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I have got kyogre and I think it's better than all the over legendaries even groudon and rayquaza!

Very underrated! She can represent 2 Hydrogen Atoms and an Oxygen Atom masterfully compared to the useless water pokemon above! It can turn to its Primal Form and yet nobody appreciates it!? She is always ready for chemical reactions. One Caesium and Dry Ice (solid Carbon Dioxide) and they are all out; therefore, This pokemon always RULES! - JuliaRandomly

Hands down THE most powerful water Pokemon if not the most powerful Pokemon ever. Seriously folks, Kyogre has been hailed as the king of ubers ever since he made his appearance and for good reason. His drizzle ability summons rain and boosts his already monstrous water attacks to ridiculous degree, to the point that full health Water Spout attack from Kyogre in the rain is THE most powerful attack in the game.

It isn't even up for an argument, Kyogre is stronger than every other water Pokemon.

This is literally the most overrated list ever. Kyogre is a legendary, so why the hell are pokemon like blastoise and empoleon higher? It would just have them for breakfast. Plus its primal evolution kicks ass out of most legendary pokemon, not just saying empoleon or blastoise. - Yuanlong

Let me argue, this poke is one of the best pokes with the highest special attack. Not only that, his move Origin Pulse does massive damage. Way better then every water pokes, and water types are all about special attack. So Kyogre should be number one! By the way his shiny is pink. Who doesn't like a pink whale?

Kyogre has an insane attack power if you include its stab and drizzle. Also, in double battles it helps manaphy a lot! Because of Manaphy's hydration, it can rest and live to fight. Kyogre can also use water sprout a feared move in the uber.

In Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Primal Kyogre can OHKO some other water pokemon just by using Origin Pulse. My cousin said that Primal Kyogre can even beat Palkia, a water and dragon type which is very powerful. And if it has a grass type enemy, Kyogre can just use Ice Beam. That means that Kyogre is the strongest water type pokemon ever! (I think it might be able to beat Rayquaza too, never tested it out yet)

Vaporeon is my favorite but I'm gonna comment for Kyogre.This water Pokemon is easily the strongest water type there is. I hate how water Pokemon are treated by the animators. They always make them seem to be below the fire types. I saw the mega evolution special and they treated Kyogre very badly when he went up against Mega Metagross and Primal Groudon. The TRUTH of the matter is, Primal Kyogre wrecks mega metagross, and it DEPENDS on which Pokemon is tossed out last on the whole Groudon vs Kyogre debate.If Groudon is tossed out last, Groudon wins. If Kyogre is tossed out last, Kyogre wins. There's really nothing to argue hear.

This pokemon is as good as blastoise he has a primal form he's baddass his ability brings rain which doubles his water moves he is a attacker special attacker wall special wall also fast his ice beam is a like a ko move also his water moves are like that he hits thunder every time thanks to drizzle he can learn earthquake to cover his electric weakness he has ice beam to cover his grass weakness also he's fast so no weakness this pokemon is better than blastoise also blastoise is a legendary pokemon which brings water

I don't know who's better Kyogre or Palkia but as Palkia does not rule water I have to say Kyogre is the better champ. A superpower house and its signature move! And can fly too. What more can you expect

What? The sea basin legendary pokemon can't fly but it's one of the strongest pokemon! - JuliaRandomly

In my mind, this should be number 1. He is such a powerful Pokemon,( not to include that a water beats a fire so Kyogre would beat Groudon, ) and is one of my favorite designs in the game. He should be number 1 - LowieHowie

Kyogre is the very best legendary ever. It can sweep the elite 4 in white 2 at level 70 without using any items that heal you. Just keep on using stab surf to destroy everything!

It's strong and surprisingly beautiful--far more than that of Milotic (no offense, sorry, Milotic lovers for I am a legendary pokemon fan).

Kyogre simply doesn't deserve 9th place. Its actually one of the best and much stronger than all those pokemon (starmie, milotic, lapras, and vaporeon) before it.

One word LEGENDARY Are you people mentally retarded or what because it's stat total is the HIGHEST. MY GOSH WHY ISN'T HE ON THE TOP

Kyogre is the KING OF THE SEA! He's the Lord of all water type Pokemon! Without him, no water Pokemon would be alive due to him creating the oceans! All powerful Kyogre!

Kyogre is the best and it's hyper beam is so strong it can defeat a strong Pokemon I think kyogre should be in 1st place that's my opinion

Truely Kyogre is the strongest water-type legendary with its sheer ice move as a one hit KO and it great hp, attack, and simply looks.

Kyogre? It's the best rain plus it can learn thunder plus it learns hydro pump and ice beam or avalanche plus it's the best

WHAT? Why kyogre is top 10 his sheer cold is the best the drizzle to fail solar beam maybe please make him top 4

The king of water Pokemon is an extremely powerful beast. Based on raw power and actual coolness, Kyogre wins, thanks to a great ability, cool design and powerful moves. It can cover its grass weakness with ice beam. It has low speed but can take hits with its good sp defense. If this list is based off coolness in the games and anime, I'd understand blastoise being 1. But if it's based off power then Kyogre is obviously 1. - mathyfox441

Kyogre is stronger than gyarados even a red gyarados kyogre can beet it and what about blastoise?

The legend of Water-types deserves a higher place, almost nothings can stand its Origin Pulse!

Kyogre is a big legendary Pokemon and he can use giant whirlpool and finish Pokemon off

People it is THE water type Pokemon do you not remember ranger temple of the sea - etweikert