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321 Firethorn

Golden tabby tom with yellow eyes

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322 Silverfin

I don't know why, but I lo-lo-love this name! So elegant! I picture a pale, graceful, silver she-cat with clear, blue eyes. Such a beautiful name for a beautiful cat

Pale gray she cat with blue eyes

323 Hawkeye Hawkeye

Again, a movie character that could be a warrior name. - Moonblaze

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324 Stormbreaker

Dark gray she cat with white flecks

325 Sunstream

Beautiful golden tabby she cat with brown eyes

326 Deerstep
327 Fishleap
328 Deltaclaw
329 Permafrost
330 Nightblade

No one likes Nightblade? Are you kidding me? The name is awesome, and I love the blade part. Come on people, use common sense and vote for Nightblade!

331 Ice-Eye

White she-cat with icy blue eyes

332 Tinysprig
333 Stormstar

This should have been Crookedstar's name... he was named after a storm and his mother Rainflower had to name him Crookedkit when hebroke his jaw snd have avoided him ever since. Poor Stormkit...

334 Rowanclaw

Rowan is a two leg name but its still an amazing name!... And ROWANCLAW IS SHADOWCLAN I don't LIKE SHADOWCLAN

335 Cedarheart
336 Appleblossom V 1 Comment
337 Goldspots

A white she-cat with gold spots?

338 Owlfeather

Her pelt would look like brown feathers of an owl with smudges of a cream color?

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339 Mossfire

This is from code of the clans where the shadow clan leader and deputy dies from green cough and Jumpfoot and Mossfire kill each other trying to take the leader ship. Flowerstem, Mossfire's sister, is picked by the medicine cat (i forgot that name :P) because he had a dream where a star clan cat visited him and told him to pick the next leader. the medicine cat faked a sign saying that star clan wants Flowerstem to be the next leader. *Gasps* a lot of words!

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340 Ravenwing

Ravenwing,a good name, but I hate him! Poor Mapleshade! I love her! She had a terrible life kits dying, mates betraying, clans kicking her out! She DERSERVED a better life! I love you Shady!

DIE RAVENWING! (He was the one who told about her forbidden kits)

Uh, Mapleshade tried to murder practically every cat that she thought had it better than her. - Moonblaze

This is truly my favorite name of all times. I use it for EVERYTHING!

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