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41 Seadra
42 Keldeo Keldeo

Keldeo-R has 129 sp. Attack and 109 speed. So, it's fast and hits hard. It also has very powerful attacks in secret sword and surf. Hidden Power Ice or icy wind can stop grass types in their tracks. Finally, it can buff itself with calm mind. This alone at level 100 can beat the entire elite four of black and white 2 on its own.

Keldeo is awesome! He's so great you can only get him through a distribution event! Plus he has a cool move that makes him look like a unicorn!

Keldeo, I love this Pokemon, It can beat the lifes out of Victini, Infernape, Torrterra and other grass types with a ice beam, Steel and rock types with fighting moves, and Sacred sword is the best!

He's so epic looking!

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43 Corphish Corphish

Seriously? He can learn Dragon Dance as an egg move, set up two of them and prepare to OHKO everything! Use Crabhammer, Aqua Jet (STAB) and Knock Off. Crawdaunt is awesome too, of course, as the evolved form he has higher stats, but keep him as a corphish, and no-one will really see him as a threat until you've Dragon Danced to victory!

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44 Arceus (Splash Plate) Arceus (Splash Plate) Arceus is a legendary Pokémon from the Pókemon series. He first appeared in the 18th Pokémon movie alongside other Legendary Pokémon.

How do people forget the high special attack and usage of the plates that only Arceus has?

I have a water Arceus but it's not so cool. - ecool553

Awesome Pokemon and the best water Pokemon in my opinion if its water vision highly recommend it great post

, I would have thought this would be first. Lol.

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45 Lugia Lugia

The whole reason that Lugia is no. 45 on this list is because he isn't even a Water type. It is a Psychic and Flying type It can learn Water type moves, though. And it sleeps on the bottom of the ocean, so I can kind of understand why people would assume that Lugia is a water type. It is a great legendary. I fought Red with solely a Lugia and sweeped his party off their feet. Mostly because Lugia has really high Defenses, so it was able to take hits from really strong moves, like Pikachu's Volt Tackle, and barely take any damage. On top of the fact it can learn Recover, all you have to do is give it leftovers and teach it Fly and you'd be set for life.

Superb! Pokemon, the best water Pokemon

Lugia is not a water type. I love him though, he should be first on Flying and Phsycic.


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46 Prinplup
47 Floatzel Floatzel

I love floatzel. Sure he has low defences but does that matter when you can out speed almost anything? Needless to say this guy is essential on a rain team as a sweeper

Just look at this guy. I mean his design rocks and he looks total swag. Aside from design just look at his epic moves

Okay, he do own low defense, you rock him hard with special-electric and this guy gone dead
But really? 45th for this awesome speed attack combo Pokemon? You must be joking, I do hope at least he is in the 20th in the list

Floatzel doesn't look strong but is strong.It beats Magikarp! It should at least be in the top 5!

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48 Chinchou

VOLT ABSORB. End of conversation.
Surf Ice Beam Thunder Bolt other (Secret Power, Confuse Ray, Body Slam, Signal Beam Aqua Ring. COMBO: RAIN DANCE, THUNDER, HYDRO PUMP)
WALL, SWEEP personally he's both
Just don't send him to random battles to the EVs are maxed out

49 Luvdisc

Sorry everyone, but when it comes to the weakest water Pokemon, the only contestants are magikarp and luvdisc. It had only 1 purpose in the 4th generation, giving you an item. but in the next generation you can find those just lying around on the beach. yes luvdisc, you had a purpose in the 4th generation. but now it's gone. gone for good. you are useless. get used to it.

Not me, choose another strong water type to boost your team that's all

Doesn't everyone need a luvdisc?

I HATE IT. Looks dumb and is dumb. Harrumph.

50 Goldeen

Goldeen can learn Horn Drill... Nothing more need be said.

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51 Wartortle

He is a very good Pokemon he should be at least in top 20

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52 Tentacruel Tentacruel

I did not realize how strong and versatile this Pokemon was until a recent nostalgia replay of Crystal. That special defense with that kind of speed is a lot of fun.

Great pokemon for taking down fairy types

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53 Pelipper V 4 Comments
54 Clauncher
55 Lumineon Lumineon

I love lumineon because everyone forgets about him. He was also my first pokemon card.

This Pokemon should be in the you ten you all are crazy for not wantingthis Pokemon in top ten. this Pokemon also is almost as beautiful as milotic

! This Pokemon is ze best! They say it's uzelezz but it's not, bui! Ability: Swift Swim, Nature: Jolly, Held Item: Damp Rock, Moves: Rain Dance, U-Turn, Bounce, Aqua Tail. Best Pokemon eveer!

You can't be serious. A pokemon with lackluster stats across the board, weak movepool compared to othwr water types, woth no real personality,has more supporters than alomomola,who is better than milotic and vaporeon at their own game. I'm dissapointed in our community.

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56 Octillery

Octillery can learn flamethrower, fire blast signal beam, energy ball, charge beam, flash cannon, psychic, slime wave, rock blast as well as water and ice type moves with a base attack and special attack of 105 which is really high for a water type makes it the best offensive water type.

For I read this I was worried if my remoraid was a good catch now because it can lean all sorts of moves I feel like using him more

Octillery is slept on. Even if he might not be as popular but if you let your guard down he will tear you up with his Octa-zooka! Trick Room Beast right here <<

57 Clawitzer Clawitzer

Sure, I have other favorite water types, but this one is AWESOME. It's designs, stats, moves, and it's ability! Come on, guys! This needs to be in like the #3 spot or something!

Are you kidding? He is my favorite water type! With a massive stat total of 500 and the ability "mega launcher" this guy is unstoppable with aura sphere, water pulse, dark pulse, and dragon pulse. For those who do not know, mega launcher powers up all Aura and Pulse moves by 1.5x.

Sick move set, so underrated, so overpowered

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58 Poliwhirl

Poliwhirl is awesome and it was Red's original Pokemon in the old manga.

My favourite Pokemon and it WAS reds original I did not know that

This Pokemon is amazing if it learns body slam it's basiclay unstoppable.

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59 Remoraid
60 Gastrodon

How's gastrodon so far down the list? He's got great stats and even better typing. Imagine your opponent's sudden change from smugness to fear as they realise that gastrodon is immune to electric type attacks.

Perfect doubles rain team rain dance fodder with storm drain

Why's it all the way down here,it's not my favorite but it deserves some love

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