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141 Vinestar

Nice name it need to be used more often

142 Wolfstep

It would be cooler if I knew what he looked like but nice name

I wish we got more info on him, but he has a gorgeous name. Go Wolfstep!

Why does ShadowClan have such badass names? - Mewbosses

He would look like: Dark gray pelt, very thick fur with thick neck fur. Dark brown eyes that seem black. Has a thick tail and is feirce in battle. ~Ravenwing

143 Ravenpaw

Its not used by any other cat that's special but I do really like ravenpaw

What would Ravenpaw's warrior name be? - Moonblaze

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144 Brambleberry V 3 Comments
145 Birchfall

It has such a nice flow to it.

146 Fallen Leaves

I love his name, just awesome. He's meant for Hollyleaf

(Hhhiiiss) FallenLeaves is MINE. I claim him! He's handsome and has THE BEST name ever! Idc if he's dead! He should have nevr died! I love you Leafy...(by the way I think brightheart should be his sister! I mean ginger and white patches? Ringabell?! )

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147 Palebird V 1 Comment
148 Bluefur

Simple but and awesome, sweer cat.

149 Rainflower

Rainflower is NOT evil! I don't really like her either, but no cat is really evil! Like Mapleshade, she is my favorite cat! She was tortured her whole life! and that's why she became the way she did. Rainflower was just struck with grief, that's all.(I still hate her)

Even though she's evil her name is really pretty. :3

150 Mistyfoot

This is a pretty name- this is all that I have to say.

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151 Whitestorm

Whitestorm is a good name for a strong warrior.

152 Amberleaf

Amberleaf is a very pretty name.

Amberleaf! I'm going to use this beautiful name for my stories! Thank u for the idea! I imagine a deep, golden, she-cat with white paws and underbelly, and milky-green eyes.
A beautiful name for a beautiful cat.

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153 Oakheart

All I have to say is that it is a great name.

154 Graystripe

I love graystripe. I feel so bad for him, he lost his mate and his daughter

... I ship him with Silverstream with all my guts. Graystream? Silverstripe?

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155 Snowfur

I know she was so cool! I feel so sorry for Snowfur poor cat! :( I know she's proud of her son Whitestorm though, he was a noble cat.

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156 Nightstar

Such a pretty name! It reminds me of a lake with the sunshine sparkling on it! She was Rainflower's friend in the book, Crookedstar's promise. The name needs much more votes! @

157 Feathertail

She was a amazing cat, and so kind brave and loyal. I wish Feathertail didn't join StarClan or tribe of endless hunting

158 Mothwing V 1 Comment
159 Otterbelly
160 Firestorm

WHAT? HE'S NOT LIVING?!?! O O THAT MEANS I'm IN STARCLAN! Please vote this one up it actually is a awesome name. -Firestorm of thunderclan

Awww I forgot he died. So sad. Though the name rocks. Nice job Dewstar.

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