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Gyarados is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It evolves from one of the weakest Pokemon, Magikarp. But Gyarados has a high attack power (as of gen VII, mega Gyarados is ranking #19 for highest attack stat & would rank #10 if legendary Pokemon aren't included), and more.


I think Gyarados is good because although it is not ground type, it can also use earthquake. So it can kill pure or half steel except flying. It can also use ice type move.

I remember I still have a level 30 shiny Gyarados on my Pokemon Pearl game that a cousin traded to me at the beginning of the game. She was, and still is, the strongest Pokemon I own on that game. First of all, nearly all of Gyarados's weaknesses are cancelled out by typing except for 1, but I could be wrong. And that type is Electric. Even then, Gyarados can learn Earthquake and Dragon Dance, which would sweep any Electric type before they could get the chance to attack. Gyarados is a beast in battle, and with it's already high Attack stats, spending a bit of money on Protiens and Carboses would definitely make a Gyarados a very scary monster to deal with, indeed. I find it almost ironic how one of the flat out worst (Not THE worst. THE worst is Sunkern. It is the worst stated Pokemon ever. Look it up.) can evolve into such a savage on the battlefield. I'm pretty sure I replaced my starter with the Gyarados, and the starter was a higher level than her. I love Gyarados. I've always ...more

The fact that this thing can spam dragon dance, earthquake, ice fang and waterfall makes him invincible. Gyarados can learn moves that cover for all of his weaknesses, and can easily defeat those pesky dragon Pokemon. By using dragon dance twice, it can afterwards defeat virtually anything. He has better combinations of offense, defense and speed than any other non-legendary water type. Truly, this thing should be in first.

The first time I saw gyarados I fell in love with it he's my favorite water pokemon its true that kyogre and blastoise are better but gyarados has always been one of the most powerful pokemon ever he can learn dragon moves he can learn fire moves he can also learn earthquake which kills electric pokemon also he can learn ice moves he also stopped a war between kyogre and groudon HE STOPPED A WAR BETWEEN TWO LEGENDARY POKEMON AND GYARADOS HIMSELF isn't EVEN A LEGENDARY POKEMON this pokemon deserves respect as much as swampert, blastoise, kyogre charizard, venasaur, groudon, mewtwo and more

A bulky sweeper who can strike first? Of course he's number one! Gyarados has high special defense giving it resistance to its major weakness electric and for any other sweepers he can lower their attack with intimidate making him bulky in both fronts. With earthquake and waterfall he can sweep entire teams if you get two dragon dance off. Also he can learn ice fang to get rid of pesky grass Pokemon.

We all know Gyarados evolves from Magikarp at level 20, which makes it pretty easy to get at the beginning of almost every Pokemon game once you've gotten an Old Rod. Yes, it does take time to evolve it, but the time is definitely worth it. It can learn about any move that is super effective against Pokemon that could destroy it (like Electric types).

Isn't it funny that the weakest Pokemon evolves into this horrible and powerful monster? I think Gyarados is good because although it is not ground type, it can also use earthquake. So it can kill pure or half steel except flying. It can also use ice type move. It is a water-dragon type. It can win from blastoise by hyper beam, thrash, crunch and many deadly moves.

I love it's expression. The only bad thing is it evolves from Magikarp. But when you finally evolve it, you can go make the trainers who made fun of it BEG FOR YOUR MERCY. And I love making my foes beg for mercy almost more than my own starter pokemon.

Gyarados is amazing! This is because it for one evolves from the worst Pokemon in the world. It goes from puny weakling to a ferocious monster. It can learn moves that some water type cannot learn, and it looks pretty sick. I say Gyarados deserves five stars!

Magikarp is weak. Only knows splash, tackle and flail. Same as feebas. But when they evolve, the turn into DRAGONS! (not dragon types but really strong) Gyarados can destroy dragons with ice fang. Milotic can recover (so annoying that move) and choose its opponent with dragon tail.

I love Gyarados, it's got a decent speed considering it's attack, and because of it's special defense, it has a fair resistance to it's weaknesses (which are only two). However it's defense isn't outstanding, and I recommend it to quickly dispose of Pokemon with a water weakness - CheeseCrumbs

An offensive Powerhouse/defensive Tank amongst water, and of the original 151. With its speed along with earthquake in its move set. You can just throw him in whenever, and you can be confident to have a sweep of at least a few of your opponents Pokemon.

Gyarados is one of the easiest powerhouse water Pokemon to procure, yet it's tough and versatile enough to do the job of a water, fire, electric, ice, dark, or dragon type depending on your tastes. Waterfall and Aqua Tail are good STAB moves and Intimidate can't hurt.

There's no way Blastoise should be beating this. It's a 25 foot tall snake that goes on rampages and is so strong. In the games, his attack is through the roof and it learns pretty much every type of move. It looks cool, it's moves are all round, and it's attacks are really powerful. Would definitely show Blastoise a thing or two in a battle.

After seeing gyarados every poke/people get fear I. Their hearts and also gyarados kicked every1 ass and every escape from his sight very difficultly

My favorite are Gyarados because of its powerfull attacks :)

A fight between Gyarados and Blastoise would be interesthing but I think Gyarados would have won.

Gyarados was chosen before the beginning of time by Buddha to be the best Pokemon ever. Not just best water best Pokemon. He has no weaknesses even so called lightning. Gyarados doesn't give a crap about lighting.

I think Gyarados should be on 1st place because, Gyarados is powerful then Blastoise and a Gyarados can defeat a Blastoise very easily

This Pokemon is so good. Has a really high attack stat and can learn earthquake which can destroy electric type Pokemon (it's main weakness). how is this Pokemon worse than blastoise when it is way better

Imagine a Chinese water dragon that demolishes everything, then put that into Pokemon, what do you get? Gyarados, simply putting Dragon Dance and Surf would demolish the opponents. Electric weakness? That's fine I'll set up 2 Dragon Dances, go to the gym, lift some weights, go grocery shopping, come back and use Earthquake.
That's how badass and tanky a Pokemon can be. And isn't it ironic how Magikarp gets mocked then as soon as it evolves it becomes the destruction itself?

Earthquake defeats Water, Electric, Rock, Fire, Bug, alone with Dragon Dance, Crunch and Ice Fang too it should be ahead of Blastoise and why are all the starter Pokemon on top

Gyarados is water type pokemon but it can still use earthquake, fire blast, thunder and have great attack stat and the base stat is little higher than blastoise

I hate his weakness to Electric type moves, but I recently taught it Earthquake and Surf, and even though it is a level 40, it is just as good as my other Pokemon. it has a base stat of 540, and is almost as good as legendaries. Sorry Blastoise fans, Gyarados has a higher base stat and simular moves.

This Pokemon is awesome. One of my favorites of all time. Not only does it have a high attack stat but can also learn Dragon Dance to absolutely wreck teams!

Gyarados is very strong set up dragon dance a few times and then sweep he may have a four weakness to electric types but mega gyarados changes that I also love its shiny form.