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1 Wild Child

W.A.S.P. wild child rocks my world W.A.S.P. are a top heavy metal band! I will be a fan of W.A.S.P. for many years! Stay rocking!

W. As.P. wild child rocks my world W.A.S.P. is a top heavy metal rock band!

2 The Idol
3 I Wanna Be Somebody

the best song wasp has ever made... not in the list? I'm confused - ravikanth

Brilliant song! One of WASP's masterpieces! I isten to this song everyday. Cool solo as well

4 Animal (F*** Like a Beast)
5 Chainsaw Charlie
6 L.O.V.E. Machine
7 Forever Free
8 The Headless Children
9 The Great Misconceptions of Me V 2 Comments
10 Widowmaker

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11 Sleeping (In the Fire)
12 Show No Mercy
13 Hellion
14 On Your Knees
15 The Flame
16 Paint It Black
17 The Heretic (The Lost Child)
18 Arena of Pleasure
19 Hold on to My Heart
20 School Daze
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1. Wild Child
2. Animal (F*** Like a Beast)
3. Chainsaw Charlie
1. The Great Misconceptions of Me
2. On Your Knees
3. Hold on to My Heart
1. Show No Mercy
2. The Flame
3. Widowmaker

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