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Blastoise, known in Japan as Kamex, is a Water–type Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.


Blastoise is the original water tank in Pokemon. He has excellent stats, a great move set and has the potential to crush anything. Blastoise is so awesome that it remains to this day one of the most respected and beloved Pokemon of all time, and an absolute boss. Just to show what kind of a powerhouse Blastoise is, let's look at people who actually have one. Trainer Red, the greatest Pokemon trainer of all time, and Gary Oak. People with Blastoise's don't mess around, and you have to bring the strongest members of your team to have a shot at taking him down.

Blastoise is a mean lean kick butt machine NO charizard can compare to this war machine NOT EVEN WAR MACHINE HIMSELF! Blastoise is probably one of the best and I'm mean BEST special attackers there is! Blastoise should really be the God of Pokemon himself THE GOD! Blastoise has SUCH good defense he can take any hit even if it's his/her weakness. Let's just say Blastoise is gonna be the best water Pokemon for a while

Blastoise is an absolute tank and my favorite of all time! Through the years I have owned and played every main game in the series, and every time, he makes it onto my team one way or another! Awesome defenses and the first true tank of its type. With an awesome move pool and fantastic stats, it still, to this day, causes chaos for those I battle online. Truly a staple in the series! - MattyLeams

Blastoise is a beast his mega evolution is just op he beat charizard. He can beat all fire types easily with his water moves and he is the strongest and most coolest and badass water type Pokemon that's why he is number 1 on this list plus he can beat grass types to. I know grass is blastoise weakness but he can use protect and rapid spin to avoid all grass moves and blastoise can learn ice moves and beat grass types easily plus if mega charizard x beat mewtwo and then mega blastoise beat mega charizard x then why can't Mega blastoise beat mewtwo think about it. Anyways blastoise is my favourite Pokemon period.

Blastoise was one of the role setters for water types it is the quintessential water type pure water that is why it is first. His stats and great move pool (why would anyone not use a water type attack by the way, are you stupid it's a water pokemon! ) seriously this pokemon is the best.

I think Blastoise is the best because the cannons in it's shell that shoot out pulses of water is AWESOME. Blastoise is the best water type Pokemon a person can have. AH I forget to say BOOM BOOM for Blastoise. BLastoise is awesome. For real.

It can learn head smash, skull bash, hydro pump. It is a very good water type

Head smash isn't good for water type, skull bash is a bad move, most water type knows hydro pump - Woyaojinkela

Let's all remember this thing. Blastoise is made as a Tank who can take it and deal it at the same time. This guys can pretty much Surf through any fight at max level, and still take out the majority of the Pokemon in one or two moves.

This Pokemon is part of my child hood when I was little, my older brother gave me Pokemon blue version. He had red version, we always had battles with our Pokemon. Sometimes this is part of my most fond memories of my child hood.

Blastoise is basically a tank on land and a warship in water. It's attack is really good plus it's super effective against fire types like Charizard. Blastoise will always be the best Pokemon in my heart.

He's the best because he has HUGE defense and has guns (three in mega form) and with the defense the advantage type to blastoise (electric and grass types) they don't do so much damage (unless critical hit).

Blastoise rocks! its the best pokemon ever! Along with Watortle and Squirtle. At the start of the game, I used Squirtle and he totally pwns all!

Blastoise is the best water type and will continue to amaze us stealth rocks, toxic spikes leech seeds / Not a Problem for the Big turtle! But if he was a steel Dragonite would cry for mercy

Of course BLASTOISE is super powerful it can fly with rapid spin also it has the super powerful cannons on its back it can reflect opponents attack with rapid spin it's the coolest!

Defense wins championship; therefor, Blastoise wins hands down win over 100 value points for both defense category. It will kill any Charizard despite what the anime may tell ya.

Blastoise. Since it has its Hydro Cannon which is one of the most powerful Water-Type moves and it can also learn Ice-Type moves.

Excuse me have you seen a Armoured hybrid beast before? Which has high pressurised water cannons and and skull Bach the crud out of you? Blastoise is easily here in number #1

How can anybody not like this pokemon? It has cannons in his shell that could beat the elite four without question! And who do you think will be there to beat mega charizard!

My opinion is that the blastoise is the best water type pokemon. Because it can protect the moves by other pokemon with its shell. So it have only least amount of weakness.

He is a giant tough turtle plus its CANNONS which make him even epic awesome Pokemon and he is bulky an can hit hard

Blastoise is more than just the best water type Pokemon, he is THE best Pokemon. Why? Well when he has the simple four moves of EarthQuake, Ice Beam, Surf, and bite, with these four moves he can defeat any Pokemon put on the battlfeild. Blastoise with these four moves lets look at the weaknesses and strengths shall we

Strengths:(with these four moves he is super effective to these types of Pokemon)

And He only has TWO weaknesses, which he conveniently beats with his strengths so his weakness to grass and electric types are canceled out as they are super effective to eachother.

He also is resistant to water, fire, ice etc.

So in conclusion Blastoise has virtually 0 weaknesses and is super effective to almost every type of Pokemon except for five types, but those types such as ice are resisted by Blastoise. Blastoise with these four moves is ...more

Why Mega blastoise is in the first it is the mega evolution of blastoise not an ordinary one it can be defeated by any mega evolution of water Pokemon?

I do love Blastoise but I prefer wartortle for its cuteness but I think blastoise is one of the strongest water types.

I personally think that Blastoise is one of the best pals I have ever had. First of all, Many people choose Charizard, but he is fire type and Blastoise is extremely effective against fire. (Not many people choose grass starters, so he is basically a god.) Continuing, Blastoise is super cool and literally a living tank. I made a "mistake" and put my Blastoise's EV as attack, but it turns out, Blastoise just turned into a huge heavy tank and if you attack it, it loses 1 HP, but then when it's their turn, they just hydropump the crap out of its opponent. It may just be a water type, but I love Blastoise.

If Blastoise gets Origin Pulse from an event or something, the world would be screwed. A STAB move with the Mega Launcher boost AND a 120 power? - noo7na7