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61 Seel

Poor Seel. I didn't vote for him but he should be in at least the top 40.

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62 Politoed

It one of the best water types out of gen 2.

Go Politoed!

Idiots! haven't you heard of rain! toed is awesome, it's rain central

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63 Seaking

People tend to divide Pokemon into strict categories. Either as offensive (high Attack and Special Attack), defensive (high Defense and Special Defense), Physical ( high Attack and Defense) or Special (hight Special Attack and Special Defense), sometimes with additional bits of Speed (e.G. Pikachu and Raichu). However, Seaking is one of the odd ones out in that its highest stat is Attack, followed by HP and then Speed. A such, people not used to classifying Pokemon as in the categories above, they tend to accuse Seaking of being weak or unreliable.

Seaking is actually very balanced when it comes to stats, having admirable Attack, appreciative HP and Speed, good Defense and average Special Defense while only Special Attack falls below average so as to give it some sort of 'flaw' and prevent it from becoming a 'Jack of all Traits'.

Another hinderer to Seaking's use is the neglect of HP as people tend to automatically focus more on defense despite HP playing just as much of ...more

Seaking looks like he could be A dad. So funny.

Looks like he could be a dad. So funny.

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64 Slowpoke Slowpoke

Best water type it should be the third

The best pokemon of all time if all of the legendaries went against slowpoke slowpoke would beat em all - Lazo419

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65 Froakie Froakie

So cute evolves into my favorite water type

Greninja is my favorite water type because I do karate!

His evolution is great, but Froakie himself isn't great.

Who doesn't love something that evolves into a ninja?

It evolves into a ninja. I mean, come on people, A NINJA?

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66 Simipour
67 Lanturn

Electric-water? How can anything go wrong.

Also, Special ability can be volt absorb which becomes handy when people try the electric on water type.

Stats are all pretty average, but with higher speed being a electric type. Overall best mixed water type there possibly is.

Also handy in a electric team in doubles battles beside a pokemon with discharge due to it's volt absorb which restores HP.

It was my first shiny, and has an amazing type matchup. Its another water-type that's immune to electric. It's amazing!

What the heck. Lanturn is a boss.
Volt absorb.
Stockpile can make this thing a wall.


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68 Frogadier V 2 Comments
69 Rotom (Wash Form) Rotom (Wash Form)

Great typing and when you combine it with discharge and hydro pump along with its great defense stats makes an excellent water type.

Rotom wash is beast in any game. I would go elaborate, but I don't feel like it.

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70 Lampent V 1 Comment
71 Dedenne Dedenne

What the heck? This isn't even a water type!

-slaps face- this is a electric fairy type

It is funny because it is not water type

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72 Castform Castform

The only Pokemon that changes forms because of weather and learns thunder fire blast and blizzard.

Its leg looks like a pair of balls

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73 Volcanion Volcanion

Absolutely unbelievable. A fire/water type Pokemon.

I'm creator of volcanion in this list.

Has It's Own Move Steam Eruption, A Sudo-Legendary, A Water Fire Type. Must I Go On, Must I?

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74 Finneon

she/he is so cute and beutifull! - pohlranda

Cute doesn't kill sorry
But actually finneon isn't bad at all, an average water type Pokemon and give him/her surf and anything should be alright

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75 Psyduck

This should be ranked higher because of its powerful attack like confusion that are caused by his headache

Its amazing that a pokemon with a nonstop headache can be so powerful.

Cutesy, I like him. But I didn't vote for him.

76 Slowbro Slowbro

Nice water type to use can learn fire blast and with a speed reducing nature it can almost always attack second and can use zoom lens giving fire blast 102% accuracy and learns many moves like thunder wave and slack off with nice stats why was it not on this list but magicarp was it is not funny anymore when people joke about it being the greatest

Slowbro's great Defense and Spec. Attack stats make him a good special "tanker" Pokemon, when combined with his high HP. He doesn't need to be fast, because he learns a wide range of special moves which dovetail with his spec. attack. (example; surf, ice beam, psychic)

I have a slowbro with an attack that wins the whole game! all you need is one prize card left! Lol

Slowbro brings death by his derpiness. And I can tell your all blastoise fanboys because in Pokemon blastoise is really sucky while slowpoke can actually threaten your team with a trick room or calm mind w/slack off set. Slowpoke line forever and I just happen to like slowbro more than slowking

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77 Mega Blastoise

WAy better then blastoise! It's it's mega!

Mega evolution of blastoise so it must be above blastoise

If there was a mega samurott mega blastoise would suck

Looks so cool

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78 Tyranitar Tyranitar

Haha- it's a funny joke, I get it. Ex De

seriously, though. Garchomp, Dragonite, Tyranitar, and Salamence are the best offenders I've ever seen. Tyranitar is just extra-special, because his mega evolution is overpowered. Not to say that none of the other megas are strong, but, come on. Tyranitar is awesome.

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79 Starru

This pokemon can take out another with one move.

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80 Phione Phione

Suckiest legendary ever. everyone was exited to have a legendary Pokemon have babies, but Phione can't evolve into Manaphy. In EVERY generation you can catch better water Pokemon, like Gyarados, Tentacruel, Sharpedo, Mantine, or an actual manaphy

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