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281 Appledawn
282 Lifebloom

Brown she-cat with darker brown markings and bright green eyes and has a sprout like tip of her tail.

What the heck is this LIFE?! BLOOM.. Its practically saying I'm pregnant...

283 Appleblossom V 1 Comment
284 Goldspots

A white she-cat with gold spots?

285 Owlfeather

Her pelt would look like brown feathers of an owl with smudges of a cream color?

V 1 Comment
286 Mossfire

This is from code of the clans where the shadow clan leader and deputy dies from green cough and Jumpfoot and Mossfire kill each other trying to take the leader ship. Flowerstem, Mossfire's sister, is picked by the medicine cat (i forgot that name :P) because he had a dream where a star clan cat visited him and told him to pick the next leader. the medicine cat faked a sign saying that star clan wants Flowerstem to be the next leader. *Gasps* a lot of words!

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287 Ravenwing

Ravenwing,a good name, but I hate him! Poor Mapleshade! I love her! She had a terrible life kits dying, mates betraying, clans kicking her out! She DERSERVED a better life! I love you Shady!

DIE RAVENWING! (He was the one who told about her forbidden kits)

Uh, Mapleshade tried to murder practically every cat that she thought had it better than her. - Moonblaze

This is truly my favorite name of all times. I use it for EVERYTHING!

288 Ebonyclaw

A black cat that's really good at fighting. Ebony= Black thing

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289 Foxwhisker

I had to put the name Fox in there somewhere. I just love fox's more than cats. Its not the best, but it still has the word FOX in it.

Nice name! I think he'd look like a reddish orange color with golden eyes... long whiskers and is very small.

290 Skyheart

I like it. I really like it. It's lovely.

291 Lightningstrike V 2 Comments
292 Amberbrook
293 Spottedfire
294 Broken Shadow V 1 Comment
295 Redwillow V 1 Comment
296 Midnightsky

A black and white spotted she-cat, large and stronger then most cats in her clan. Midnightsky would rise through the ranks of her clan because she is not focused on getting a mate. Her heart is stolen by a fellow warrior, who becomes her mate after several moons. Midnightsky becomes pregnant with his kits but is injured, making her unable birth the kits, which kills them. She is never able to have kits again. Midnightsky becomes leader of her clan after Mottlestar, their former leader, dies without having chosen a deputy. This leads to a disagreement throughout the clan and Midnightsky is voted as the best possible canidate because she is loyal and doesn't have any distractions from tending to the needs of the clan. - xChrysanthx

297 Owl Song V 1 Comment
298 Rainfern
299 Fernstripe
300 Reedclaw
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