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61 Falconwing
62 Blizzardstar

Well, I love his name one because it's my warrior cat's name as well and two I absolutely LOVE snow and stuff like that! If you where wondering Blizzardstar was the leader of ShadowClan a long time ago. ~Blizzardstar

Blizzardstar from chat, I so agree with you. snow and ice and frost boss. Also, what was his warrior name? ~Ravenwing

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63 Brightheart

I love this name because it shows Brightheart has a really good heart and is very loyal.

This sounds like a cute name for a good she-cat :3

I love that name it AMAZING and especially for her way better than lostface too

64 Rainflight
65 Mapleshade Mapleshade

Such a beautiful name for such an evil cat...

So mysterious and sinister. - Moonblaze

I fell in love with this name when I saw it. I wish I was creative enough to make up cool names.p.

66 Silverwhisper
67 Sandstorm

Love the name, but I get annoyed that they also gave the suffix "storm" to Whitestorm as well. I actually prefer the character Sandstorm in the first few books when she is a snob

I had actually hoped her warrior name would be Sandstorm when I read Into The Wild

Sandstorm! So wild and strong and free, just like the warrior Sandstorm! Perfect, love it. - Mousefur.

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68 Sparklepaw

She is my warrior. She has very shiny black fur. She died as an apprentice. :°( Help me decide on a warrior. Name for her. SPARKLEPAW

How about like sparklepool, feather, light, song, dapple, wing, wind, breeze, pelt, shine or leaf? - Bookworm03

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69 Waterwing

I guess this name is just, graceful.
Blue-gray she-cat, white patches and pale blue-green eyes.

70 Fireheart

Great name for a warrior and a warrior like firestar.

I understand why his warrior name was Fireheart, but I like Firestorm for him better.

People... Fireheart/star is AWESOME!

It's such a powerful sounding name!

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71 Foxclaw V 1 Comment
72 Cookiestorm

Um... Not the best I've ever heard. I don't think warrior know about cookies... Just an idea

Cookie storm is good but why cookie?

Great, just great.


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73 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

I like the name. Cinderpelt picked it, and it reminds me of a swimming pool with leafs in it!

Leafpool got her name from when she found the Moonpool! Leafy ish my favorite cat, she's calm and caring, and I honestly have no idea why people think of her as a Mary-Sue.

74 Dapplegorse
75 Thunder Star
76 Leafdream

Could I use it in my fan fiction book please? Awesome name!

Is this a med cat that dreams about leaves? I hope not

It's a pretty name. - Jetmaster

77 Moonflower Moonflower

She has the greatest name.

I like the name.

Amazing name... Bluestar's mother... Hey, and does it bother anyone that Bluestar was Bluefur AND her sister's name was Snowfur?

78 Berrynose

One of my favorite characters

I love Berrynose. He was one of the last warriors in Thunderclan that wasn't all cute and nice. - Windd

79 Half Moon

When I do roleplay, my name is half moon. Some say its is bit stupid and weird. I think that half moon is awesome :Dj

I like her name a lot even though I'm not sure why I just don't really like Half moon... I really don't know why... ~Blizzardstar

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80 Lilykit

It a nice name for her very sweet

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