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101 Shellos
102 Panpour

One of the good water type Pokemon. It is really good.

103 Kabuto V 1 Comment
104 Basculin Basculin

He will tear you apart

Give him the right evs and ivs and good moves he is a destroying machine!

105 Sealeo

It's a incredibly bulky Pokemon, It can stand up to sp. Attackers like Gardevoir and even kills grass types with ease if a Pokemon passed on a few Agiltys to it using Baton Pass and It has access to Sheer Cold

106 Gorebyss Gorebyss

Beautiful and high sp. Atk, this Pokemon is one of my favourite Pokemon

107 Wingull Wingull V 4 Comments
108 Frillish

Frillish, he can paralyze anyone in one move without coin flipping, I love him!

109 Swanna
110 Krabby V 2 Comments
111 Mantyke V 1 Comment
112 Tirtouga
113 Marshtomp Marshtomp

He sees into your soul

114 Barboach
115 Tentacool V 2 Comments
116 Alomomola Alomomola

Where is this thing? It walls better than vaporeon and milotic, it has massive hp, decent defense, and mirror coat to counter out special attackers. I've takin plus 2 lead storms from serperior, and 1hkoed it with mirror coat. This is obvious top 10 material.

117 Palipitoad

Palpi toad is cute and one of my favorite Pokemon

118 Chartoise

Not real I made it up but it's a water + fire type Pokemon. - ecool553

119 Wishiwashi Wishiwashi
120 Araquanid Araquanid
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