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241 Snowtuft

I barely know who he is because he shows up in the books once or twice but he is still my favorite cat. How did he even end up in the dark forest?...

242 NightSky

This is my warrior name she is a black she-cat with silver tinge to her fur and deep green eyes

243 FallenStar

A large brown tabby Tom with golden eyes

244 Foxleap

He ha sto be one of my favorites along with Hawkfrost, Ivypool and Mapleshade

245 Thornclaw

Haven't you ever pictured a claw with a bunch of thorns? Almost like brambleclaw to.

246 Amberheart

This name is so beautiful. Amberkit needs to become Amberheart. - Moonblaze

247 Fernleaf
248 Fernheart
249 Deerstep
250 Fishleap
251 Deltaclaw
252 Permafrost
253 Nightblade

No one likes Nightblade? Are you kidding me? The name is awesome, and I love the blade part. Come on people, use common sense and vote for Nightblade!

254 Ice-Eye

White she-cat with icy blue eyes

255 Tinysprig
256 Stormstar

Crookedstar's name if Rainflower hadn't named him Crookedkit for his crooked jaw. - Froststar_of_iceclan

This should have been Crookedstar's name... he was named after a storm and his mother Rainflower had to name him Crookedkit when hebroke his jaw snd have avoided him ever since. Poor Stormkit...

257 Snowbird

One of the most gorgeous names, period. She is a ShadowClan she-cat, and Ratscar's sister. - Mewbosses

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258 Starfall

Hey, I know warrior cats never use Star, Moon, or Sun for prefixes or suffixes for warrior names (actually, on some occasions they have with sun and moon, but those were mistakes) because the stars, moon, and sun are all sacred things to the warrior cats, but Starfall is a pretty name. This would be a good name for pure white she-cat with yellow eyes.

Sun and moon can be used. e.g. Sunstrike, Sunfall & Moonflower. The are all real names used in Bluestar's Prophesy. - Moonblaze

259 Faststorm

The Hunters have never used "Fast," and I do not think any of you have either since I have read quite a few warrior fanfics and never seen "Fast"as a prefix. It sounds terrible as a suffix though. Imagine a cat named something like Firefast... or Stormfast. :P Weird right?... any way Faststorm would be a good name for a slender and obviously fast cat with a slight attitude at times :P

260 Fernshine

I do not believe the Hunters have taken this name but I think it may be a good name for a green-eyed female medicine cat

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