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121 Magentabloom V 1 Comment
122 Frostbreeze
123 Angelwing

She came and joined SunClan after her Twolegs were not so nice at all. Shes a very light gray and has Amber eyes. Yellowstar let her join and she became Angel to Angelwing. (My own made up characters ) I hope you like it. Please comment if you do. I would like to see your opinion. )Yes you can use if you want :P ~Ravenwing

V 1 Comment
124 Brokenstar

I don't know why I like this name, I just think it sounds cool and mysterious

love it

125 Lightpelt
126 Snowstorm
127 Sunfur
128 Dragon Fang

I imagine a huge orange tom with long sharp teeth

129 Darkstorm
130 Lilyfrost

Not much to say about this one. Don't blame me if I don't say anything further on!
White she-cat, ginger & cream flecks and green eyes.

131 Littlefang

I dunno what is about 'Littlefang'. I really don't.
Small black tom, green eyes.

132 Poppyheart

She sounds like a tortoiseshell, doesn't she? Well, she is, and she has yellow eyes.

133 Redfeather V 1 Comment
134 Icestripe

To me, Dewstar, 'Icestripe' sounds so so so so so beautiful.
Sleek black she-cat, white stripe along spine that goes from nose to tail-tip.

135 Dewsparkle

This was my warrior name. I am now leader.
White she-cat, ginger patches and dark blue eyes.

I really like this name!
Light sliver/grey tabby with light blue eyes

By the way Dewstar, I was just thinking. Its in the comment. "I was thinking..." that's how I imagine your cat form. ~Ravenwing again

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136 Greenstrike V 1 Comment
137 Troutstar

Is in Code of the Clans. I wonder what Troutstar's warrior name was

138 Lightingpelt

Who does not want to be named after a lighting strike? I really love the name! Its epic!

139 Splashheart

The name reminds of splashkittyartist, an awesome drawer and animator

140 Wildfur V 1 Comment
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