Best Warriors Fantasies

Haven't you ever wished something in the warriors series happened that didn't? Here are some scenarios that or couplings that I wished worked out or at least though it would be interesting.

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1 Rusty was taken in by a different clan

What would his fate be if he was with Shadowclan? Riverclan? Or Windclan? What would his name be? Who would his mate be? Would he be evil or would he once again save a clan. Would he still become leader? The whole story would be completely different if this happened. He might not be the same Firestar we know now.

ThunderClan seems really generic and perfect, (like Firestar. Don't hate.) with no really specific traits other than being... overly good. Oh, and they live in a forest. Yeah... - xXRainsongXx

2 Thistleclaw was in love with Blustar

This is impossible, I know, but wouldn't it be so interesting if that cat who seemed to hate her so much, actually loved her? I am almost happy it didn't happen but I think it would make a good story if, lets say, her kits weren't Oaktheart's or something like that. Wait, just ignore that one, it is was too farfetched!

3 Snowkit wasn't killed by the Hawk and returns as an older cat

Woah. I think if Snowkit came back later on and was part of some epic prophecy it would be really awesome! He's deaf as well so that would be interesting if he had some sort of complex sign language or could use vibrations to know what other cats were saying. I'm not saying that he should be Snowstar but maybe if he was an amazing warrior and somehow fought in a great battle, dying a heroic death.

Now, this would be cool.

4 Tigerstar went after Sasha

If this were to happen would he be looking to kill her or to take her as his mate? I have no idea but it would be cool either way. I can imagine her running for her life with her three kits and suddenly she can't find Tadpole because he was taken by Tigerstar to be groomed into an evil killing machine but later sees Hawkfrost on the battle feild and freezes, not being quick enough to move when a cat swiftly takes his life.

5 Half Moon was reincarnated into thunderclan

Heck yes! They deserve to be together. If Jayfeather is allowed to tell her what happened all those moons ago maybe she'd accept him. He would have to break the warrior code to be with her though. In the omen of the stars arc ( I forget which book ) half moon says in direct quotes " I will wait for you forever, Jay's Wing," her clan name should be Halfmoon obviously. Just as Jay's Wing is Jayfeather.

Jayfeather is my favorite cat of all times. I love anything to do with him. His struggles, his triumphs etc.

I know that if this happened she would be way younger than Jayfeather and he's a medicine cat but Pinestar was leader when Leopardfoot was a kit and they became mates when she was older so it is possible if Jayfeather was bold enough to break his bond with starclan by becoming her mate.

6 Crookedjaw(star) falls in love with Bluefur(star)

"Whats up with Bluestar falling in live with every cat she shouldn't? " just you wait, next it will be tigerstar (joking)!
I think it would be interesting, and quite possible considering how friendly they were at the gatherings.
I've have never heard of two leaders falling in love but I suppose countless problems would arise and it would be way worse than being a warrior and falling in love with a cat from another clan. It is pretty bad if a leader betrays their clan.

7 Cinderpaw didn't get injured

Would Fireheart have fallen in love with her? If not, who would be Leafpool's mentor? One difference can change the future for better or for worse.

8 Tigerkit died instead of his siblings

If this happened I often wonder if Rusty would've become a clan cat or if one of his siblings would be evil.
Think, Would Bluestar really need to take a kittypet into the clan if there was no evil? No prophecy?

9 Something happened to the twoleg place causing all the rogues to flee to the clans

The clans might start fighting if the cats split into the clans and there wasn't enough territory or maybe the clans would form an alliance and chase the cats towards the lake not knowing that it would someday be their future home.

10 Bluefur kept her kits and Thistleclaw became deputy

I wish she kept her kits! I really really do but if Thistleclaw became deputy the whole forest would be in jeopardy!
Or... His plan could fail and he could be exiled, either way, Thistleclaw would be a horrible deputy and probably kill Bluefur and her kits anyway.

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11 The whole Omen of the Stars series was just Firestar's bad dream
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