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161 Silversky
162 Skyflame
163 Emberflame
164 Ashfeather
165 Smokeriver
166 Blackstream
167 Redglow
168 Moonshade
169 Mapleheart
170 Amberblaze
171 Squirrelflight

A good name especially for her she is all happy and bouncy and playful all the time firestar rocks at name choosing

Squirrelflight is the best cat ever. The second I heard of her I knew she was going to be my favorite character. Go Squirrelflight! Your better than Bramblestar and Ashfur. Squirrelstar all the way!

172 Russetfur

Strong brave russetfur I love that name I just absoloutely love it but I hate shadowclan

173 Ferncloud

Wow yup I am convinced ferncloud has too much kits but great name and stop having kits (thumbs up) I like the first part of it fern and last word cloud its put em together u get even better name

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174 Silvermoon
175 Rooktail

You've got to know Moonflower and Goosefeather's father's name ROOKTAIL! The most AWESOME NAME IN WARRIOR CAT HISTORY!

176 Moonhigh

This is a time of day, not a cat name. - Moonblaze

177 Appledawn
178 Lifebloom

Brown she-cat with darker brown markings and bright green eyes and has a sprout like tip of her tail.

What the heck is this LIFE?! BLOOM.. Its practically saying I'm pregnant...

179 Lightningstrike V 2 Comments
180 Amberbrook
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