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61 Sparklepaw

She is my warrior. She has very shiny black fur. She died as an apprentice. :°( Help me decide on a warrior. Name for her. SPARKLEPAW

How about like sparklepool, feather, light, song, dapple, wing, wind, breeze, pelt, shine or leaf? - Bookworm03

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62 Waterwing

I guess this name is just, graceful.
Blue-gray she-cat, white patches and pale blue-green eyes.

63 Fireheart

Great name for a warrior and a warrior like firestar.

I understand why his warrior name was Fireheart, but I like Firestorm for him better.

People... Fireheart/star is AWESOME!

It's such a powerful sounding name!

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64 Foxclaw V 1 Comment
65 Cookiestorm

Um... Not the best I've ever heard. I don't think warrior know about cookies... Just an idea

Cookie storm is good but why cookie?

Great, just great.


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66 Dapplegorse
67 Thunder Star
68 Leafdream

Could I use it in my fan fiction book please? Awesome name!

Is this a med cat that dreams about leaves? I hope not

It's a pretty name. - Jetmaster

69 Moonflower Moonflower

She has the greatest name.

I like the name.

Amazing name... Bluestar's mother... Hey, and does it bother anyone that Bluestar was Bluefur AND her sister's name was Snowfur?

70 Leafpool Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

I like the name. Cinderpelt picked it, and it reminds me of a swimming pool with leafs in it!

Leafpool got her name from when she found the Moonpool! Leafy ish my favorite cat, she's calm and caring, and I honestly have no idea why people think of her as a Mary-Sue.

71 Berrynose

One of my favorite characters

I love Berrynose. He was one of the last warriors in Thunderclan that wasn't all cute and nice. - Windd

72 Half Moon

When I do roleplay, my name is half moon. Some say its is bit stupid and weird. I think that half moon is awesome :Dj

I like her name a lot even though I'm not sure why I just don't really like Half moon... I really don't know why... ~Blizzardstar

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73 Lilykit

It a nice name for her very sweet

74 Goldendapple

It reminds me of a chocolate pie with buttery crust.

I like this name! It needs more votes!

Sounds like a goldend apple

A white she cat with golden leopard print patches on her back. She also has pretty golden eyes with yellow flecks in them. Her father was SpottedPatch a cream tom with bright blue eyes. Her mother was Lucy, a silver pelted kittypet with white hind paws and white muzzle.
Goldenkit was loved by everyone in the nursery and around the den. She liked to chase her tail or playing with leaves that the apprentices sometimes brought back. Even when her siblings, Shadekit, Redkit, and Blackkit, didn't want to play she loved annoying them with her tantics. When hunters came back with prey, she was the first to eat it. Soon enough Goldenkit became an apprentice, and became Goldenpaw. Her mentor was ClearWater. She taught Goldenpaw about hunting skills and battle techniques.
She taught her about how RiverClan cats used water as an advantage. Goldenpaw learned quickly.
One starry night, while Goldenpaw was drifting off to sleep. She heard a noise in the bushes and went to go investigate. ...more

75 Willowbreeze

Beautiful. I think Willow is a great suffix.

Woah, I forgot totally about this name! I would have put it on the list if I had remembered! ~Blizzardstar

Oh my god, I cried so much when she died. She was my favorite cat of all times, like EVER until Dovewing came along. I just love doves. Though this cat
ame will always be my favorite. *Walks away tear welling up in her eyes* ~Ravenwing

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76 Rainwhisker


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77 Appledusk V 1 Comment
78 Brightspirit

A tiny light grey she-cat with a dark tail and turquoise eyes. A very clever and brave cat.

Brightspirit should be second next to echosong

So...isn't she canon?
Brightspirit was named for a warriors fan that died in a tornado.

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79 Rex V 2 Comments
80 Stonefeather
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