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81 Phione Phione

Phone is great I got one in a wonder trade and imediately uses it for things like backing up my trainee team beating the elite 4 with a team of legendary pokemon and trying to trade it for a manaphy so I could have 100 phione

Phione is so cutie

Hm... Name sounds phoney. - HezarioSeth

Suckiest legendary ever. everyone was exited to have a legendary Pokemon have babies, but Phione can't evolve into Manaphy. In EVERY generation you can catch better water Pokemon, like Gyarados, Tentacruel, Sharpedo, Mantine, or an actual manaphy

82 Carracosta Carracosta

Carracosta is a BEAST!

AWESOME GUY! BUT, seriously, where is jellicent on this list?


Shell smash weakness policy and sturdy
It's... Beautiful. Oh it can also learn focus blast, ice beam, and earthquake with aqua jet and can run hms with waterfall strength dive and surf. Perfection in it's underrated state.

83 Omanyte
84 Palpitoad Palpitoad V 1 Comment
85 Poliwag Poliwag

Poliwag 1st!


86 Wooper

Awesome what's yer problem not voting for Wooper!

Wooper the best ice punch with no hands


87 Spheal Spheal

I'm ashamed of you guys for not putting this round ball of awesomeness on the list earlier

It's a round ball of cuteness.

Spheal can suck a truck

88 Huntail Huntail

Someone finally put in this Pokémon - 1507563

89 Shellder V 1 Comment
90 Quacklin

Quacklin is not even a Pokemon...

It looks like Farfetch'd.-.

Quacklin isn't even a Pokemon.

New Pokemon, not yet released in X and Y! I'm so excited! Jk, it's not real, but I wish it was. Seriously, a Pokemon called QUACKSON! That would be so epic!

91 Qwilfish Qwilfish

Pin missle and rollout sucks. I'll give it credit for toxic spikes and destiny bond, but it doesn't make up for it being higher than Alomomola, who can wall better vaporeon and milotic.

He is awesome! $$$$

This thing van learn Pin missle, Rollout, and destiny bond. Why is he so low in the list? It deserve higher! Really!

Once a lv. 23 qwilfish killed my lv. 40 typhlosion lol.

V 1 Comment
92 Croconaw Croconaw
93 Lotad Lotad

He a lillypad Pokemon. You're argument is invalid.

94 Lombre Lombre

I have a full art one! It does 60 damage and has 130! I love lombre

If you can get a water stone then water + grass is good

95 Shellos


96 Frogadier Frogadier

This pokemon is so cool.

It's a ninja!

97 Gorebyss Gorebyss

Gorebyss may look fragile and stuff but it is op

Beautiful and high sp. Atk, this Pokemon is one of my favourite Pokemon

98 Ducklett

Why. Is. This. Not. NUMBER ONE! You guys should be sane!

Ducklett sadly evolves into Swanna (GAY), but has overpowered moves like wing attack and gust slash.
It was supposed to be a legendary, but Gamefreak forgot. The jumbo-sized Shiny Ducklett EX is 15,496,237 times stronger then Shadow Lugia, and is more expensive then ILLUSTRATOR Pikachu in th TCG. It's brother is Yveltal, so don't mess with Ducklett. It's power level is OVER 9,000! The Mega Ducklett sadly get buried at the very bottom of the president of Gamefreak's drawer, as he was intoxicated at the time the concept was handed in. It 420-no-scope-blaze-it-360-dropshotted Giratina and Rayquaza. Has anybody got the theme deck XY Ducklett Origins Ducklett Powers theme deck, containing 4 different variations of ducklett, that take up all 60 slots. I really recommend it, and remember, capture Ducklett on Black, White, Black 2, White 2, X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, for the fourth strongest 5th Gen Pokemon. All ...more

V 2 Comments
99 Swanna
100 Araquanid Araquanid

The best combo of moves makes Araquanid an awesome fighter

My favorite Water type Pokémon from the Alola region.

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