER! "

Personally, Jayfeather's a bit too sensitive for his own good. Yes, he's had a lot of pain in his life, being half clan AND blind. But Hollyleaf and Lionblaze have gone through just as much as he has, if not MORE...

Jayfeather is my crush and I love him and his name.


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7 Ivypool Ivypool

I love Ivypool so much better than Dovewing. I wouldn't say that Dovewing has no flaws, because she does, but she just WHINES SO MUCH. That's why I don't like Dovewing. Dovewing didn't do anything useful (except the beaver thing). Dovewing just whined about her powers and relationship problems. So she is not a Mary Sue, but she's just a whiner. (But this is about Ivypool) But Ivypool doesn't complain. Ivypool's name just always appealed to me. I always loved her name

I've seen what she looks like in a book before, ( a warrior guide, of course! ) and she is so pretty. I love her name too. I imagine ivy angrily swirling inside a pool. Seriously, Ivypool's like that.

She is so much better than Dovewing. She risks her life every night and she is fierce, independent, and beautiful, and actually has flaws unlike someone I know *cough Dovewing cough*

You can stop your start of a rant. This is for names only not free space to hate on Dovewing. - jordisquirrel123

Roses are red
Dovewing is dumb
Lilacs are blue
And ivypoolis cool

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8 Sliverflame

I love this name really, I think it would go best with a black and ginger she cat, with any eye color even odd eyed.

That's one of the most prettiest names I've ever heard!

To be called sliverflame and have a black and orange pelt... Lucky so so lucky

Yellowfangs grandma is so sweet. Silverflame and yellowfang love each other so much

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9 Cloversplash

Its just such a beautiful name- when I hear this name I think of as someone else said a beautiful calico she that is kind but very energetic-it also sorta sounds like med cat name

Who couldn't like this name! I mean, it's pretty, and it could come from any Clan. Think about it!
Dark cream she-cat with brown clover-like patches and amber eyes.

Beautiful! I imagine her as a long-haired light brown she-cat with soft fur, a brown striped tail, white chest and paws, and deep amber eyes. Love it!

I absolutely love names with the suffix splash but when the prefix of clover!? Cloversplash is my favorite name ever like if u agree

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10 Lionblaze Lionblaze Lionblaze is a character in the Warrior Cats series . He is part of The Three, along with Jayfeather and Dovewing, and has the power of being undefeated in battle . However, the power if removed from him after the Clans are saved from the Dark Forest .

I hate all the hate lionblaze is getting. He OP because he's part of a prophecy. He nearly killed himself for Cinderheart. He killed a cat. He isn't a Gary Stu He is awesome - _breezeheart

The cat is all right but the name is awesome

Why does nobody like Lionblaze? He has an awesome power and his name is awesome.

Sometimes I feel like the haters are jealous that their favorite cat isn't a part of a prophecy or doesn't have a special power... But I don't know. - _breezeheart

I get really annoyed about all the hate Dovewing and Lionblaze get for being in the prophecy, neither of them are sues/stues. Why doesn't Jayfeather get hate? I love all three. - Songwind

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11 Starstar

Worst Name Ever I Would Be Ashamed If My Name Was Starstar I Would Be Like: can't I Just Be Called Star?

I like this name it seems strangely derpy - Rainpoppy824

Like worst name ever starstar what! I'm sorry WHATTT! I would seriously give a piece of my mind to that stupid mother decided it was fun to call me star kit and I will need to talk to the leader who gave me this pathetic name star star yuck!

That just sounds totally STUPID!

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12 Emeraldstone

This is supposed to be non-fanfiction names. Real ones, not these gemstone ones. And cats don't know what emeralds are.

Beautiful name, I must admit. Emeraldstone is a vet nice name, indeed. But realistically, cats wouldn't know what an emerald is, or any other type of jewel.

Nope, cats don't know what emeralds are.

Who cares if cats don't know what emeralds are it's a great name

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13 SageShadow

This is A Nice name to think about, a Shadow of a sage

Shadow isn't allowed, and I also don't like it.

I like the shadow part

14 Raindapple

Like a beautiful mottled gray she-cat with steel blue eyes

I remember making up this name myself. But this is a super cool name!

A very beautiful name.

Steel is not blue - jordisquirrel123

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15 Snowcrystal

Umm... No offense to those Snowcrystal lovers, but isn't that already a snowflake? Well who cares. Either way, this name is brilliant! Nice image comes in your head.

Snowcrystal? Cats don't know what a crystal is. And again, not a real name.

Awesome name I'm looking for a name for my cat she is sleek and shy but she is always ready to fight for the clan

This name sounds so mary-sueish. I imagine a blue and white she-cat who is all shy and perfect. Using 'crystal' as suffix is stupid. They don't know what a crystal is and you make the name sound cringey. The snow part is fine but don't use 'crystal'. If you do use 'crystal' as a suffix for a Warrior Cat name then you are not a real fan.

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16 Willowshine

It sounds really pretty.

I absolutely love this name! It's so, beautiful. And peaceful and it makes you think of the stars.

Willowshine is a really pretty name. - kittywarrior107

Super cool! And pretty! Just wish she was not a med cat!

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17 Jay Paw

I don't think it should be here because it doesn't have that special thing about it that warrior names have

This is a nice name, for it could be when Jayfeather was an apprentice? I don't know. But also, it should be spelled Jaypaw, not Jay Paw.

18 Genus

Okay no. Just no.



This is a nice name for a loner, or a house cat. But a warrior cat, what the hell?! No way. You must have not read the books, because this isn't possible for it to be a warrior name... I mean seriously?

19 Shimmerpelt

This name reminds me of funniest kit names there was one called shimmeryhappinesskit

Shimmerpelt is a black she-cat of RiverClan and her name is just as beautiful as he'd fur!

Shimmerpelt reminds me of a attractive,wonderful she-cat

I used to be in love with her. She was so much to me. But then she had kits with a riverclan cat. I still talk to her at gatherings and she is my best friend besides my clanmates. And now I have a new apprentice, Sorrelpaw to take my mind off of it. :) I love you Shimmerpelt! Do you love me too? Stagleap.

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20 Embertide

That sounds like a silver-blue river clan ace cat with ember colored eyes

It sounds like an orange Tom with a gentle personality, love it.

This sounds like it would be for a golden tabby she-cat. Love it!

This is a cool name

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