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1 Rorschach Rorschach

Son of a bitch knows when a baddie's gotta pay, and pay he shall. With a grappling hook, cloak, fedora and mask that has ink-blots that change every 1-2 seconds, he's the darker side of any vigilante. He could probably go 5-6 rounds with Jason Voorhees!

He's the noirish anti-hero--doing what's right with an unwavering morality and without complaining. He's the "Dirty Harry" because no one else is willing to do it and will blame him in the end for only the bad. He's the self-righteous bastard, who's got it right and will never surrender, even in the face of armageddon.

I wont educate you about who is is, because he is everything awesome and more, besides he is human, unlike Batman which is unrealistic in every single way.

He said the best superhero ever better then batman hands down

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2 Ozymandias

Well he is the guy who deserves to be in society. He is also a good guy. But he care about world. Not like Rorschach because of his style of justice he don't care about world. Well he is the guy you should not want in society. Ozzymandias is real super hero with good thinking.

Ozymandias is the only one real hero in Watchmen universe.

He's Rich And Intelligent. -

Smart guy. He first doing and then talking about.

3 Dr. Manhattan Dr. Manhattan Doctor Manhattan is a fictional character who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics. He debuted in the graphic novel miniseries Watchmen, published in 1986 and 1987. Doctor Manhattan was created by writer Alan Moore with artist Dave Gibbons.

Sure he's naked and blue... but he's basically a God - VADERtheIMPALER

He could totally destroy the whole dc and marvel universe!

4 The Comedian The Comedian

I initially hated the Comedian but despite him being completely unlikable, he is one of the most compelling characters

Not That Funny, But Like His Style. -

Realistic and not trying to make people love him

This guy is not a hero or even an anti-hero

5 The Nite Owl

He's pretty cool, he should be #3.

Nite Owl II is cool

He’s the best

6 Moloch the Mystic

He's a cool mysterious character and I think you should appreciate him for the former watchmen villian that he is.

7 Hollis Mason
8 Hooded Justice

He should be higher on the list! Not above Hollis, but higher

He's German and a badass, plus he inspired Hollis Mason to become Nite Owl

He IS the best minuteman ever! Vote for him now!

Sad he was killed by his friends

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9 Silk Spectre

The Sexy Female Of The Group. -

10 Big Figure

Anyone else think rorschach flushed him down a toilet? Lol

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? "Charlie"
? The Slut

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11 Dollar Bill

I like him, although most people seem to forget about him.

The captain America of the minutemen


12 Babastis

Whoever added this spelt *bubastis wrong

13 Mothman


14 Doug Roth
15 Janey Slater
16 Silhouette

She’s awesome

How the hell is janey slater above silhouette?! She may be gay, but I’m a guy and she’s hot as hell!

17 Nancy

Come on! Needs to be higher

Rorschach’s only love

18 Spaceman
19 Sally Jupiter

She was really hot in the 40s

20 Captain Metropolis

This weirdo is really lame! He looks so bad, who the hell would vote for this metro man wannabe?!

Bruh he’s gay

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1. Rorschach
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1. Dr. Manhattan
2. The Comedian
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