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161 Brambleclaw

I hate this cat. Ashfur should've been Squirrelflights mate not him.
Firestar should've picked Brackenfur for deputy not him. Brambleclaw(Star) makes me mad - Windd

So sad😭 will never have kits of his own

I wonder what kits will look like! He IS having kit and there REALLY his NOT Leafpools this time. Remember? The stuff at the end of Bramblestars storm Yellowfang and says Squirrlflight is having kits.YES! ~Ravenwing lol

162 Dappletail
163 Stonefur
164 Watertide V 1 Comment
165 Poolcloud

I get such a pretty image in my mind when I hear this name

V 1 Comment
166 Emberflight
167 Goldenflower

It wasn't Bluestar who chose her name

Bluestar did a good job on choosing her name

V 2 Comments
168 Rosepetal

Love the name and the cat. She's sooo sweet. I can't understand how she doesn't have a mate.

V 1 Comment
169 Blossomfire

I thought Blossomfall would become Blossomfire because she is way to energetic for a calm name like Blossomfall. - Moonblaze

170 Littlecloud
171 Antpelt

Ha ha. Very funny (actually I laughed my guts out when I read that) - Moonblaze

I, Onestar, leader of WindClan, shall name you Antpelt in honor of all those ants in your pelt.

172 Applefur
173 Ashfoot

Ashfoot is ashfur right? if it is then I love him!

174 Ashbreeze
175 Appleberry
176 Adderfang V 1 Comment
177 Berrystorm
178 Bramblestrike
179 Beetletail
180 Bramblestorm
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