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1 Wild Child Wild Child

Definitely their best song. - truckturner

This song rock!

W. As.P. wild child rocks my world W.A.S.P. is a top heavy metal rock band!

W.A.S.P. wild child rocks my world W.A.S.P. are a top heavy metal band! I will be a fan of W.A.S.P. for many years! Stay rocking!

2 The Idol The Idol

The crying guitar, the raw emotion in his voice, everything

Just the best

3 I Wanna Be Somebody I Wanna Be Somebody

Amazing song. - RiverVibeZ

the best song wasp has ever made... not in the list? I'm confused - ravikanth

Brilliant song! One of WASP's masterpieces! I isten to this song everyday. Cool solo as well

4 Chainsaw Charlie
5 The Great Misconceptions of Me

Any idiot who tells you "W.A.S.P. were just another generic hair metal band" show em this song and the album it's from, this song is literally about the main character committing suicide during a concert after he tried to reconnect with his parents and heal the emotional wounds with them because he ran away from home after his brother died only to be told "We have no son" - MetalWorldOrder

An emotionally charged epic power ballad that compares favorably to the best of all time such as Rainbow's Stargazer or Deep Purple's Child In Time

The best song of all time. - Caleb9000

Best song of all time. - Caleb9000

6 Animal (F*** Like a Beast)

Title should be enough for you

7 L.O.V.E. Machine
8 Sleeping (In the Fire)
9 The Heretic (The Lost Child)

Their best song by far.

10 Forever Free

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11 Show No Mercy
12 The Headless Children

Easily the best, and a sick outro

13 Mean Man
14 Blind in Texas

This should definitely be higher! This is the song that I use to get people hooked on these guys

15 Hold on to My Heart

The song and the voice is outstanding

Should be in the top 10. One of the best power ballads ever.

16 Widowmaker
17 On Your Knees
18 Hellion
19 Heaven's Hung In Black

One of the best metal song ever!

Just great!

20 The Flame
21 Paint It Black
22 Arena of Pleasure
23 School Daze
24 The Titanic Overture
25 The Invisible Boy
26 Tormentor

One of the best songs from their self-titled album. One of my favorite songs from W.A.S.P. the song was used on the movie Dungeon Master.

27 War Cry
28 Fistful of Diamonds
29 The Last Command
30 Rebel in the F.D.G.
31 Cries in the Night
32 Inside the Electric Circus

Good opener

33 Doctor Rockter
34 Miss You

I love this song - Disturbedpotato

35 Sex Drive
36 I Don't Need No Doctor
37 Scream Until You Like It
38 Crazy
39 Killahead
40 My Tortured Eyes
41 Kill F*** Die
42 Thunderhead
43 The Real Me
44 For Whom the Bell Tolls
45 Kill Your Pretty Face
46 Ballcrusher
47 Dirty Balls
48 9.5. - N.A.S.T.Y.
49 Thunder Red
50 Jack Action
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1. The Great Misconceptions of Me
2. Chainsaw Charlie
3. The Heretic (The Lost Child)
1. Wild Child
2. Animal (F*** Like a Beast)
3. Chainsaw Charlie
1. The Great Misconceptions of Me
2. On Your Knees
3. Hold on to My Heart

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