Best Warrior Cat Names

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241 Hurricanefur
242 Texaspaw
243 Shortpaw
244 Crouchpaw
245 Russellsprout
246 Octobertail
247 Brussellpaw
248 Skycloud
249 Loudnight
250 Violetpaw
251 Lilyfrost

Not much to say about this one. Don't blame me if I don't say anything further on!
White she-cat, ginger & cream flecks and green eyes.

252 Littlefang

I dunno what is about 'Littlefang'. I really don't.
Small black tom, green eyes.

253 Poppyheart

She sounds like a tortoiseshell, doesn't she? Well, she is, and she has yellow eyes.

254 Dewsparkle

This was my warrior name. I am now leader.
White she-cat, ginger patches and dark blue eyes.

I really like this name!
Light sliver/grey tabby with light blue eyes

By the way Dewstar, I was just thinking. Its in the comment. "I was thinking..." that's how I imagine your cat form. ~Ravenwing again

V 3 Comments
255 Greenstrike V 1 Comment
256 Lightingpelt

Who does not want to be named after a lighting strike? I really love the name! Its epic!

257 Splashheart

The name reminds of splashkittyartist, an awesome drawer and animator

258 Wildfur V 1 Comment
259 Vinestar

Nice name it need to be used more often

260 Wolfstep

It would be cooler if I knew what he looked like but nice name

I wish we got more info on him, but he has a gorgeous name. Go Wolfstep!

Why does ShadowClan have such badass names? - Mewbosses

He would look like: Dark gray pelt, very thick fur with thick neck fur. Dark brown eyes that seem black. Has a thick tail and is feirce in battle. ~Ravenwing

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