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Greninja is a Water/Dark type Pokemon introduced in Gen 6. It is the evolved form of Frogadier and the final evolve form of the water starter Froakie. Aside from the usual Torrent ability all Water starters have (Which raises the power of its Water moves), it also the the ability Protean, which changes more.


Why isn't greninja higher on the list? He is one of the fastest of most agile starter pokemon and though his main main move water shrunken does low damage he himself is very strong. Who cares it be has low defense all he does is out speed and kill them and if they do survive hope you don't faint take them out on tenth second turn. He also has high evasion so wish the enemy good look on hitting greninja after a couple of double-team 's.

This is a ninja frog with such amazing looks and speed. Even the best water pokemons cannot match with its speed. It has weakneses yes but those pokemon types that are strong against this pokemon have to have a strike at it. They can't even have a strike at it because of its great speed. The battle between Ash and Sawyer, how Sawyers Sceptile tried attacking Greninja with frenzy plant and how Greninja dodged all that and cut through it was awesome. Plus Greninja won against Sceptile. It can learn a move set like grass knot, aerial ace, dig, toxic, rock slide which can make up for its weaknesses. It's a dark type pokemon as well which makes it from resisting psychic moves.

Protean ability=gurantee STAB, and makes it confusing for your opponent to hit. WHY IS THIS AT SUCH A LOW RANK?!?!?

greninja's in the house! why is this in 12th place I don't know, but is fast like a plane, offensive and have protean ability, do you know what that means... EVERY SINGLE MOVE IS STAB. there's no way to counter it, and it can be water/dark/ice/poison/normal any type of its attacks, he will have it too...

Greninja is a BEAST! I'm sad I didn't choose it as my starter... That's what makes wonder trades so awesome! Even in battles with other trainers all level 50 Greninja beat every little Pokemon the opponent had-including blastoise!

Greninja is way better than all of the pokemon before it on this list. Battle bond is stronger than mega evolution number 1. And two the types water and dark two amazing types. And the moves it learns my Greninja knows Hyper Beam which is amazing it was my first pokemon!

Greninja with Protean is a huge threat in competitive battling. ALL of its moves have STAB, which boosts the damage by a half. Pretty much every single good player uses Greninja. Greninja is a fast sweeper and fast sweepers are the best. And it looks cool too.

Greninja is literally the best he looks better than blastoise and he is better I hope everyone starts to agree because I'm talking sense not blastoise nonsense greninja has a bond with Ash but Ash caught a squirrel has it evolved? We don't no because he left it with the squirrel squad so he is never to be seen and if he was he would still be a squirrel but Ash's greninja has a bond of destiny Go Grenija

Protean no need for more words. Protean is an ability that switchs your typing with the move you use. So he can counter grass with an ice move. He wouldn't be countered by electric types because he could use smack down just for that. He is also the fastest starter Pokemon. He can't mega evolve but that's probably best since he's already over powered. For this Greninja should be around number 5 in this list.

Greninja, with Protean, can make every attack do less damage. Grass type attack coming? Use Ice Beam, it changes into Ice. Has it changed into Dark, and there is a Fighting enemy? Use a Flying- Acrobatics attack. This thing sweeps out all Pokemon because of his high attack, SpAtk, and Speed. Low Defenses are no problem when you're a Sweeper. and changing into the move's type makes the move even 1,5 as strong. Learn it some Grass and Fighting crushing moves. This Pokémon will be unstoppable. You can't outrun it. His power is too strong. Works really well.

Two words... ninja... frog! A boys dream come true! If you can tell me what's more appealing to a young boy than a blue ninja frog that you can control, then I'll give them $3.50.

First of all Greninja should be first because he is incredible. He is the fastest pokemon ever, he looks really cool and he is super powerful. He really should be in the top 5 because he is my favourite pokemon.

Greninja is an all around BOSS! It can knock out a Blastoise with the right move set. He can OWN a grass type with ONLY ONE MOVE. And not only that, it has a transformation that's not a Mega Evolution. You've got to give him some credit for that. Ehen I play online I keep Winning battles with my secret weapon. Take a guess. OH YAH GRENINJA. HIS MOVESET IS STAB. HIS ABILITY IS STAB. ITS SPEED STAB, STAB, STAB! My Greninja can sweep teams with ease including Blastoise. SO SCREW BLASTOISE. GRENINJA SHOULD BE NUMBER 1

Plus it's the best starter... Personal view... NOT! Everyone loves ninjas plus it was first place in this years Pokemon election... It threw pikachu of the no. 1 position cliff... And it stole pikachu's THUNDERBOLT

I want to see a battle against Greninja and Lucario - MEGAMANZEROSTRIDER

It's Battle Bond ability is very powerful, allowing it to be just as strong as mega evolutions. Even using it's other good ability, Protean, its still very strong. Also, it looks cool and is a ninja.

He can become something crazy when he enters his ability battle bond. He will become Ash-Greninja and he even took on Mega Sceptile. Grass has advantage on water but Greninja still bossed it.

Greninja seems pretty mediocre when you look at its stats- but then you see its hidden ability, Protean, which guarantees a STAB on and attacking move. It's so broken. Amazing. - datrandomguy

Greninja should be number 1 his speed is off the charts and his attack power can devastate an opponent with one hit also in some games he can transform to his ash-greninja form which increases his stats in everything especially his water shuriken attack so overall best Pokemon ever it can beat all the legendarys

Best Pokemon ever. He is a beast and should be #1

Greninja is way better than blastoise he's way quicker and is the second best starter after blaziken and has way better stats GRENINJA deserves to be first

Clearly greninja is the best. Protean will DESTROY everything in its path (i had to find out the hard way), and if you put a life orb on it, you are UNSTOPPABLE

Greninja is an amazing water type Pokemon. It is way better that stupid Starmie. And come on, it is a ninja frog! That is cool. He deserves to be in the top ten.

Greninja should be number one. He has proven to be better than Blastoise, I mean he is the only Pokemon who can evolve with ash in a special spirit link.

Greninja is an awesome Pokemon. Greninja should one of the greatest water types. Greninja is our favourite Pokemon in the Pokemon world and our fan.