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121 Nightstar

Such a pretty name! It reminds me of a lake with the sunshine sparkling on it! She was Rainflower's friend in the book, Crookedstar's promise. The name needs much more votes! @

122 Feathertail

She was a amazing cat, and so kind brave and loyal. I wish Feathertail didn't join StarClan or tribe of endless hunting

123 Mothwing V 1 Comment
124 Otterbelly
125 Firestorm

WHAT? HE'S NOT LIVING?!?! O O THAT MEANS I'm IN STARCLAN! Please vote this one up it actually is a awesome name. -Firestorm of thunderclan

Awww I forgot he died. So sad. Though the name rocks. Nice job Dewstar.

V 1 Comment
126 Brambleclaw

I hate this cat. Ashfur should've been Squirrelflights mate not him.
Firestar should've picked Brackenfur for deputy not him. Brambleclaw(Star) makes me mad - Windd

So sad😭 will never have kits of his own

I wonder what kits will look like! He IS having kit and there REALLY his NOT Leafpools this time. Remember? The stuff at the end of Bramblestars storm Yellowfang and says Squirrlflight is having kits.YES! ~Ravenwing lol

127 Dappletail
128 Stonefur
129 Watertide V 1 Comment
130 Poolcloud

I get such a pretty image in my mind when I hear this name

V 1 Comment
131 Emberflight
132 Goldenflower

It wasn't Bluestar who chose her name

Bluestar did a good job on choosing her name

V 2 Comments
133 Rosepetal

Love the name and the cat. She's sooo sweet. I can't understand how she doesn't have a mate.

V 1 Comment
134 Blossomfire

I thought Blossomfall would become Blossomfire because she is way to energetic for a calm name like Blossomfall. - Moonblaze

135 Littlecloud
136 Sleetmist

Silver tabby she cat with lighter speckled spots

137 Brokenmoon V 2 Comments
138 Mistycloud
139 Waterheart
140 Chasing Clouds

I love this name, but I have no idea why. Instead of chasing his tail, he chases clouds! Its cute!

L-L-love it! I imagine a cloudy-silver tom with milky-green eyes! As a kit, he loved watching the clouds slide across the sky, and the leader noticed that, so, be was called Chasing Clouds

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